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03-17-15, 01:27 PM
All RP for the main event match between FANATIC and MR. ENTERTAINMENT (c) at PrimeTime should be done in this thread. Any RPs posted outside of this thread will not count.

* This match is for the New ERA Championship.

RP and angles are due TUESDAY, May 31st at 11:59pm PST. All angles should be sent to neweraofwrestling@gmail.com ... enjoy!

03-17-15, 01:27 PM
* Fanatic RP for PrimeTime.



On the New ERA Cyberstrike studio. The set is still adorned with cut-outs and poster-size photos of the New ERA World Heavyweight Champion, Mr. Entertainment. We see figurines in a row at the rear, of Mr. Entertainment. The Cyberstrike banner has a background image of Mr. Entertainment posing after his Season Two title victory. We see speakers setup, currently silent, that played Mr. Entertainment’s theme, “That’s Entertainment,” in studio. However, no one is present.

And then we hear footsteps. A shadow creeps up on the studio floor, and we then see someone cross into view. He observes the set for a few seconds, then turns. Wearing a black shirt, black leather pants, and his hair tied back, Larry Tact leans casually on the desk typically occupied by Natalie Newman and Jason Tripp. He gives another glances back at the Entertainment-centric set before staring back at us through blue-lensed, silver-framed sunglasses.

LARRY TACT: “And here it is. The greatest achievement of Mr. Entertainment’s reign as New ERA World Heavyweight Champion! His example of what his reign, his New ERA means.”

He motions around the desk.

“Something you see surrounding others.”

He walks behind the desk.

“Something flashy.”

He holds one of the figures up and lets go of it. The figure hits the desk and chips.

“But also something frail, when it comes to facing some real force.”

He grabs hold of a banner and tugs it, causing a rip.

“Something… cheap.”

He looks at the desk in front of him and takes a seat in one of the chairs, hands clasp together in front of him. The camera focuses on him as it would one of the commentators.

“It’s funny hearing our World Heavyweight Champion speak, sometimes. He claims that his vision is the way for New ERA to survive. And yet, we’re well aware that New ERA is not quite the same as it used to be. Don’t get me wrong, the Boston and Worcester are great venues. But we’re not talking about Canadian tours and Cuba under the reign of Mr. Entertainment, are we?”

He shrugs.

“I’ll admit, though, Mr. Entertainment never said his reign was geographically the grandest of them all. But my point is this…”

“Mr. Entertainment, what exactly has your reign meant to New ERA? How is it so superior? Why does New ERA, as you’ve so staunchly insisted, need Mr. Entertainment? So far, your grand proclamations about your relevance to New ERA sound a lot like Harold Camping’s ramblings about the Rapture. And if it continues to follow suit, then ultimately, your prophecy just won’t be all its cracked up to be.”

“And just like the world goes on without a May 21, 2011 Rapture, New ERA will be as great as ever at PrimeTime, May 31, 2011, with Fanatic as World Champion.”

“And as far as Fanatic is concerned, this isn’t about proclaiming his is the greatest reign of all World Champions. I have taken the time to show New ERA what Fanatic is about. I didn’t demand he receive a World Heavyweight Championship match, right from the start, just because he is part of the Tact Legacy… a legacy that has set the standard in New ERA since its humble beginnings. I knew that Fanatic had what it took to win the title from day one of Season One.. but what would it have meant?”

“No, Fanatic needed to be groomed to Championship measure in New ERA. Just as I did, twice, he needed to work his way up. And through two seasons, he’s earned two Championship shots. And while he may have, just by chance, been eliminated in the BattleBrawl, that didn’t stop him.”

“Fanatic earned both his shots… by simply winning match, after match, after match.”

“And while you managed to squirm by my brother, albeit in his very first New ERA match, Fanatic has still managed to do something you’ve repeatedly failed to do on your own, Mr. Entertainment, even with the success you‘ve had.”

“Fanatic has gotten the fans behind him. He‘s drawn from their spirit, their enthusiasm, and it’s made a difference. Don’t believe me? Well the results are obvious and undeniable. In his first match, against you, he was only known to a few of his die-hard fans, who were among the Agganis arena. Now, as more and more of New ERA has become familiar with him, and shown their support, my brother has become better each week.”

“It’s called being a fan favorite, Mr. Entertainment. And not just in a studio with props, and bands, and little tricks and gimmicks to help you keep the crowd’s attention. My brother has won them over with one thing…”

He leans forward, hands on the desk.

“Wrestling. Better wrestling, each week, than his opponent.”

“So now, he’s come full circle, with the New ERA fans, to confront the one blemish, the one bump in the road. But this time, because he has now proven himself, and risen through the ranks, this rematch will be for the World Heavyweight Championship.”

“Fanatic will show you the difference between the last time you two met, and the present. My brother will show you just how much things have changed. He’s going to show you why the New ERA fans matter, and what they mean to him.”

“And he won’t need words for it. He’ll just need one thing…”

He removes the sunglasses, setting them down on the desk and revealing his solid olive green eyes.

“Wrestling. Yours and his, to show the difference to the world watching.”

“The reign of Mr. Entertainment has been marked by studio decorations… threats of doom to New ERA without him as World Champion… and the disparagement, the attempt at censoring the history of New ERA, keeping it confined to what amounts to a sliver of its true greatness.”

He chuckles.

“You’d think GOP were back at the top. But no, this is the way the supposed ‘most entertaining‘ man in New ERA runs things. This is what we’re to believe is the most entertaining way of conducting New ERA.”

“Well, when Fanatic becomes World Heavyweight Champion, we’re going to see a New ERA for sure. Because Fanatic’s reign won’t focus on himself, and constantly hearing him announce how great a World Champion he is. We won’t hear him needing to reassure everyone, especially himself, of how much New ERA needs him.”

“His importance, in those respects, will speak for themselves. The entertainment he provides for New ERA, as its Champion, will speak for itself. Because Fanatic’s reign will be prioritized by one thing…”

“Wrestling. Respecting wrestling, and respecting New ERA of Wrestling.”

“Will New ERA survive… without Mr. Entertainment as World Heavyweight Champion?“

“I don't need to answer that question. At Cyberstrike 11, the New ERA fans will answer for me.”



(This message is, by all appearances, not pre-recorded. We find ourselves in a dimly lit room. Candles, in fact, are what mostly fills the room with light. Along with that, the moonlight from outside two wall-length doors, slid open and exposing the background to a field leading to an endless sprawl of trees in the near-to-far distance. The floors are covered in tatami mats. Panning over to a wall, one item rests against it. This is a life-sized cutout of Mr. Entertainment. Panning back over, we now see Fanatic standing and staring at the cutout. He has donned an ocean-blue bodysuit and white mask. From the forearms down, we see the blue fade into white, including his gloves and calf-length boots. The Mark of Fanatic-- that of an ‘infinity’ insignia-- has been woven in the same blue to the fabric of the mask.

The sight of the New ERA World Heavyweight Champion is a sight Fanatic takes in silence, before he speaks in his wispy, whimsical, but steady voice.)

“Who will be the New ERA World Heavyweight Champion, as we enter PrimeTime? That is you, Mr. Entertainment. Having said that .. it seems you have conducted yourself like anything but a Champion, since I challenged you for that title.”

“I approached you in the ring, and with clear indication, made my intentions known to New ERA of Wrestling. I would challenge you for your title, invoking the title opportunity that was granted to me .. for three consecutive victories. I made my challenge, and had no further need for further interaction, at the time.”

“The match was set accordingly. At PrimeTime I have been scheduled to face the New ERA Champion. However, you have felt the need to take some offense to my making use of an opportunity that I fairly and wholly earned.”

“You .. Mr. Entertainment .. rather than respect the opportunity I have earned, attacked me for it. You .. Mr. Entertainment .. rather than appreciate my upfront challenge to you, for the New ERA Championship .. have scoffed at the idea of anyone truly presenting you with a challenge.“

“And you .. Mr. Entertainment .. rather than acknowledge the work of one who has battled in the Agganis arena, including a losing battle to you .. Mr. Entertainment .. rather than acknowledge another who has earned the same amount of Championship opportunities, in this New ERA .. and rather than give equal consideration to one who may, come PrimeTime .. may, in fact, be your match .. you would instead inflict harm upon the one who has that Championship opportunity .. that being myself.”

(A pause.)

“Mr, Entertainment .. try as you may to cut me down .. and put distance between us .. I cannot help but inform you .. that is futile. For the distance that was once between us .. a distance, in fact, of a fraction of a second .. a distance which allowed you to be awarded our first battle .. that distance is no more. The pages of our first encounter have already been written .. and despite an unsatisfactory outcome .. I did enjoy the battle. Although I did suffer a consequence .. one that, in fact, I requested of my brother to follow through with .. it was a thrill to compete with one who now holds the New ERA Championship.”

“That is the difference between myself and you .. Mr. Entertainment .. is that I do not feel threatened prior to a competitive encounter on the squared battlefield. I do not feel threatened knowing what is required of myself .. what I may sacrifice. I respect it .. I need not attack prior to a battle. I am not afraid to give what is necessary .. and take what is needed .. at the time of battle.”

“I respect the needs of the Spirit of the Ring. I know she requires sustenance .. much like the rest of us .. but in an alternate form. Your actions, however, do not honor the Spirit. Rather .. you attempt to save yourself from the sacrifice .. you would sooner work to inflict harm prior to a battle .. so that you may not pay as much tribute. You .. Mr. Entertainment .. do not take the same enjoy of the spirit of competition.”

“This I cannot understand .. I would ask you to explain. For it is that very Spirit that I have seen in so many, over the years .. which aided in igniting a fire of passion for this sport .. one that never ceases to burn brightly. The fans of New ERA thrive and, in turn, contribute to the spirit of these battles .. they are thoroughly thrilled by the competition. And what better competition than a battle between two who have earned their Championship opportunities? Between two who have such little difference in record .. and, I would be so bold to say .. two who seem a match that could very well be the greatest of our current Season. Hence, two who should fittingly meet on the squared battlefield .. at the PrimeTime event.”

“However .. we are also two who seem to have different perspectives on our encounter. As I have stated, you seem less willing to face me at my peak. You have resorted to less than ethical means .. and, in fact, have gone so far as to use the symbol of your status, the New ERA Championship .. the Mark of the Ring, that is, a prime symbol of what we battle for .. to inflict harm upon myself and my brother.”

(He turns, facing us front and center.)

“And so, Mr. Entertainment .. while you will enter PrimeTime as New ERA Champion, without doubt .. I would pose this query .. who has conducted themselves more as Champion? I am prepared to face my opponent without raising a hand beforehand .. without being influenced by intimidation .. for I possess something far stronger .. a pure passion this sport brings, flowing through my veins.”

“You .. Mr. Entertainment .. need only understand this .. I am not merely one who dabbles in what he takes an interest in. I am not one who will take a passing interest in what he sets his sights on. There is a reason why they call me .. Fanatic …”

“And with my previous weeks’ obligations in the ring fulfilled .. with Cyberstrike 10 completed .. there is only PrimeTime. There is only one focus left for my sight to set upon .. and that is the New ERA Championship .. becoming New ERA Champion, via victory in battle versus you .. Mr. Entertainment.”

“There is a concentration collecting .. can you feel it? Perhaps not .. for it resides among the New ERA faithful, its fans .. not those you are quite as in tune with. However, I will inform you .. it is a concentration of focus .. what one might call, anticipation .. they are waiting .. eager .. anticipation builds. They want to see PrimeTime unfold .. they want to know where the pieces will fall .. who will emerge from this grandest of Season Two battles, staking their claim to victory.”

“And you .. Mr. Entertainment .. will know of their anticipation, and of the spirit they conjure forth .. for it will concentrate into a force .. one surging forth to meet you at PrimeTime, through this vessel. You will know as it washes over you .. the wave of the Craze .. as it comes to consume you .. and sweep up the New ERA Championship …”

“… all in a blur.”

(He falls silent and turns, considering the sights of nature's night beyond.)


03-17-15, 01:28 PM
* Mr. Entertainment RP for PrimeTime.

(((FADE IN to a scene of destruction; of twisted metal and flames spiralling on high; of concrete torn, shattered, and starting to crack in the extreme heat of the flames; screams and shouts and cries for help fill the air, creating a cacophony mixed with the sound of fires burning, water being shot at high pressure to try and douse the flames, and service men and women shouting instructions to each other looking for survivors. In this scene of chaos, standing on a slab of mangled cement and holding a structural girder for balance, is the New ERA Champion. He’s foregone the New ERA Championship belt, but is wearing a T-shirt promoting Primetime)))

ME: Is this what ya want, Fanatic? Ta bring my New ERA crashing down? Ta destroy what I’ve built, what I have given my entire being to, ta feed yer own selfish ego? Ya want ta destroy all that’s good, all that’s decent, abou’ New ERA of Wrestling by taking out its King?

I almost pity you. Almost. Because this destruction, it’s what happens when Fanatics get left unchecked. It’s what happens when Fanatics don’t get crushed fast enough. It’s what scared the entire United States of America – Fanatics got out of control. Fanatics who wanted their way of life ta supplant ours. Fanatics who couldn’t stand the freedoms an’ liberties of our great nation, sought ta destroy it! It’s a war we’re still fighting overseas because some Fanatics want ta destroy us.

In New ERA it’s a war that is gonna end at Primetime. Because you, Fanatic, are a cancer. Yer a disease. Ya want ta tear down what I’ve built, but doin’ so will kill New ERA right now. And I will not let tha’ happen.

(((He starts walking through the wreckage, stepping neatly between some service personnel as they rush past, trying to pull someone from the debris)))

ME: You need ta be put in your place, Fanatic. You and your Grandad brother. Because if I let you walk away with Primetime – not with my title, but at all – it will spell disaster fer New ERA. As strong as it is with ME

Mister Entertainment

At the helm, it’s not ready fer someone like you ta take my crown. The reason fer you not being ready, Fanatic, is so simple even you could understand it.

Yer a selfish little punk who needs his big brother ta hold his hand an’ help groom ya like he’s a 64 year old man chattin’ ta 13 year old you on the internet.

I mean, honestly, what kind of man needs ta be groomed fer success? What kind of man needs someone ta hold their hand, point them in the right direction? What kind of man calls that success? I know Larry Tact does, and it shows in what happened when he had his moments in the sun.

He killed New ERA. Because he wasn’t strong enough ta hold New ERA on his shoulders, that New ERA died. The New ERA with a World Heavyweight Championship, died. The New ERA which won the Dupree Cup, after Larry Tact bailed, died. Because guys like Larry Tact, like Rocko Daymon, like Jonathan Marx an’ Shawn Hart, were too damn weak ta carry the company the way it needed ta be carried.


Mister Entertainment?

Yeah, I was there, too. I worked my way from curtain-jerker, ta beating the best in the company, on my own. I didn’t need ta be groomed. When New ERA called, I answered. When New ERA needed ME

Mister Entertainment

I was there. I took a title that nobody cared about, and I made it. Larry Tact? You took a title that people fought for, that people wanted, and turned it into a joke – twice! When you were the face of New ERA, the groomed face of New ERA, what happened? What happened when Jonathan was the groomed face of New ERA? What happened?

Groomed success, failed. It killed New ERA because none of you were strong enough.


Mister Entertainment?

I am strong enough ta carry my New ERA. I haven’t had a damn thing handed my way. I’ve worked, on my own, ta get ta where I am. The New ERA Championship is mine because I have proven tha’ there is nobody better. Tha’ there is nobody else capable of carrying the burden of breathing life into what Larry Tact an’ friends damn near finished off.

Ya talk abou’ buildin’ Fanatic from the ground up… but I see somethin’ else, Larry. You, tryin’ ta live in reflected glory. I see Fanatic doin’ all he can ta measure up to the only measuring stick in this company, the King of New ERA, the New ERA Champion… Mister… Entertainment.

He draws from the enthusiasm of the fans, huh? The folks a’ home who think saying “tits” or “ass” is good ENTERTAINMENT? He has them on his side? Probably. Those same gullible morons who take what Hollywood craps inta movie theatres across the country an’ claimin’ it’s the best thing ever. Those same gullible idiots – if they cheer fer your brother, I pity them, Larry. I pity them fer being sucked in by glitz without substance. I pity them fer forgetting what good, true entertainment is. Honest entertainment, somethin’ Fanatic, you, the people at home have been conditioned ta forget, is more than giving people what they want. It’s abou’ giving them what they need. Drama tha’ isn’t always in your face. Something subtle, at times. Expertly paced an’ timed, like when I waited to the last damn second ta beat your brother. It ain’t about a water-cooler moment, it’s abou’ bein’ able ta share it with yer grandkids. And that is something Fanatic will never be able ta give.

Why? Why am I so damn sure tha’ you’ll bring this ta New ERA if ya get yer hands on my New ERA Championship?

(((He leaps from one slab of concrete to another)))

ME: Because you’re more than a disease. You’re a parasite, leeching the life from New ERA. Ya wanna talk about honour? Ya wanna talk abou’ respect? Then why did you wait until I’d wrestled a match ta challenger fer my New ERA Championship? Why not come up ta ME

Mister Entertainment

Face ta face – why come in from behind – and why not simply say, hey, I want a shot at your title.

Because you’re a coward who’s tryin’ ta play mind games.

Ya talk about the spirit of the ring like it’s some mythical being – is tha’ The Druid under tha’ mask? Or is your mask made o’ dope?

Either way, Fanatic, you’ve been disrespecting New ERA and its fans since you got here. You’ve barely said a damn thing – bein’ “groomed” by your “brother”. Ya talk abou’ honour, how you’ve earned a shot at the belt, when you’ve had yer brother helping ya every damn step of the way – you’re no better than Cameron Cruise an’ his little games with the Wrestling Bieber.

I earned two shots at the title on my own. I didn’t try an’ get inside Shawn’s head. I went at him, head on, an’ beat him. If you had one iota o’ honour, if you had one ounce of dignity an’ shred o’ decency, Fanatic, you’d have come ta the locker-room, knocked on the door, an’ said “I’m cashing in a shot at the belt at Primetime. See ya then.”

But no. Ya had ta come out an’ get all mystical. Ya had ta show up when I was in action. You and your brother got involved in my match with Chaos. If you had the respect ya claim, you’d have stopped Larry sticking his nose where it didn’t belong. Did you?

An’ ya wonder why I gave you a taste – just a taste – of yer own medicine.

(((Suddenly, a bell rings, and the camera ZOOMS OUT to show we’ve been on a sound stage. The actors, some still under the rubble, start to clear away, lifting the “cement blocks” of polystyrene and lightweight bars. The flames are switched off, and Mr. Entertainment jumps down onto the floor. He continues speaking as the set starts to be cleared)))

ME: Respect… you’re all abou’ tha’, while I’m a scared little man who feels threatened by a grown man wearin’ a dime store mask.

Nah, Fanatic. Like all Fanatics, you’re scared of the people in the right. You hate that with ME

Mister Entertainment

As New ERA Champion, this company is going in the right direction. Where the young up-and-comers can earn their break through their own toils. You don’t like tha’ I am buildin’ my edifice with my own strength, with these two hands. You can’t stand tha’ with Mister Entertainment on top, New ERA looks set fer a great future.

Ya can’t stand the fact tha’ I held off on beatin’ you until the last second simply because I could. So, because ya know yer nowhere near ready fer this match, despite wha’ Larry says, ya’ve resorted ta the last hidin’ place o’ the coward.

Attempting ta play mind games. Fancy… little… tricks.

Who do ya think yer kidding? Didn’t I show with Druid, an’ the help o’ Nox Arcana, that smoke an’ mirrors just doesn’t cut it? Didn’t I show week after week tha’ no one man can beat ME

Mister Entertainment?

Your little stunt in my lockerroom was cute. It may have wowed a few of the idiots at home who think Michael Bay’s a great director. But all you did was piss off the wrong person. You didn’t just dare ta come into my ring, you came into my lockerroom, scrawled on my walls, an’ have the gall ta say tha’ I should respect you?

Funny thing about respect, Fanatic. It has ta be earned, an’ you’ve done nothing ta show ya deserve my respect.

And no, I don’t give a damn if a clown like you respects Mister Entertainment.

(((He walks towards a pedestal, upon which sits the New ERA Championship)))

ME: The closest you’re getting to this belt is when the referee shows it to ya at the beginning of the match. You were helpless a’ Cyberstrike 2. You were helpless at Battle Brawl. You were helpless at Cyberstrike 10, when you came from behind an’ got flattened.

This time is going to turn out like all the others. Because New ERA doesn’t need a Fanatic running the show. New ERA doesn’t need someone who’s probably on opium or something. New ERA doesn’t need a Fanatic out of control trying to destroy the very fabric of what makes my New ERA truly great!

In the near future, looking at the locker-room, someone will come who deserves ta try and carry the burden I’ve carried fer so many months. But Primetime isn’t that time. This belt isn’t leaving my waist until New ERA is ready. Until then it stays with the only person strong enough ta keep New ERA alive… someone who doesn’t need ta live on the legacy of a man tha’ damn near killed this company when he was at the top.
(((He reaches out, tenderly holding the championship belt, which seems to shimmer at his touch)))

ME: New ERA… my precious New ERA… my baby… needs ME

Mister Entertainment.

And I’ll be dead before I let you harm New ERA.

(((FADE OUT)))

03-17-15, 01:28 PM
* Mr. Entertainment RP#2 for PrimeTime.

(((FADE IN to a close-up shot of the New ERA Championship)))

ME: (((from off-camera))) This… is more than just a title. It’s a symbol of the hopes an’ dreams of professional wrestling. The New ERA Championship carries with it the ambitions of the New ERA roster ta be the best as individuals, an’ as a company. It carries the blood, sweat an’ tears… the countless tears… of every person who’s ever wrestled fer New ERA of Wrestling, from the first match, through all the breaks and problems, to today. More than any other accolade in New ERA, this is what it’s about.

Not bein’ the Battle Brawl champion. Not being a season MVW. Not even getting three straight wins an’ banking a shot. Whoever holds this… the New ERA Championship… is the best. But… unlike all the other accolades…this belt

(((ZOOM OUT as Mr Entertainment picks up the New ERA Championship, holding it up to the light. We can see we’re in the middle of the New ERA ring, not long before the crowd are allowed in. Mr Entertainment is dressed in smart jeans and a “Primetime” T-shirt, and as he looks at the belt his eyes burn with love and fire)))

ME: This belt has pressures. This belt has needs. This… precious… title… has desires. It doesn’t just want to be the most important title in New ERA, it hungers, it needs to be the biggest title in professional wrestling history. To carry this belt, you can’t just be the best on the night… you have to be the best every night. You have to live for this title… not for a doomed Legacy… because this title demands nothing less than one hundred per cent. Living up to any other Legacy makes you totally unworthy.

(((Carefully, he places the belt over his shoulder and walks towards the corner, looking out to where the crowd will soon sit)))

ME: Ever since I won this title, I’ve felt the pressure. I’ve felt the title’s desire, an’ it proved what I’ve known since Cyberstrike 1, when Cameron Cruise became my first victim. That only I can carry this title and feed its insatiable appetite. I sat on the side, an’ watched as Shawn Hart an’ the Wrestling Bieber as they starved New ERA of what it needs. They played their games and starved New ERA of a champion it could be proud of. Someone who could carry this title and feed it the sacrifices it needs ta be what it deserves.

I saw it, an’ I wept. I knew I had ta make damn sure tha’ nobody else would disgrace New ERA. Even though I had one banked shot, I knew I had ta get another on the off-chance tha’ Shawn got a fluke victory. I got an insurance policy, an’ didn’t need it.

(((He steps back, and we see a rather ornate throne has been set up in the opposite corner on a riser. He sits in his throne, and places the title on his lap, his eyes on the name-plate)))

ME: But ever since then, I’ve watched from my throne as one person after another tries ta take a wrecking ball to the edifice tha’ is my New ERA. Cameron Cruise an’ the Wrestling Bieber tried ta take my title through some damn game. I’ve seen Jonathan Marx an’ Donovan Astros, who the office had such high hopes fer, treat New ERA like it’s nothing. I’ve seen people go from bein’ guys that I’ve had high hopes fer, an’ they’ve failed spectacularly.

An’ I’ve seen Fanatic disrespect New ERA… disrespect ME

Mister Entertainment…

An’ disrespect… the New ERA Championship.

You wanna play mind games, you wanna talk abou’ honour, respect, the Spirit of the Ring… an’ all I see is someone who can’t cut it. You play mind games because, like The Druid before ya, you ain’t good enough ta beat ME

Mister Entertainment

One on one. Hell, the only reason you’ve gotten this far is because there isn’t anyone else on the roster as smart as I am. Nobody else has seen through your lies, nobody else has seen through your games, an’ nobody else has had the courage and the strength ta stand up fer New ERA against the Tact Legacy. The Legacy of a man who killed New ERA. The disgraced Legacy tha’ you now share, Fanatic.

A Legacy of Failure.

(((The lights dim slightly, a white spotlight on the champion with a blue wash behind him)))

ME: When we met one on one, do you remember what you said, Fanatic? Not what Larry said – callin’ the greatest wrestler an’ entertainer alive a fraud – but what you said? That a wave of the Craze would wash over ME

Mister Entertainment

In a blur. It didn’t happen. What happened… well, that’s where the Tact Legacy should be. In the past.

Where you are going to be after Primetime.

While I… I that am shaped for sportive tricks and made to court an amorous looking glass… an’ all tha’ other Shakespearean stuff… will continue to build New ERA in the image of the greatest entertainer and wrestler in history.

Mister Entertainment.

Ya see… Larry can say that you’ve gotten ta where ya are by bein’ a better wrestler week after week than yer opponent, but I’ve seen the truth, Fanatic. An’ it’s a truth you don’t like… that you don’t wanna acknowledge. The cold, hard truth, Fanatic, is tha’ you are nothing without Larry and your mind games. You are nothing without yer little attempts a’ mysticism. You are nothing… nothing.

What has changed since Cyberstrike 2? Nothing. I was the greatest wrestler an’ entertainer on the PLANET…

(((He holds up the New ERA Championship)))

ME: An’ I still am. You haven’t changed, either. Still playin’ games. Still hiding behind Larry. Still holding onta the slightest of hope tha’ you’ll win by some fluke, an’ walk out of here with my precious New ERA Championship.

What did you say? Oh, yeah. That is futile.

You need more than a fluke, Fanatic. You need more than mind games. You need more than the mindless drones, poisoned by daytime TV an’ tired sitcoms. You… ironically… need the same thing as those fans, as New ERA… and as the world.


Mister Entertainment.

This belt needs Mister Entertainment, and she knows it. The New ERA Championships needs someone with strength enough ta carry it. It needs someone with integrity enough, who doesn’t rely on mind games an’ fancy parlour tricks. It needs someone who can carry it from the depths that your brother left it, and rebuild its Legacy.

I’ve been doing that since I beat Shawn Hart. I have faced every challenge head on. I have carried myself as not just a champion, but as the Champion. As the KING… of New ERA.

You can talk about purity. I live it. You can talk about getting cheers from morons with rotted brains… and I will save them. I will give them something you never can, real ENTERTAINMENT.

New ERA is precious, Fanatic. It’s also… mine. You want to tear that down, wave your hand over it, and destroy it like your brother did? You want to put the men and women who’ve helped make tonight possible unemployed?

That’s the future if you win. Thankfully… you won’t win. Thankfully, the fans are going to see through you for the mid-level talent fraud you are. They’re going to see you… and the games you’ve been playing… and know that you’re no better than The First, or Cameron Cruise, stitching up matches and making a mockery of New ERA.

They’re also going to see a sight they’ve seen several times in recent months, and will see many, many more times in the coming months.

Mister Entertainment…

(((He stands, raising the title on high)))

ME: Arms raised in victory… with another pathetic excuse fer an opponent at my feet.

THAT is the Tact Legacy. THAT is your future.

(((He brings the belt down, staring at it like a father staring at their newborn child for the first time)))

ME: This… is my future.

(((FADE OUT)))

03-17-15, 01:29 PM
* Fanatic RP#2 for PrimeTime.


(301 Massachusetts Avenue, in Boston. We arrive at Symphony Hall, where the world-renowned Boston Symphony Orchestra (BSO) and Boston Pops play; and the Tanglewood season unfolds in unparalleled musical diversity. There is an advertisement of the 2011-2012 season’s performances, opening with Anne-Sophie Mutter conducting, directing, and performing renditions of Mozart’s five concertos.

FADE TO: inside Symphony Hall. The stage is currently unoccupied, however, we hear past performance pieces of the BSO being played throughout the house speakers. As they pleasantly inundate the entire Hall with its reverberations. Panning around the balcony level where we are viewing from, we pass the stage to the rows upon rows that are routinely packed with awed fans and admiring, aspiring musicians. When we have made a three-quarters circuit, and are almost coming back towards the stage, the shot rests upon a lone figure leaned back in one of the padded seats at the front row of the balcony.

‘The Elite Enigma’ and #1 Contender to the New ERA Championship, Fanatic, wears the same costume and mask as before, with his arms resting behind his head, legs propped up on the balcony wall. He calmly sways back-and-forth in his seat, movements in synch with the music, looking out at the stage and around the Hall.

CUE UP: “Little Sisters Of Grassland“ by the BSO, as conducted by Seiji Ozawa.)

“There is a time and a place for the past .. the present .. the future. New ERA is fortunate .. it has elements of all three. However, it seems that the New ERA Champion .. Mister Entertainment .. has been caught up in that which he claimed he would swear off. And .. he has been caught up in something of which he still has no recognition of. However, all will be revealed, in due time. Mister Entertainment .. at PrimeTime, you will undergo a daihakken, a ‘great discovery‘ .. of your own.”

(He falls silent, allowing a period of strings playing to go uninterrupted before other instruments return.)

“However, before that future of PrimeTime .. there is the present. And our New ERA Champion finds himself in quite the conundrum. For is it your so-called ‘mysticism’ of mine that has got you finally speaking of New ERA’s past, Mister Entertainment? You would not so much as think of it, beforehand .. however, now, when faced with the Tact Legacy at the forefront of your issue .. when the Elite Enigma has come to claim what is necessary .. you seem to have changed your ways. Granted, you are not complimentary, and that is not something I had requested of you. I merely stated, some time ago, that you cannot deny the past. New ERA of Wrestling’s past is woven into the very title you possess so proudly for your own .. whether you accept it or not. And while you outright refused to acknowledge the past, last season .. it has now taken up most of what your voice speaks of. How you are of the belief that New ERA’s past, under Larry Tact, killed New ERA. Of how the past of New ERA led to a need for your taking the reigns …”

“There is but one issue I will take up with you on your claims, Mr. Entertainment. While I did wish you to acknowledge the past .. it will not be your opponent at PrimeTime. Please understand .. while Larry Tact killed nothing, but rather opened the doors of opportunity for you and all those before you to battle for the New ERA Championship .. he is perfectly capable of defending himself. And while you insist on badgering him and the past of New ERA .. that is a ghost you have awoken all on your own, to fight in your dreams or nightmares .. battle in your mind .. but not at PrimeTime.”

“For it is I who you will be setting foot into the squared circle against. And with your mind clouded by this constant war you have now begun waging, versus the ghosts of the past .. I daresay you have taken my direction to an extreme, Mister Entertainment. You are certainly addressing the past .. yet, forgetting the present warrior who will stand opposed to you .. and change New ERA‘s future.”

(Fanatic pauses and sits up in the seat as “Little Sisters Of Grassland” finishes. CUE UP: “Brahm’s Symphony No. 4”)

“From your portrayal of the Tact Legacy as a doomed failure .. to the ill-evidenced idea that you must retain the New ERA Championship in order for it to continue safely .. these are simply fallacies that exist as truths only in the mind of one man .. Mister Entertainment.“

“Even the best musicians and most popular music will, at times, trend upwards and downwards. Despite claims to the contrary, though, the music shall never die, so long as it is remembered. I believe New ERA of Wrestling has experienced similar periods where it was not peaking. This does not seem out of the ordinary, and I would think the response received since its resuming activity has shown it is clear that no one ‘killed’ New ERA of Wrestling .. especially, seeing as you .. Mister Entertainment .. currently hold and defend the New ERA Championship. In addition, if the estimates of decay and demise that you claim reigned supreme under previous title holders were true .. then why was New ERA granted a second season at all? And how, exactly, did all those who have been and are apart of New ERA .. make the seven-year journey from its inception to the present? If we were to believe the story woven by the current New ERA Champion .. my brother would have been the one and only New ERA Champion.”

“We all realize that is not the case .. and your stories are just that, works of creativity and, to be sure, entertainment. However, I do not fault you for that. Rather, I must only point out that you .. Mister Entertainment .. are living up to your name. You seek to be the most entertaining man in New ERA .. perhaps, in wrestling itself. And you have worked at this objective for years, devising different ways of entertaining the masses you so loathe .. depicting them as substandard .. only interested in activities leading to sexual stimulation, or inebriation. This is the brand of entertainment that we have been subjected to .. and I cannot be alone in finding it distasteful, at the least …”

“Be that as it may .. this is what you have presented New ERA of Wrestling with, as Champion. This is the brand you have created through your reign .. that of misinformation and manipulation, the likes of which you accuse myself of reaping upon you. However, you shall find that the true way of things .. our true natures .. they cannot help but shine through .. once you enter the domain of the Spirit of the Ring.”

(CUE UP: “Ride Of The Valkyries” as conducted by James Levine. Fanatic stands and paces between rows, hands clasped behind his back.)

“For one instance .. you believe you can connive your way beyond me .. fool New ERA .. by falsifying my intentions in challenging you. I must admit .. it takes a man with the qualities to entertain .. in order to concoct such a fiction as you wove together. Or perhaps it goes even further than that .. perhaps you truly believe I intended disrespect to you, when I stood face-to-face with you, and made my intentions clear?”

“I believe nothing could be further from the nature of the event. Rather than taking the opportunity presented to expose the weakness you displayed, by leaving yourself open to assault .. I waited for you to finish what business was distracting you. Then I made my intentions to challenge you clear, and without laying a hand upon you. I would say it was a clear and direct message.”

“Despite the simplicity of that very message, however .. despite the supposedly alcohol and lust intoxicated minds of the fans, somehow comprehending exactly what my message was, and reacting to it .. despite all that, it seems our New ERA Champion was left in confusion. By his own description, he received a message that must have been delivered from another planet, by the sound of his retelling.”

“After hearing your version, Mister Entertainment .. I don’t believe there is any further need for me to defend the fans from your accusations. You seem to validate their intelligence, and its supremacy over your own, quite well and even in .. entertaining fashion.”

“What is it that allow for these distractions, Mister Entertainment? Distracted by the fans. Distracted by your disgust of New ERAs past. Hatred of the Tact Legacy. Do you .. Mister Entertainment .. understand that the Tact Legacy is not something you can fight? It is not something you can doom .. for like New ERA’s history, it already possesses sturdy roots. A base that outlives your presence .. and, to be sure, something you are not strong enough to topple .. with your weak words.”

(Returning to his seat, Fanatic sits once more, arms crossing over his chest. CUE UP: “Super Mario Bros. theme” as performed by the BSO.)

“I, too, represent my moniker .. that of Fanatic. However, your definition of ‘fanatic’ is not in line with .. well, to be blunt, with the meaning itself. Is it true that I possess an unabashed, uncritical enthusiasm for what I do? Absolutely. However .. to say that I am an ‘anarchist,’ which is far more in line with your performance .. that I am not. I do not seek to use my passion for wrestling in such a way as to destroy. I merely have an unequivocal thirst for wrestling .. to battle those who would compete with myself .. to match skills and wits .. to find out who truly proves themselves to the Sprit of the Ring .. for She does not leave room for fallacy .. and to see who deserves to reign victorious.”

“And please do not mistake me .. understand that the Spirit of the Ring cannot interfere in the battles themselves. As I said before .. there is a certain infusion in the warriors who would enter the squared battlefield. One can tell from the amazing displays that are shown in the ring .. there is more at work than something the average person could perform. We have chosen a different path .. and the Spirit of the Ring is the gatekeeper to where the steps of our journeys are decided .. in that squared battlefield. However, when there are such disrespects as those you have demonstrated .. in your displays of ‘entertainment’ in Her domain .. with the methods you’ve invoked the New ERA Championship, which the Spirit is directly apart of. These infractions are not something to stand by and idly allow .. and so a warrior must step up .. represent the pure purposes of this sport .. the wrestling that determines our fates .. and face you to reclaim that which has been manipulated by you .. Mister Entertainment.”

(CUE UP: “The Legend Of Zelda” as performed by the BSO. Fanatic rises up from his seat, pointing at us, directly.)

“Mister Entertainment .. our past battle taught me much .. and it seems to have only driven you to further indulge in falsehoods and disrespect. As with most of the tales you’ve spun for us, this season .. you were in anything but complete control of our initial battle. In fact, it was a mere moment’s difference .. and when we next battle, I shall be the one who makes the best of that difference.“

“At PrimeTime, New ERA of Wrestling will have its past released from your oppression .. its present shifted in the wake of what is sure to be an epic battle .. and its future altered, in the form of a new Champion … and I shall erase your doubts of whether this ‘Elite Enigma’ is enough of a man to defeat you. Of this, I shall leave doubt for no one …”

“And there, you will understand .. daihakken, that ‘great discovery’ .. you will come to the realization that .. the wave of the Craze did indeed wash over you, once before. However, it did not consume on the mark. At PrimeTime, a new opportunity .. a new wave, further fueled by the Craze that is the New ERA faithful .. with the Spirit of the Ring transforming our encounter into one that will surely defy expecatation .. and this round, we find how you .. Mister Entertainment .. fare, when the Craze consumes …”

“… all in a blur.”