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03-18-15, 02:49 PM
* Adrian Willard character development RP.

Shortly after The Firsts victory at Cyberstrike, Willard, Cruise, and The First are hustling down the hallway to the garage. Camera is following them as Adrian slows down walking backwards and pointing at the camera

August 12, 2011.

A day that will be remembered for all time. A day that will stick in your memories, be told with the stories of this sham of a company. A day where we have taken complete control of New Era.

Shadow Cult.

Thank you Jonathan Marx.

Thank you for your errors.

Thank you for your mistakes.

Thank you for your attempt to help.

Thank you for handing us, handing FIRST the title.

And as for the Tact legacy.

-Willard smirks-

Well, the line starts back there.

And as First, the baddest mother f-cker in the game, holds his reign upon this frivolous and ridiculous company, supported by the inane fans, we will be pushing major changes.

Goodbye Fanatic, that belt is no longer decaying by a false champion.

It's all....been....envisioned....