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03-17-15, 03:13 PM
All RP for the main event match between CAMERON CRUISE and MR. ENTERTAINMENT (c) at Cyberstrike should be done in this thread. Any RP posted outside of the thread will not count.

* This match is for the New ERA Championship.

The RP deadline is 11:59pm PST on SUNDAY, April 17th, 2011. Angles should be sent to neweraofwrestling@gmail.com ..

03-17-15, 03:14 PM
* Cameron Cruise RP for C07.

"I suppose a 'congratulations' is in order after all...sorta."

(Fadein, Cameron Cruise in front of an New Era CYBERSTRIKE backdrop, dressed in blue jeans and a solid blue muscle shirt.)

CRUISE: Congratulations, Chaos. You FINALLY, got one over on another legend.


You see, while you got the decision and the title shot...you still didn't ACTUALLY beat me.

But that's okay with me.


Because look where I'm at now.

Even though I "lost"...I'm still doing what you wish you could do now.

And that's compete against CHAMPIONS, for CHAMPIONSHIPS.

Now, as strange as that is a segue, it remains true; I'm wrestling against the New Era Champion this week.

It's just not against Shawn Hart.

(Cruise shakes his head)

As I live and breathe...it's against Mister Entertainment.

But that's okay...it was bound to happen, regardless of if the roles were reversed.

Congratulations, E, you finally made it to the top of the mountain.

Granted it was against a man who can't hold onto a headlock to save his life muchless a title, but nonetheless...congratulations, you finally picked up a victory that's actually impressive.

Take all the pictures, sign all the autographs, make all the appearances you can.

You call this "Your New Era", but the fact is that it wasn't really "Your New Era" to begin with.

You weren't coined one of the first to compete in this company.

Until recently, you've not even done anything remotely close towards being impressive. Until Battle Brawl, everything you've done I've either done before or BETTER.

I even beat you after you ran your mouth about how you were better....for the New Era Television Championship.

But that was then, E.

This time it's different, this time it's more important now than ever.

This time it's for the New Era Championship, a title bigger than any other title in this company; a title that's evaded me for YEARS.

But not for long.

There's a pattern that's gone on before where I've done better...significantly better than you.

Forget your last match against Shawn; forget Shawn against First.

Forget Tact against Shawn or even Rocko against Marx and Shawn.

This is a match that I full on expect to blow them away, not just because of ratings. Not just because of me or you

Mister Entertainment.

But because the fact is that if you make one mistake, if you play yourself more than you should...I'm not only going to take advantage, E.

But because taking that New Era title away from you a week after you "won" it from Shawn will be a REALITY CHECK that you just...will hate.

For the rest of your life.

OORP: Sorry Karl, guys!! I've been hammered with stuff all week!!

I'll try to do better next time!!

03-17-15, 03:15 PM
* Mr. Entertainment RP for C07.

(((FADE IN to a (almost – give it a few seconds) live web-chat! There’s a New ERA backdrop, in front of which are Jennifer Harding, and the New ERA Champion himself, Mr Entertainment. The champ has the belt over his shoulder as he sits, glancing from the screen to Jennifer so he can see what fans are saying on the Twitterverse/Enertainmentverse)))

JH: Ok, we’re going live in 30 seconds. Are you ready? Nervous?


Mister Entertainment?

Nervous? Please, Jen, you know better than that. Are you OK? Lookin’ a lil’ pale.

JH: Yeah, I’m OK, thanks. It’s not every day I get to interview a new champion but I’ll be fine.

ME: Sure?

JH: Yeah. Okay, five, four, three, two

Hey fans! I’m Jennifer Harding, and my guest today is none other than the New ERA Champion, Mister Entertainment! The man who defied expectations from a lot of people and not only won Battlebrawl, but beat Shawn Hart in what many are calling the greatest match since the relaunch!

ME: Well it’s already the greatest match o’ season two.

JH: I’m sure you’ll have more great matches. We’re open for questions, so tweet us or email and we’ll get through as many as we can. The first question’s from me, though, because I really want to know, how does it feel to not only say you’re the king, but now have the title? I mean, wow!

ME: It’s a huge weight ta carry, but I’m ready fer it. I said from the beginnin’, from Cyberstrike One, tha’ I’d win this belt because New ERA needs ME

Mister Entertainment

Ta shape the company. Look at how far it’s come already, in Season One, an’ I wasn’t even Champ! I managed ta build the foundations of my New ERA so damn strong, they withstood havin’ the Wrestling Bieber as champ! But gettin’ back to the question, Mister Entertainment as New ERA champ means a lot ta my New ERA. My stayin’ champ means even more ta New ERA.

JH: Sorry to interrupt, but Julia’s just tweeted in from Wisconsin. Are you single?

ME: Yep.

JH: (((coyly))) Really…

ME: Down, girl.

JH: Next question – aren’t you worried about slipping up as champion? That’s from Tom in Delaware.

ME: Well, Tommy, here’s the thing. I ain’t the kinda guy ta worry. If ya worry ya start ta doubt, ya start ta try too hard. If ya start ta try too hard, ya make mistakes. Not ta say tha’ if yer lazy you’ll succeed, just look at Fanatic who’s too lazy ta talk. Probably too worried abou’ lookin’ like an idiot. Anyways, am I worried? Nah.

JH: But there’s no guarantee you’re going to keep the title.

ME: There’s no guarantee the world’s not gonna end tomorrow, either, but there’s more chance o’ tha’ happenin’ than there is anyone on the roster takin’ my New ERA championship.

JH: That brings us to the next tweet, actually – from CruiseFan22

ME: Hey loser!

JH: Oh… well

ME: No, no, I see what they wrote. How does it feel ta be losin’ the New ERA championship ta Cameron “I’m a Loser” Cruise.

JH: It actually just says Cameron Cruise.

ME: The middle part’s implied, hun. Well, CruiseFan22, how does it feel ta live under a bridge? But some people have active imaginations, so I’ll talk abou’ it. Cruise an’ I, we go a long way back, even in my New ERA. Now, Cam’s a talent, no doubt abou’ tha’. He’s a great cure fer insomnia. He’s a great middle-o’-the-road kinda guy. But honestly, him as a champion in New ERA? That’s a bigger ratin’s flop waitin’ ta happen than anything the Wrestling Bieber coulda done.

JH: But Cruise does have several wins from season one.

ME: Yeah. Against the Puppy of War! Against a guy who’s turned inta such a gentleman, he’s a doormat! The guy showed up against Fanatic an’ what happened? He lost.

But… I guess I can look past that. I can look past the fact he didn’t win the Battle Brawl. I can look past the fact he’s a glorified jerker. Because I think everyone deserves at least fifteen minutes in the spotlight! Everyone deserves ta go one-on-one with the champion, ME

Mister Entertainment.

Everybody deserves a decent pay cheque. An’ with the ratin’s fer the unveilin’ o’ my statue sure ta be through the ROOF, Cam’s been given the biggest pay cheque he’s ever gonna get.

JH: CruiseFan22 again – and I don’t think the FCC would let me say that!

ME: No they would not. I’d have ta spank ya if ya did. But, CruiseFan22, if that’s yer real name (Cameron Cruise), the difference between ME

Mister Entertainment

An’ you – is tha’ I’m a giver. I’m also the only person in New ERA today who’s strong enough an’ talented enough ta carry the company every step o’ the way right to the top! Ya know, the place New ERA deserves ta be? How’s Cruise gonna manage tha’? By writin’ really bad cheques tha’ the bank just… won’t like? By makin’ people change the channel ta see reruns o’ The Price… is Right? With Cruise at the helm, the New ERA Championship would be steered inta an iceberg tha’ he’ll claim was just… out of sight!

JH: What’re you doing?

ME: I’ve got thousands o’ Cruise-a-like phrases. Runnin’ some out. Whenever I need a laugh or I can’t sleep, I think o’ the funniest thing imaginable, an’ that’s always Cameron Cruise.

JH: I know he’s always been kind of the fall guy for the business, but going back to what you said earlier about not worrying too much, aren’t you being overconfident? Cruise did win a banked shot, and he’s getting his chance in your first defence.

ME: Notice how ya just said “first defence”? Tha’ shows tha’ you don’t think Cammy’s gonna beat ME

Mister Entertainment.

And you’d be… quite right.

JH: Another Cruise-ism?

ME: I said I’ve got thousands, an’ he’s steals them from David Caruso anyway.

But getting back to yer question, no. I don’t think I’m bein’ overconfident. I’ve wrestled Cruise, I’ve beaten Cruise. I met him in the ring at Battle Brawl, an’ he didn’t win, did he? No. The trophy’s lookin’ great in my trophy cabinet, just like my statue, celebratin’ my New ERA, is gonna look sweet when we unveil it.

JH: We?

ME: I need a beautiful assistant or two ta help. I might ask Natalie ta help out, but you’ll be there, won’t ya?

JH: Erm… sure.

ME: Good girl.

But no. Cruise? Champion in my New ERA? It ain’t gonna happen.

JH: OK. We’re going to take a break in a minute, give the champ a rest, but one more question, and this is from Megan in the UK!

ME: (((checks his watch))) Woah! Thanks fer stayin’ up so late!

JH: As New ERA Champion, do you think New ERA will ever do an international tour again?

ME: With ME

Mister Entertainment

As champ? Sure! Maybe in a season or two. But with anyone else? No chance. Not fer a long, long time. There’s some great talent on the roster – an’ some like Cam who just grate – but nobody, and I mean nobody has the skills ta do what must be done. Only I do. I’m the king. I’m the guy people look up ta. An’… it’s time fer ME

Mister Entertainment

Ta remind people o’ their place, and if they don’t like it? They can take their place alongside Adrian Willard an’ the Puppy of War on the breadline.

JH: Which is where Cruise could find himself soon?

ME: Nah. Every King needs his Jester.

JH: Cool. Well, we’ll be back soon, so keep those tweets coming in!

(((FADE OUT)))

03-17-15, 03:15 PM
* Mr. Entertainment RP#2 for C07.

(((FADE IN to Mr Entertainment, sitting in an empty Agganis Arena)))

ME: Well, Cammy? How’re ya feeling? Gettin’ nervous yet? In a few hours, once they’ve set the ring up and the fans start fillin’ the Agganis Arena, yer gettin’ yer shot. Yer havin’ a date with destiny, or whatever corny cliché ya wanna throw out there. In front of the New ERA fans, ya’ve got a shot at my New ERA championship, knowing full well that if you don’t win this match, if you don’t take the belt – ya’ve gotta start over again, from the bottom, while someone else gets their chance.

I bet your stomach’s in knots. Let ME

Mister Entertainment

Guess – on the way to the arena, ya’ve pulled over by the side of the road so ya can puke yer guts out at the prospect of bein’ in the same ring as the king of New ERA himself, Mister Entertainment. I can’t say I blame ya. Thoughts of the first Cyberstrike still runnin’ through yer head are they? When ya promised so, so much, an’ delivered nothing? The thought of havin’ ta fight an’ scrap yer way back to a position where ya can get another shot at ME

Mister Entertainment

Fer the New ERA championship, is it gettin’ too much for ya?

I bet it is. Because fer all the hype that surrounds the name, Cameron Cruise, there’s one simple truth that’s been shown oh so very real.

You suck.

Let’s repeat tha’ – you suck.

Want proof? Despite ME

Mister Entertainment

Dubbing this a completely new beast, a brand New ERA of New ERA, yer still goin’ on abou’ something that happened in New ERA mark four. Back before I hoisted this company on my shoulders. Is that all you’ve got, Cam? “I beat you in the old New ERA, and I may have lost in the New New New New New ERA, but by golly I’m going to beat you because I’ve always done…”

Oh, no, wait a minute, Cammy. You said you’ve done better than ME

Mister Entertainment

Across all incarnations of New ERA, didn’t ya? Ya know, in the second half o’ the webcast, I saw that pop up as a question. From CruiseFan22. Here’s what they said: “Cameron Cruise has always done better than you in New ERA, how’re you going to beat him?”

So let’s rewind, Cam. I’ll indulge ya, an’ go back to the time B-ME.

Before Mister Entertainment.

Ya did significantly better than I did, right? Then… tell us, tell everyone, Cam… who won the TV title first?

I did. Three years before you did.

Who went on ta beat random challengers pulled from a hat, including then World Heavyweight Champion, Jonathan Marx?

I did.

Who was in the New ERA team in the Dupree Cup an’ brought that title home?

I was.

Who became the first man in New ERA ta get a guaranteed title shot by winnin’ three straight matches? I did.

And which one of us has won the Battle Brawl, Cam? ME

Mister Entertainment.

So, who’s done significantly better in New ERA, hm? In any incarnation?

An’ ya wonder why I say I’m the one who’s gonna rocket New ERA to the top of the wrestling world. Ya’ve turned into an utter embarrassment, Cam. So caught up in yer own little imagination that ya’ve forgotten cold, hard reality.

I almost feel sorry for ya. I tried, I really, really tried, ta find ya a decent spot in my New ERA. I was hopin’ tha’ tonight the folks would be able ta see tha’, although yer nowhere near my level, yer able ta put up a decent fight fer someone like Chaos. By stayin’ in the ring with ME

Mister Entertainment

Fer five minutes, I wanted ta show the fans tha’ you had a chance at bein’ useful. But with what you’ve been sayin’? With how messed up ya’ve become?

The only place for ya in my New ERA is flippin’ burgers. An’ I doubt you’ll do tha’ properly.

Sad. Sad, an’ pathetic. But I guess that’s what happens when ya try ta do somethin’ that’s impossible, ain’t it, Cam? When ya try ta run with the only guy capable right now of building this company. The guy who can erase the embarrassment of the Wrestling Bieber’s title reign. The guy who has his very own statue bein’ unveiled tonight ta celebrate the greatness that is my New ERA.


Mister Entertainment.

(((He stands, walking to where the ring’s going to be set up. From out of shot we hear the sounds of something being set up, but we’re not quite sure what. Probably the entrance or the seating)))

ME: Time’s moved on, Cam. There’s a locker-room of people hungry fer a shot at my New ERA Championship. People like Montgomery, who’s realised that it’s time ta take up the slack an’ not force one man, capable as I am, ta build this edifice on my own. People like Yossi Hait, hungry fer the shot. You can either move with the times like I did, ferget the old New ERA and embrace the New ERA as I see it – the pinnacle of wrestling excellence with the greatest ENTERTAINER in history at the helm… or you can start flipping burgers an’ callin’ Brandon Jacobs “Sir.”

I want everyone backstage ta watch this match very, very closely. I want ya all ta come out an’ watch from the entrance ramp – Chaos, Michael, Yossi, Suicide, Johnny-boy, Mellow Yellow, Knight, Fanatic, everyone – an’ see what a real champion looks like. See what the New ERA Champion can really do.

And then, I want ya ta get on one knee, as my lovely assistants, Jennifer Harding an’ Natalie Newman – an’ maybe Jamie if she’s lucky – unveil a true icon for the entire wrestling world ta worship.

And no, Cammy – it’s nothing to do with you. It’s something for the fans ta look at the next time ya decide ta run yer mouth. It’s something fer the locker-room ta look at in awe and pray that they can be half as good. A statue of the greatest entertainer and wrestler in history, the man who’s poised to make New ERA the greatest promotion ever by the end of only the second season…


Mister Entertainment.

(((FADE OUT)))