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03-18-15, 02:53 PM
All RP for the match between YOSSI HAYAT and EDDIE PATTON at Cyberstrike should be done in this thread. Any RP posted outside of the thread will not count.

The RP deadline is 11:59pm PST on THURSDAY, August 25th, 2011. Angles should be sent to neweraofwrestling@gmail.com ..

03-18-15, 02:54 PM
* Yossi Hayat RP for C13.

**You can see Yossi in his room, watching some wrestling matches. **

Yossi: It seems to me that people are disrespecting me here. Everyone reminding me, some nobody in the name of Husani Dakarai said my name, the First saying that I don't deserve to be in the main event, and I need to fight a guy by the name of "Electric" Eddie Patton. Now, the First can keep on saying that I don't deserve stuff, but he knows full well that I defeated him for that belt fair and square, and he retained the title only due to Mr. Entertainment inteference. But I took care of Mr. Entertainment last show, and now I'm free to keep my journey for the title.

You see, that entire thing is because one thing. One thing makes everyone hate me. Jealousy! People are jealous. Entertainment and First are jealous that after so little time in the New Era, and suddenly I got shooted straight into the main event. They had to work for it, but I have managed to get this status after so little time in here, and they are jealous, and most of all: Afraid. They are afraid from me taking their spot. And they should.

Because they know, and everybody knows, that I am the Smark Boy, and I am the guy that will take over the main event and will take the World title under my grasp. Because I am so good, and the First should beware because I will take his title and his place.

So guess what? Maybe I will take matters to my on hands and will make you respect me. And I will start with Patton. But you, Mr. Entertainment, got what you deserved, and you, First, will get what you deserve.

Because Smarks know better.

**Scene fades to black. **

03-18-15, 02:54 PM
* Eddie Patton RP for C13.

(FADEIN to a farmhouse somewhere in Indiana. Eddie Patton is shooting hoops with his Indiana U t-shirt and shorts on. He's not very good, but he keeps shooting.)

PATTON: "Doesn't really matter how many times I shoot the ball. I ain't ever gonna be as blessed as my big brother at basketball. I ain't big enough, I ain't really fast enough, and I know I ain't talented enough to make up for it.

"I still like tryin', though. Somethin' real satisfying about goin' out there and givin' it a shot, and every dog has his day, right?

"Maybe that's what happened at the last Cyberstrike with Adrian Willard. Maybe I'm just a dog that had his day. Maybe it was just a fluke and I ain't got no head for this game.

"But I reckon I'm gonna keep tryin', and maybe, y'know, somethin' good can happen anyway.

"I don't know you real well and it sounds like you got troubles, Mr. Yossi. I don't know much about what you're about or your feuds or whatnot. Better to mind my own business when I'm able, I figure.

"But at the next Cyberstrike, I know the next chapter is going to be written, whether I win or lose. It's another step on this journey for me. Another opportunity to prove I belong. To show the world what I know in my heart.

"This sport is beautiful, and I... I just can't even believe it."

(He stops shooting for a minute and seems to reflect upon this.)

PATTON: "I know how lucky I am to be here. It's one in a million in this sport.

"But I believe I can be one of them. And I can bring that gift to someone else. The majesty of our particular brand of sports entertainment. I can show that you don't have to swear to get people's attention.

"I've learned every variation of DDT and sleeper and armbar and I know that I'm ready. I've trained for this. I am ready. And just cause I ain't got a shiny past or history doesn't mean I ain't comin' for ya.

"Good luck to you, Mr. Yossi. I ain't sayin' you're gonna need it.

"But I'm kinda hopin' you will."

(He takes one more shot and it clangs off the rim and flies into a bush. He just shakes his head and smiles. FADEOUT.)