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03-17-15, 12:24 PM
All RP for the main event match between PRO WRESTLING's SJH and THE FIRST (c) at BattleBRAWL 3 should be done in this thread. Any posts done outside this thread will not count.

*This match is for the New ERA Championship.

RP and angles are due SUNDAY, March 20th at 11:59pm PST. All angles should be sent to neweraofwrestling@gmail.com ... enjoy!

03-17-15, 12:24 PM
* The First RP for BattleBRAWL 3.

(FADEIN: The First sitting on a bench near the bewitched statue in downtown Salem, the New ERA Championship over his shoulder. His face painted white in the middle, with black lighting bomts crossing through it it, the sides of his face painted black with white lightning bolts spreading over the blackness. First has on his "Home Town Hero" T-Shirt, black pants, black boots.)

FIRST: Everywhere I went, Shawn Hart was there...And everywhere I went, Shawn Hart existed only to take the spotlight from me...Remember that crazy battle royal with the barbed wire and all that...Hell I talked you into signing up, and you beat me at the end...Won the damn belt a while later...(Shakes his head, laughs) yeah that was something...Remember that time I built that army to bring hope to the fans of the wrestling world...That was supposed to be about getting you some payback, but no, you managed to sweet talk the promoters and when my big World Title match finally came around, you were in the match too, who woulda thunk it?!

Yeah, Shawn just about every friggin time I'm ready to be the man somewhere, you come in and ruin it from me...The good old days of Rome, the last champion got a sword through his gut and the new champion didn't have to worry about being backstabbed, being overlooked, having his supposed friend try to time and time again take the glory away from him...

And here in New ERA it was all supposed to change, I won my matches, earned my title shot, and there you went, faking injuries to duck out to avoid me...Anything to cling to the spotlight a little longer, to be the famous one just one more day longer...

You give up that belt and we're all fighting in some tournament for the right to be champion, with you looming over the whole situation like a shadow, and then once the tournament is over, the winner would have to fight you...Shawn Hart making the heroic comeback, like Ali returning from his exile over Vietnam, set up to once again get on top of the mountain...

Well I wouldn't stand for it and I took this belt from you, and now, I'm ending you once and for all in this company, I'm kicking you to the back of the line...You go nowhere now Shawn, nowhere but to fighting everyone else in the locker room BUT the champion...You get pushed far far away from me, such that you can NEVER AGAIN steal my spotlight, never again can you take from me what is mine...

No, this time Shawn, you go away, I end this for good, and New ERA becomes mine...

This is your last moment leeching off my spotlight, and you won't enjoy it while it lasts, because I'm going to make it brutal, painful, and horrific, and you will suffer every last bit of the pain you've put me through, you'll pay for everything you've done to me...And in the end, the spotlight you crave so much, will burn you to nothing but ash...

I will destroy you...It is the only thing that can happen...And you can't stop it...

Nothing can stop me...


03-17-15, 12:25 PM
* Shawn Hart RP for BattleBRAWL 3.

FADE IN: Felicia's glitzed-out tower at Le Chateau du Hart in Orlando - 7 AM.

CUE UP: A PHAT pop beat.

With the music grooving in the background, the sister of former New Era Champion SJH is waking from her beauty sleep

FELICIA: "7am, wakin' up in the morning. Gotta be fresh, gotta wash downstairs-"

CUT TO: Felicia in the shower, looking downward and then taking a giant, soapy brush to some unseen part of her body.

FELICIA: "Gotta have my bowl, gotta have cereal. Seein’ everything, the time is goin’. Tickin’ on and on, everybody’s rushin’-"

CUT TO: The kitchen, where Felicia is retrieving her milk-laden face from a giant bowl of Wheaties and glancing at a clock. Suddenly, her big brother walks onto the screen, takes one look at l'il sis and the strange scene that is being shot, and instantly displays a sour-puss as the music comes to a SCREECHING halt.

SJH (In his best Hank Hill voice): "H-what in the h-world?!"

Felicia slams both fists into the table, toppling her Wheaties in the process.

FELICIA: "WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?! You always ruin everything!! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!"

The younger Hart storms out of the camera's view, sobbing as she goes. SJH looks inquisitively into the camera before shaking his head. He then shouts to his sister off camera.

SJH: "But Sweet Felish! It's Friday, Friday!!"

No response. The Prime Minister of Gettin' Sinister begins to sing and shake his hips.

SJH: "Yesterday was Thursday, Thursday. Today i-is Friday, Friday. We-we-we so excited. We so excited. We gonna have a ball today! Tomorrow is Saturday.. and Sunday comes after... I kick the HOLY HELL from the First!"

He stares into the camera with clenched teeth, after which he strikes one of his sweet promo poses.

SJH: " And I don’t want this weekend to END, nnnnnnnnnnnnndaddio!! Because THIS is the weekend when ORDER is restored in the universe and the glimmering golden belt that belongs 'round this beautiful waist-"

He traces his sinuous form with his index finger.

SJH: "...will FINALLY find its way home! The First, well... he performed some FIRST-rate skull-duggery to debauch and dethrone me, but ya know what? NO ONE plays it more dirty than Muff Daddy, SJH!"

Felicia reenters the room, wiping the milk from her face with a silken towel.

FELICIA: "He's not lyin'. I've seen his STD screens."

Hart continues, unfazed by his sibling.

SJH: "So if my former BFF wants to muck it up, and CLEARLY he has, you can bet your booty that I'm charging into this thing UNSHEATHED!!"


SJH glares at Sweet Felish. She responds with a roll of the eyes and walks off-screen. The Phenom is left with no recourse but to shrug his shoulders and trudge forward.

SJH: "What you did... it was completely and utterly, absitively-posilutely DEPLORABLE! But as heinous as the hair-brained scheme was, I can't say I'm even the slightest bit surprised that you took the road you did to STEAL that strap. Especially given what you've gone through over the past year or two whilst in pursuit of other titles."

He chuckles to himself.

SJH: "Despite the endless amount of hurdles you have to clear, you huff and you puff and you BLOW the house down in every city n' every stop on the 'rasslin road. Like Willis Reed wobblin' around on one leg, or MJ fightin' the flu. And after all the trials and tribulations, you finally get your first big title win! Halle-freakin'-lujah, bub! You finally broke through that glass ceiling and from here on in... your the Empire's guy and NO ONE can do a damn thing about it!"

SJH grins.

SJH: "'Cept it didn't really go down like that, did it? Nosiree! Because after all that work, all that bustin' your ass, you were back down to square one before the belt got your name plate! So when you take every possible shortcut to swindle me outta my New Era schwag without so much as a broken sweat, it makes perfect sense really.

It's the only way you succeed.

Any time you really have to FIGHT for something, you fall flat on your FAT face! And believe you me, brother... at BattleBRAWL, FIGHT is what you're gonna have to do!

Because when it comes to the KING of Bling, SJH... if ya try to go over, you're gonna go UNDER! Period-exclamation point-THE END! I went through more sh(FCC)t than a scat video to get that belt and hold it for as long as I did, and with GOD as my witness, I'm not gonna pull a YOU and let the sumb(FCC)tch slip through my fingers! So when we're in that ring PROPER, no shortcuts... no shenanigans, I hope you're ready to GO DOWN, cuz this cat's gonna get all up IN YA and SLAM IT 'til ya can't take it no mo!"

FELICIA (From off-camera): "EWW!"

SJH: "Call it a mockery, call it an OUTRAGE, my Magic 8-ball calls it the truth!

And the TRUTH of the matter here is that Pro Wrestling's SJH is a proven commodity. The only thing you've proven is to have a penchant for dropping the ball.

But HEY - don't sweat it, kid! There's always room for guys that try REEEEEEEEALLY hard in the prelims.

S-J-H has left the building!"