View Full Version : Hello from Brandon Bishop and UWR!

09-08-15, 11:54 AM
Hello all!

My name is Brandon Bishop, and I am the owner and promoter for Underground Wrestling Revolution.

I have been doing this e-fed thing since 2002 and have taken on all manner of positions within several different feds. I found match writing and booking to be my strong suit, so I've taken to fed heading more frequently over the past half a decade or so.

UWR is my project fed, and I am very excited to pour myself into it. I'm looking forward to engaging you all on the boards, and come check out UWR!

09-08-15, 02:45 PM
Hi Brandon! Welcome to FWrestling. I hope you enjoy your stay. What is UWR all about?

09-08-15, 03:55 PM
Thanks Ernie! I'm happy to be on board.

UWR is my crack at fed heading since I retired from the wrestling business in 2013. I feel that my time spent in the business has really opened my eyes to match writing, and booking strategies, and I'm excited to blend the time I spend in the business that we all love (or at least are interested in I suppose) into another hobby that I've enjoyed for almost fifteen years.

I have been a fed head on two other occasions when I was younger and not as savvy on the business, and I think that this time around things are going to be very satisfying for folks who are a part of the fed I have in mind.

I want to run bi-weekly shows, with a Super Card every other month. I have it in mind to run with 3 titles to cover your Top Guy, Mid Card and Tag Team dynamics, and we have a start date of September 25th.

One thing I've always struggled with in this hobby is recruiting folks to join my feds, and that's why I've reached out to the fwrestling community and am hoping that that unfortunate trend turns around.