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03-17-15, 12:32 PM
All RP for the match between YOSSI HAYAT and RICHARD DWECK at PrimeTime should be done in this thread. Any RPs posted outside of this thread will not count.

RP and angles are due TUESDAY, May 31st at 11:59pm PST. All angles should be sent to neweraofwrestling@gmail.com ... enjoy!

03-17-15, 12:33 PM
* Richard Dweck RP for PrimeTime.

A video package plays on the titantron, television screens and internet
streaming sites. The clip opens on the titantron in a navy/black background Richard is glowing and shining raising his personal "King of Controversy" belt with a smug devilish grin and his blue eyes wide open, he's wearing a grey t-shirt with red long sleeves, tan cargo pants, white and red sneakers. As his theme blasts over the p.a. he arrives at the stage in the same attire as the one in the video-package/tron. Richard
makes his way to the ring and paces, the camera zooms in close to his

snide, disingenuously quizzical incredulously obfuscating new phrase
which is inspired by The Miz's "really". He waits a while then says it.

{Richard KIng/champ of controversy}
" hm. "

a ubiquitous mixed reaction follows by fans. Cameras pan to the
signs in the crowd which range from "Richard Rox" to "Richard sucks"

{Richard KIng/champ of controversy}
hm-hm-hm. Smark boy, seriously? I'm a smark
that's gimmick infrigement, you are poor worker "smarky"
you are the worst in ring technician I've ever witnessed.
You have the in ring pyschology of a cripple.
You are nothing. Hm? wutcha gonna do, type up a big blog
put up youtube video post in yahoo answers wrestling
section, or are you gonna train, are you gonna actually DO
something. You can critique all you want but can you do
any better, hm.

You can judge me, berate me, hate me, despise me but
it doesn't faze me because I am at the top of this biz
and you can type all you want, and rant all you want
and do shoot promos all you want but you can't win
because I am awesome, because I am amazing, because
this MY DREAM AND MY LIFE and i'll risk the latter for the
first anyday.

03-17-15, 12:34 PM
* Yossi Hayat RP for PrimeTime.

("Smells Like Teen Spirit" by Nirvana plays)

**Yossi comes down to the ring, as the crowd throws stuff on him. Yossi then raises his hands in the ring, prompting the crowd to boo him. **

Ring announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the Smark Boy, Yossi Hayat! (Crowd boos)

**Yossi then takes the mic from the announcer and pushes him out of the ring. Then Yossi speaks. **

Yossi: So it's seems like I finally became a contender for the World title. Let me just tell you, I'm going to cash that in for the next Cyberstrike. And let me tell to Fanatic and to Mr. Entertainment, that whoever of you that will win the World title, will have to face the best wrestler ever. The king... King.. gggg... of the World! ddd...

**Yossi entered a spasm once again. Then he settles down. **

Yossi: And now I heard that I have to fight against an idiot named Richard... Who? Waits, I remember his name, wait... Oh yeah! Richard Dick! He calls himself "King of Controversy". Now, anyone here that follows wrestling should know that I am the real king of controverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr... Sorry, controversy. Yeah, that's right. I was the guy that invented some great catchphrases in NCW. I used to say "Naked girls", "Squeek Squeek" and even more then that, I used to tell the whole world that the next show will be something with a particular murderer. When you're talking about controversy, you had to say Yossi Hayat.

The thing is this simple, Dick. You think that you're a big thing? Learn to speak properly before that. The Smark Boy will kick your ass at Prime Time, and then he will become the World... ddd... Heavyweight... Heavy... Heavy... champion.

Smarks know better. Goodbye!

**Yossi then leaves the ring. **

03-17-15, 12:36 PM