View Full Version : War and Death

03-28-15, 08:27 AM
We fade in on a collection of deathmasks - shaped to look like Castor Strife, Jack Harmen, Teddy Alexander and even Eddie Mayfield while a cover of Dark Horse On The Wind by Primordial plays in the background...

Legion: It's a situation they don't want in the front office I'm sure - the two most chaotic personalities squaring off for NFW's richest prize, men that would rather see it burn to the ground than to see it stagnate any longer.

Men that have seen the horrors of the man behind the curtain around this wrestling world , both of us seeing what people like Eddie are capable of - things like the longest con between Professionals in the business that spanned three federations at one time, the attacks on men like Felix Red and Nova in order to create a 'revolution' that ultimately lost its golden child...

Soon enough NFW's about to live a nightmare it might not wake up from and you can thank one man for it - the man that played Xbox while Rome burns because whoever wins between Jack and I then defeats Castor will bring a era that will bring about TRUE revolution.

Of course in order to bring revolution there must be war... and many casualties.