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03-17-15, 01:16 PM
All RP for the match between LARRY TACT, SUICIDE, and PRO WRESTLING's SJH at PrimeTime should be done in this thread. Any RPs posted outside of this thread will not count.

*This is a triple threat, Falls Count Anywhere match.

RP and angles are due TUESDAY, May 31st at 11:59pm PST. All angles should be sent to neweraofwrestling@gmail.com ... enjoy!

03-17-15, 01:18 PM
* Suicide RP for PrimeTime.

The camera faded in to a beautiful landscape showing of the Brooklyn Bridge, one of the oldest suspension bridges in the United States. It is the famous bridge that connects Long Island to New York City; the boroughs Brooklyn and Manhattan. It was a glorious day; the sun was shining, the waters surrounding the bridge calm and serene, and New Yorkers enjoying the warm weather as some walk, some run, and some just soaking it all in.

There was, of course, one person on the walkway that looked out of place. A man who has always looked out of place wherever he roamed, whether it be in New York, throughout the world, and in professional wrestling...


The Mysterious Wanderer stood in the epicenter of the Brooklyn Bridge as many people passed him by.

“In our existence, as we travel to a perpetual end, we always have this thought of what we want our lives to be. We fantasize what we want to take place, intricately and meticulously planning every moment and detail down to the last grain of sand. But as we move forward, trials and tribulations, random acts, and effects from our actions sometimes deters us from our dreams.”

“For those who know that this is nothing more than life playing out, we press on and seize the day. We live in this moment to the best of our abilities and try to set ourselves up the best we can for the next day, if we are lucky. But one thing holds true - we never forget the past because by learning from it, we can improve ourselves to make the future just a bit easier to handle.”

“This bridge is like a timeline of our existence. We know where it began and we have a future. In the middle, we have the present. And it seems that once again, Mr. Tact and Mr. Hart, our timelines have crossed once again. We three have been down this road again and again; no matter where we are in our lives, it feels like some kind of force has brought us together once more.”

“Why has this taken place again? Is it destiny? Is it fate? Or is it something else entirely? The first two can be scrutinized and then accepted, but I don’t think it stops at just that. Over the past several weeks, there has seemed to be an ongoing theme that has taken place. No matter what I am doing at a given time, be it wrestling or studying the competition, I end up in a horizontal position looking up at the lights. Why is that exactly?”

“Given our pasts gentlemen, this could be just an open-and-shut case of mortal enemies perpetuating violence towards one another to show their dominance.”

“But there is a problem with that… I have not laid a finger on either one of you in act of aggression for past or current events. I maintain my calm collective because it was inevitable that we three would meet in the ring. I need not impose myself on either one of you for the fact you know well who I am.”

“And that is the reason why I have been attacked by both of you week in and week out. Both of you gentlemen are threatened by my presence in NEW. Given what I have done in the squared circle in the past, I get the sense that you, Mr. Tact, and you, Mr. Hart, feel I am encroaching on your territory; that somehow I am here to ruin your plans on purpose when you know full well it is not to happen by forcing it to be but rather by mere coincidence.”

“I have already a banked shot at the New ERA Championship, but right now that is the furthest thing from my mind. My focus is squarely on you two gentlemen. We have had many great battles and truth be told, they will not compare to what awaits us at PrimeTime. I could address either one of you individually, but everything I had wanted to say has already been said in weeks past. To ramble on about the past and what each of us mean to one another would be a case of futility.”

“This match has to happen and there must be a winner. Who that man will be with his arm raised in victory is anyone’s guess. But if you two gentlemen really believe that this will be a repeat performance of the attacks on me, you will be very disappointed. No longer will I just take the brutal punishments that I had to privilege of accepting… but I will return the favor with the resonance of a thousand screams of agony.”

“’Nuff said…”

Suicide tipped his hat at the camera and headed down the Brooklyn Bridge towards his future. The camera then fades out…

03-17-15, 01:18 PM
* Larry Tact RP for PrimeTime.


Coney Island peninsula. Dusk is settling into night, but people are still milling about on the famous grounds of the Brooklyn, New York site. We see shots of people entering the fully lit MCU Park, home to the minor league Brooklyn Cyclones baseball team; others are getting into the final show of the night for the Coney Island Sideshow. Tickets are collected by a somewhat chubby-looking boy who looks like he has powder messily spread over most of his face-- in truth, it’s a skin disease of some type. Still more patrons have sauntered into a showing of Burlesque At The Beach. And more line up at the original Nathan’s Famous hot dog stand.

We then arrive at the boardwalk, a trademark of Coney Island. Here, there are such unique activities as trash can art to go along with gypsy palm-readings and peddlers. We also see the beach stretching for miles along the Atlantic Ocean. While most people have cleared off of it, now that the sun is setting, there are those lining the boardwalk to gaze at the water, the sky, and the sights.

Larry Tact, dressed in black leather pants, a halfway-buttoned gray silk shirt, and blue-lensed/silver-rimmed sunglasses, is doing none of this. Instead, he leans against the railing of the boardwalk, and people-watches. The camera catches him at a side profile.

LARRY TACT: “What is that saying, again? “The more things change, the more they stay the same.” It seems as if New ERA of Wrestling has become a cliché, in itself, and Shawn Hart and I are to blame.”

He regards us directly for a moment.

“Do you know about this island? Coney Island, like the rest of New York, was occupied by Indigenous Peoples before the Europeans came and settled in. As a result, power and disease helped overrun the Indigenous Peoples, killing off many and manipulating more into leaving their land. They were forced into exile; a continuously smaller space of land, which, for some tribes, now probably amounts to less space than some mansion properties. I doubt the thought ever crossed their minds that they would relinquish their territory, their lands, to anyone outside of warring tribes.”

“From the way we hear Suicide tell it, the past few weeks… although really, this isn’t much different than his opinion of me for years, now… New ERA of Wrestling is a ‘New World’ and he’s the settler coming in, and inevitably will displace the native people. The more things change, the more they stay the same, right?”

“Maybe, but as far as I’m concerned, our friend Suicide may be looking at New ERA in less tactful terms than I.”

He now turns, looking steadily at us for a few moments, then removing the sunglasses and letting them hang from a breast pocket of his shirt.

“I won’t bother explaining all the differences between Indigenous Peoples and Tactilizing Ones, Ulysis, because it really boils down to a few simple things. One of which is that you simply don’t understand the way I view your being in New ERA. It’s true, you are a world-class athlete, you’ve deserved the accolades you’ve earned-- hell, even a few that were withheld. But like you said, you’re already aware that I know who you are. It seems, however, that the changes in me have left you in a state of misunderstanding.”

“It’s a little ironic, actually. I would say the time when we started having problems seeing eye-to-eye trace back about six or seven years, now. Do you know what coincides with that timeframe, Ulysis? Do you know what I was doing back then, around 2004? I’ll tell you: I was laying the groundwork for New ERA of Wrestling. I was building its appeal for people, even people like you, to turn your heads and then, eventually, make your own entry. I was building New ERA of Wrestling, and for whatever reason, we seemed to have a divide around then. Hm, go figure.”

He waves a hand.

“But there’s no resentment off of that. No, that isn’t what I’m getting at. The point is that we’ll probably never see NEW in similar fashion, Ulysis, not you and I. Because it means something entirely different to me. I’m the original occupier, and you are just one of the next wave to arrive. You wouldn’t understand why I would go to the greatest lengths to defend this company’s roots. It may not always be in the ring, but over time I have changed. I’ve found there are many ways to get your point across, not just in the ring. However, it doesn’t change the fact that I’m proud to compete in New ERA, and nobody will ever take away what I’ve accomplished here.”

“Which brings us to your claim of naturally usurping Shawn and I. Well, as Mr. Entertainment is learning, there isn’t enough dirt and dynamite to cover or destroy the foundation that New ERA of Wrestling stands on. Contrary to certain rumors of its multiple demises, we still go on strong, and are rock solid. And the natives, at least a few of us, are still kicking around here.”

“But I’ll tell you this, too: I have never rejected newcomers to New ERA of Wrestling. I don’t try to keep anyone from doing what I did, which is to rise up from ground level, and make their mark. When I was Champion, I would give opportunities to anyone who wanted to step up and take their best shot. It’s just that I’m not going to give it up to anyone, either, which seems to be something people continually have difficulty understanding.“

“And the same to you, Ulysis… old friend. I wouldn’t reject your trying to make your mark here… but don’t think it’s just going to happen because you’re here, now. Because that simply lands you right in line with the rest who tried and failed. You’d be no different than Chaos, who thought he could run me over, on more than one occasion, because he had an advantage here, some added rage incentive there, or whatever other reason. You may not possess the same motivations, but if your expectations don’t change… you’ll end up just the same as all those failures.“

“And I won‘t blink an eye seeing that happen, either.”

He looks deadpan at us.

“Ulysis, you may be here with a Championship shot, and have yourself believing that you’ve got us nervous about our places, and it’s your right to feel like that. Personally, though, it isn‘t the way I‘m feeling. Because when you’ve been in a place as long as I’ve been in New ERA, you cease to be intimidated by someone coming in.“

“The Indigenous Peoples warmed up to the bait and charm of the Europeans, only to have disease and power ruin their previous lives. But the way I see it, if the power of others is going to overwhelm me, then maybe I didn’t deserve to be here, at this time. If disease is going to destroy me, then I‘m not strong enough, and I will go the way of the other NEW originals who aren‘t here anymore.”

He smirks.

“I wouldn’t go cashing in that bet just yet, though. Because, Ulysis, I don’t just live in the moment. In fact, I’ve already help navigate the way for the future New ERA Champion, although Fanatic did the work in the ring. I’ve shown that I’m still apart of New ERA, and not just through my work with my brother. I beat Shawn Hart at Cyberstrike 01; I defeated Chaos after stirring him up into his most vile rage; and I just teamed with Fanatic to defeat you and Hart at Cyberstrike 10. I’ll be honest, I’m not sure what the future holds for myself in New ERA of Wrestling. But I know this…”

“No one… not you, Shawn Hart, Mr. Entertainment, The First, Cameron Cruise, or anyone else… not one of you, or all of you, can remove my place in NEW. You may make your own mark, but that won’t remove the indelible stamp I’ve put on NEW, at its foundation. And maybe you’ll beat me in an NEW ring, too…”

“But at PrimeTime…? On the night when my brother will claim the New ERA Championship. At a time when you have done nothing but try and change the story of what lead us here… as if my actions have been solely what instigated this showdown… and show just why I can’t take the respect you claim to display, at face value.”

“And Shawn Hart, he doesn’t escape that fact, either. He is a New ERA stalwart, but he isn’t the one who set the standard from the start. He isn’t the one who guided the New ERA Championship on its first run. And for all the people who say that I failed to do what I set out, the simple truth is that I did what nobody else could do: I won it first. And for all those who proudly or boldly or ignorantly claim that they made or make New ERA better than the rest who were at the top… I breathed life into the top prize, gave it initial stability for others to have the chance. There’s no question that Larry Tact is the New ERA’s Icon. Shawn Hart would like to fantasize about knocking me off that pedestal. But he’ll find out one more time, at PrimeTime, that once I start hitting back, that fantasy gets a little less clearer with each passing moment. Until there‘s no choice other than to submit… to a Tactful Surrender.”

His eyes narrow slightly, piercing us with a look of finality.

“So, no, PrimeTime will not be the moment you’re predicting, Ulysis. It won’t be you showing that, as the wrestling world changes, Suicide will inevitably triumph. You will rise to the occasion, I don’t doubt that at all. But instead of triumph, you’re going to find that the more New ERA of Wrestling changes… the further Larry Tact embeds the Tact Legacy’s impression on New ERA of Wrestling. The eras may change, but the same man is setting the gold standard of performance. When the need arises, the same man is humbling the competition.”

“At PrimeTime, Larry Tact will be just where I should be.”

“And you, Suicide… Shawn Hart… you will…”




03-17-15, 01:21 PM
* Shawn Hart RP for PrimeTime.


Former New Era Champion SHAWN JESSICA HART is sitting on the bench in a locker room, taping up his fist in preparation for a last-minute training session.

CLOSE ON: SJH's left palm as he pounds his right fist into it, then wiggles his fingers about and cracks his knuckles.

CUT TO: The Phenom's mug as he turns his attention from the tape job and peers into the camera.

SJH: "Funny how things work out, no?"

He grins slightly and shakes his head in apparent disbelief.

SJH: "Just a few short months ago, I was not only a symbol of New Era's past, but the shining light that would lead the way to its future. The CHAMP, the standard-bearer, and the TREND-SETTER that each and every JACKHOLE under contract here strived to keep stride with...."

Shawn sighs.

SJH: "FF the ol' TiVo to the here and the now, if I didn't know any better, I'd say we were partying because it IS 1999!"


SJH: "Heh, back when I was still practically SOAKED behind the ears, my first big match in the business was against the Tactilizing One himself, the nefarious Larry Tact. A short time later, my first great FEUD was with KRoW by my side against the Man, the Myth, the LEGEND in the flesh... Suicide.

So as I've found myself all up in the business of BOTH men in recent weeks, I can't help but feel the touch of nostalgia as it lubes me up and takes me behind the woodshed!"


SJH: "As the saying goes, the more things change... the more things stay the same, but as I gaze across the battlefield and see Tact and Solian on the other side, I must confess that THIS cat wouldn't have it any other way!"

He nods his head, then rubs his hands together in a manner most anticipatory.

SJH: "The fact that we're all still here, that we're all still kickin' ASS is somehow comforting. As if the DECADE-PLUS of my unending greatness wasn't enough, it serves as further proof that the next great match-up.. aaaand the next great run are always right around the corner. Heh, try as we might to fight it, self-sabotage it away, or deny that we even want it, the steak n' eggs of the situation is that guys like SJH, Larry Tact, and Suicide are too damn good to escape the limelight for long.

So rest assured, when the dust has settled and our match is DONE, it's only a matter of time before ONE of us is runnin' sh(FCC)t like Barry Sanders. But that's the problem when it comes to a match like the one we're in... the three of us may be savage BEASTS all and licensed THRILLING machines the likes of which only come into being a couple'a times a'generation, but in the end.... there really can only be ONE.

So who's it gonna be? The returning Mystery Man? The guy who beat me down in a Schoolyard Brawl AND beat me to the New Era belt? Or is it yours truly? The Prime Minister of Gettin' Sinister - spread ya girly's legs and then I finish her - the latest sensation to hit this GREAT nation since mechanically-induced orgasmic vibrations - the KING of SWING - the DON of BLING BLING - packin' more ELECTRICITY than your static cling... PRO WRESTLING'S SJH, as seen on TV!?"

He stares inquisitively into the camera.

SJH: "Heh, REALLY NOW...."

He shakes his head in faux-disgust, moves in real close, and then SMACKS the camera's lens, causing the shot to QUAKE! Seconds later, as it settles back into place, SJH cracks a grin.

SJH: "Do you even have to ask? Really?"

Dramatic pause.

SJH: "I thought not."

Victory pose... and a giggle.

SJH: "PELVIS has left the building!"


03-17-15, 01:22 PM
* Suicide RP#2 for PrimeTime.

The camera fades in to a close-up shot of the mask of none other than Spectre.

“Hello Larry. It has been quite a long time. It seems you’re going through a rough patch as of late with my buddy Ulysis. Now I know what you’re thinking... I’ve come back to make your life a living hell like I did back in the ol’ IWF. But that is not what is going to happen. You see Larry, seeing you in the state that you are in as of late got ol’ Ulysis thinking about... face. Of course, you didn’t like this face when it looked down upon you when you were laid on the mat all starry-eyed and your head in the clouds. Come to think of it, you always look that way!”

Spectre crackles.

“You see, ‘ol Ulysis has many faces he wears such like yourself....”

The camera fades out from Spectre’s visage and faded in to that of “The Prodigal Son” himself, Ulysis Solian.

“My friend, it seems as late you’ve been very paranoid ever since Suicide’s return to New ERA of Wrestling, coming up with this crazy ass conspiracy theories about how he’s going to destroy everyone and take over NEW as his own personal playground. But that isn’t true at all. Maybe you see things that way because you’re not wearing the face of a man who sees the real truth behind everything and instead create delusions of grandeur to fulfill some twisted fantasy of yours...”

The camera faded out from Solian’s visage and faded in to the blank masked face of one S. He just looks into the camera for a brief moment then shakes his head in disapproval. The camera then faded out and in to that of a mask of a skull with the “S” symbol etched in the forehead.

“While you shouldn’t take everything at face value, this is one instance where you don’t want to read into too much of what Suicide is doing. Maybe instead of worrying about what is to transpire in the future, maybe it’s your present you should worry about, specifically your match with him and Shawn Hart...”

[/i]The camera faded out of the Grim Reaper-looking visage and faded back to a very familiar one... that of none other than Suicide.[/i]

“Mr. Tact, your analogies between my arrival into New ERA of Champions and that of the Europeans to what is now known as America seem to be sullied by your eschewed view of reality. You believe that you were the creator of NEW, the one who gave it worldwide attention, that I should bow down to your benevolence and know my place.”

“This kind of talk is nothing new. Mr. Hart has said this more or less. Mr. Entertainment has stated as such, announcing that this was his New ERA of Wrestling. Jean Rabesque has proclaimed it. Chaos, Mr. Marx, The First... the list goes on. And yet, when someone like me comes along, one who lays all his cards on the table and gives it to everyone up front... there must be some kind of ulterior motive at work.”

“Breath my friend because I’m going to say this one last time...”

“There is none.”

“Unlike all the other promotions I have had the privilege to be a part of, there is no plans of a takeover or claims of salvation to cleanse New ERA of Champions. I am here solely for myself and building towards my destiny. I am not here to claim your spot. I am here to make one for my own. And whether you think otherwise, there is plenty of room for me. Mr. Hart and yourself can be the foundation of New ERA of Wrestling... I will just be me.”

“Rather than worry about what I plan to do in NEW, Mr. Tact, you should be worrying about what you plan to do to defeat me in the ring. If the past is any indication, you have had no success against me, no matter what face I was wearing. It is one thing to go around and claim to be the best, but another entirely to survive and defeat the best. You should, Mr. Tact, worry less about your revisionist history and worry more of true history repeating itself, because that would put the exclamation point on your “the more things change, the more they stay the same” mantra.”

“As for you Mr. Hart, things have indeed come full circle. If there has truly been one man who has been an unbridled challenge and valiant attempt at being a thorn at my side, none would come close to measuring up to you. Like so many times before, this time, there will be no sneak attacks, there will be no scheming; there will be just you, Mr. Tact, and myself, face to face. I just hope you can take this seriously Mr. Hart, because there may be no after party for you.

“Gentlemen, inevitability has caught us in the web of fate once again and this may very well be the penultimate war between the three of us. I already have respect for you two, even if Mr. Tact does not want to believe it, but I believe there is more to be built during this match. No matter what face we wear, we must be able to see clearly ahead of us if we wish to move forward. Leave your worries and paranoia on the shelf; bring your wrestling ability and prowness. I am looking forward to the challenge I will face between the two of you. I just hope when it’s all said and done, win or lose, we have finally settled whatever differences we may have with one another and move on to our destinies. I’m sure our roads will cross again, but this time, someone may get theirs off track.”

“‘Nuff said...”

And like that, the camera fades out from Suicide’s mask...

03-17-15, 01:23 PM
* Larry Tact RP#2 for PrimeTime.


At the Manhattan, NY penthouse suite of Larry Tact, we find the inaugural New ERA Champion outside on his rooftop patio. He has a glass filled with plain water, is dressed in a white undershirt and relaxed-fit Kenneth Cole jeans. As we follow his gaze, we see he is staring out at the view of New York City, swirling the glass slowly. He takes a sip of water.

LARRY TACT: “Shawn, you really do know how to make an entrance, don’t you? I saw the little show you put on, and it’s all well and good for the fans to see their hero. You know, when it came to our Alliance, Suicide was always the enforcer and all-rounder . I was the pure technician, the one to dissect and unravel the strategies. But you, Shawn… you’ve always been the hero. Whether you wanted it or not, I can’t really tell. But somehow, they gravitate to you, like a rat to a trap.”

“How could I forget the night when we brawled through that High School? Well, potential concussions aside, there’s no way we could forget it. That match was my first ’big’ one, too. And we seriously tore it up, and each other. Reckless abandon, no holds barred, those were the types of things people said about it afterwards. Of course, again, somehow, even after that, the fans still came around to give you love down the road.”

“You really put it well, this match is three guys who have top tier skill. We’re three that don’t let up on the opposition until they’re down AND out. Period. And without a school full of hazards to help us, it’s going to be time to get… creative.”

“Unfortunately for both of you, I don’t need to enforce upon anyone what I have, I just need to do what comes naturally to me. And I don’t need to be the hero, just the wrestler. All I need is what got me to the dance, and that’s my body and mind. Because even without weapons, I can beat both of you with my bare hands.”

“Of course, I’m not trying to fool myself into thinking we aren’t going to give each other hell before this is all over with. But maybe Fanatic was right… we need to end this at PrimeTime. Let it all hang out, no second thoughts, only the desire to draw first blood and focus on that one objective: pin or submit.”

“Pin or submit.”

“Two fall.”

“One stands victorious.”

“I never was one for mincing words like you, Phenom. And I’ve never been very eloquent, like our Mysterious Wanderer. But hey, that‘s why we‘re all unique… innovators in our own right…”



He shakes his head, taking another drink.

“But at PrimeTime, I’ll happily play the unconventional villain, if that’s what it takes to down the hero. And for our Man, Myth, and Legend… like I said… there’s still respect I feel has been disingenuous, and a humbling prepared…”

“You two show me your cards, and I’ll have mine laid out. We’ll see what remains.”