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07-12-15, 09:14 AM

My name is CJ and it's really nice to be here! I've been fedding on and off since 2000, so I guess I'm a member of the old school now. I thought I'd join up here because my wife and I were co-fed owners once and we really would like to get a new fed going pretty soon. We both enjoy efedding because it's fun and you "meet" the most artistic and creative people. I'm hoping to meet people who both take the game serious enough to enjoy the stories that we write but also don't take it too seriously to the point of not having fun while doing so. If you are reading this and you happen to have some spare time and might be interested in something old-school new, then sure thing - hit me up.

Either way, you'll probably see me floating around here a bit checking everything out. Thanks Chad for putting together an awesome efed community!


07-12-15, 06:49 PM
Hi CJ and welcome to FWrestling! What feds did you run/have you been in?

07-13-15, 12:08 AM
Feds I've been in: UWN, BadLands Pro Wrestling, CWA, Sanctioned Violence Organization, Garbage Wrestling, Uncensored

Feds I've run/Am running: Carnage Wrestling