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Spike Saunders
08-12-15, 06:10 PM
ST. LOUIS, MO - Evening fans! We're just a month out from Legacy in Toronto, but before we get there we still have a few shows to do. Including running our Live Events. These typically take place from the Epic II Arena, however due to shortened event last week it was decided that we would focus over the weekend from none other than Quebec City, Quebec once more, this time from the Montcalm Leisure Centre.
As with most Live Events, especially during pay per view promotional periods, it is likely that you will not see every wrestler you were hoping to see. However on the same note, you never know who will show up and this week was no exception.

And what better way to headline the event than for the Double Champion, the Blitzkrieg and Infamy Champion, Eric Yulan to defend his championships against Benjamin 'KO' Jones in the first ever of it's kind - Quebec City Street Fight Too Good for Hulu. He is not the only champion that defended his title however as EDL put up the Keystone Open Challenge that Ravage had started - but could EDL succeed?

Our first Night is over, but for those of you that missed it there in person live, I've provided you a rundown! Just click on over to review the recap and see you again soon!

-Adria out.

VIEW RECAP! (http://thenbw.com/12/events/nbwlive/Aug112015.shtml)