View Full Version : Poser Artwork (Latest NOVUS - updated 7/31)

Spike Saunders
06-30-15, 08:26 AM
Alright continuing on now that we have moved things over.

Fixed up EDL. Whacha think now Ed?
Since it has the back dragon tattoo, included a shot of it below too - didn't want to mess with the lighting rig and such to get a shot from the usual pose, only from behind.


06-30-15, 11:54 AM
Looks awesome Dusty

Spike Saunders
07-31-15, 06:42 PM
The Brothers Creede ready to do what they do.

Full shot is a partial render. Hence the specs not quite filled. Is going to be redone but the purpose is for their full attire.


Spike Saunders
07-31-15, 11:24 PM
Not quite fully rendered as it takes ages with more than one ... but it's easier to work on groups that way. Reyes' pants need fixed as the logo is split and missing the V. Might have something else that works instead here and will look into it. Not to mention he's a bit darker than intended thanks to the lighting. Shouldn't use the default rig I setup for normal one-shot one's, but do.
Also got them all dressed up to the nine's, just gotta render that after work.


Spike Saunders
08-01-15, 06:48 PM
And HMMS/NOVUS dressed for success. Seth
Used a light preset to see if could get a better look but didn't really work. Benny should however have the same tone, if not a bit more darker from sun exposure, as EDL above. Will start doing single shots again so the focus is only on that person which should fix it.