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03-18-15, 03:10 PM
All RP for the main event match between JONATHAN MARX and CHAOS at Cyberstrike should be done in this thread. Any RP posted outside of the thread will not count.

The RP deadline is 11:59pm PST on WEDNESDAY, March 11th, 2015. Angles should be sent to neweraofwrestling@gmail.com ..

03-18-15, 03:10 PM
* Chaos RP for C14.

(The camera opens on the silhouette of a shadowy figure sitting in the darkness)

Voice: What is it about Legends? Is it really the man behind it, what happens when he's gone? Does the Legend go as well? Can it live on?, Will it live on? Or does it just fade away. Or maybe it's like a torch. Fire can be a funny thing.

(He pauses for a moment, clearing his throat)

Voice: Much like the Flame of Liberty, that coal doesn't expire and a man's Legend doesn't either. Not as long a you burn the memory deep enough.

(He stands and leers into the camera his eyes dark and cold)

Voice: Then that is just what needs to be done, for as I look around New Era needs a reckoning. It needs a reminder, a bloody reminder. HELL, it might just need to be burned down and rebuilt again. It certainly couldn't hurt. After all it's been a damn long time since we last meant and life for some has gone on and for others it hasn't.

(again he pauses for a moment)

Voice: So tonight Jonahan Marx there will be what is billed as a Legends Match, but you can bet that in your entire career you'll never see this coming. Tonight starts a Reckoning is coming. A New Era will truly be burned into the memory of everyone that turns in.

(a crooked finger points from the darkness)

Voice: Tonight Marx, be prepared New Era will be reborn, but it's birth pains will be bloody and tonight that blood is yours.


03-18-15, 03:11 PM
* Jonathan Marx RP for C14.

::Marx and Jacobs are sitting at a coffee shop in Princeton, a mountain of snow is slowly melting on the sidewalk outside::

JONATHAN MARX: So Brandon, quickly summarize everything cool that has happened since we last had a wrestling match...

BRANDON JACOBS: The Lego Movie, Guardians of the Galaxy, we have a new Doctor, Breaking Bad, The Avengers, Wreck It Ralph, The Walking Dead, The 3DS, Thor, Downton Abbey, The 3DS XL, Frozen, The Wii U, Despicable Me 2, Archer, The New Nintendo 3DS XL, Pope Francis, How To Train Your Dragon 2, your agent had a new niece born in September, House of Cards, Big Hero 6...

JONTHAN MARX: I hate to cut you off Brandon, but we only have so much time. What are all the bad things that happened since we last had a wrestling match?

BRANDON JACOBS: Jon Stewart is leaving the Daily Show, your agent lost both his mother and grandmother, Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, Furgenson, Arab Spring, Ebola outbreak, but worst of all, both you and CHOAS are now considered legends, which makes us sound very, very old...

JONTHAN MARX: We may be starting to get up there, but I like to think of us men of the world who may have been around the block a couple of times, but we are still in the prime of our life and we are going to show these whipper snappers how it is done.

BRANDON JACOBS: CHOAS is quite an accomplished wrestler himself and this is our first match back.

JONATHAN MARX: It has been a long, cold winter for both New Jersey and myself but around when New Era announced it was back, the sun came out and the snow started to melt. Spring is around the corner and so begins the cycle of rebirth. I know my battle against CHAOS won't be easy, but is the beginning of a whole new world. Lets go exploring Brandon!


03-18-15, 03:12 PM
* Chaos RP#2 for C14.

(Once again the camera opens upon a darkened room and our mystery figure appears)

Voice: Ah Marx it's nice to hear from you. I hope that while you sit there with Brandon discussing the passing of time that you had better realize that it catches up with all of us. Now If you consider yourself a legend or not I really don't care. But if you look back on the history of New Era Chaos has put forth some of the most memorable matches this league has ever seen.

(He shakes a scolding finger)

Voice: However the past is the past and for whatever reason time has bought us to this moment now in time...well tonight Marx a new chapter in New era will be closed and a bloody and violent new one will be ripped open. This is not by choice it was by necessity, why? well because sometimes choices in life are not let up to us.

(He pauses for a moment and clears his throat)

Voice: but consider yourself lucky, because when this moment comes upon you....well it will drag you into Legend status weather you consider yourself one or not. You will be part of a moment of New Era that fans, wrestlers and the very owners themselves will not soon forget.

(That crooked finger pokes forth)

Voice: If you paid attention you might see this coming, the possibility of tonight was there. the outcome, and trust me on this the outcome is not one that I or anyone else wanted, but as I said sometime life leaves us none.

(he shrugs his shoulders)

Voice: Man, Myth, Legend, well all get the same some day. Lets see if after the hell you get put through tonight you are one day closer to your end