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03-16-15, 08:13 PM
All RP for the match between JASON PAYNE and CAMERON CRUISE at Cyberstrike should be done in this thread. Any RP posted outside of the thread will not count.

The RP deadline is 11:59pm PST on TUESDAY, February 8th, 2011. Angles should be sent to neweraofwrestling@gmail.com ..

03-16-15, 08:13 PM
* Cameron Cruise RP for C02.

(CUTTO: Jacksonville, North Carolina....The Cruise Estate. The camera cuts again to certain angles around the outside of the house. Front yard, though with the grass and the bushes freshly cut proper...empty. The camera cuts to the back yard spanning afew acres (though dotted with a couple horses here and there), is mostly quiet. The camera then cuts to the inside of the house, where a room here and there is also clean and proper. It cuts over to a room selected off to the back full of trophies Cruise has won in various sports as well as Championship titles he's won awards given to him over the years, including the New Era Television Championship and the New Era Tag Team titles. A faint commentary noise is heard as the camera cuts over to the Media room in the back of the house. The camera slowly pans in as it gets darker. Then, we find several different kinds of beverage around the room, both in can and bottle form, as well as plates and food wrappers as it's fairly clear that other than the occasional visit to the restroom. This is, after all...a man of class. The camera then pans upward to find a series of televisions that have not just any matches on the air...but matches between Cameron Cruise and Jason Payne. The Dogs of War, Cruise/Shawn Hart, Adrian Willard/Peter File on another as well as Cruise and Mister Entertainment from the previously-aired edition of New Era Cyberstrike. The camera slowly pans around and locates Cruise, feet propped up, pads of paper strewn about, some crumpled in balls in and around a waste basket. His hair is unusually matted and knotted, and he's begun a serious case of the "Five O' Clock Shadow". Taking a long drink from an unlabled bottle, he puts the beverage back on the accompanying table and stays silent for another few minutes before taking another swig. Putting the drink down again, Cruise looks over at the camera from his peripheral vision and grimaces.)

CC: Well then...it must be that time again.

(Cruise snatches up a remote and hits a couple buttons and all televisions cut off and the stereo switches on instead. Powering on, "Tear Away" by Drowning Pool begins to play.)

CC: I must've gotten alittle behind on my preparations, because I didn't really realize that the deadline for promo-work was almost up until just now. Typically, I'm alittle more ready than what you see before you, but it's been abit of a hectic week, with traveling and the Super Bowl and all, you understand right?? Sure you do.

Just like a Snails' journey across a sidewalk is more exciting than a promo presented by Mister Entertainment.

Sure it is.

Fact of the matter is this, Entertainment...you're barely worth taking the time for. You're not as great as you say you are, and you're not as nearly as funny as you THINK you are. But just like everywhere else...it's a fluke. No one likes change in the way you do things, E. But you'll see the next time we pair off in the ring.

But that's then.

What happens next time all those seats get filled is what might garner even more spectacle than Chaos taking on Shawn Hart...even with the title on the line.

Jason. Payne.


Cameron. Cruise.

Cruise takes a ragged breath as it appears that he hasn't been anywhere out of the house since he had returned from Boston the week or two prior.)

On the second edition of New Era Cyberstrike, you and I have an old score to settle. I don't even really have to explain why, but for those that know about us and have followed us for years...it's a long time coming.

This has nothing to do with my involvement with anything but what happened in the past with NFW but moreso what happened with New Era before it went on Hiatus.

Call our "relationship" as professionals "estranged" if you will; things are alittle different now than they were "back in the day".

You told the Druid last week that most people misjudge or assume that you're just as angry and all-systems-go like a "bull in a china shop" when there's another part to you entirely, blah, blah, blah...

(Cruise meanders his way up onto a stool next to the bar.)

Really Jason??

Why must I sit here and listen to those words turn that arena into a house of lies??

Hell, you having another part to your personality is like The First being taken seriously.

There's just no way--no--I take that back.

(Cruise snaps his fingers.)

You took a break from being Mister Big, Bad, Wolf...for a minute. And what you did in that minute is about as embarrassing as that little dance you did with Madonna Wayne Grossard but that's another story that we can relive later on when there's another Boy Scout Campfire you can scare the kids with.

But outside of that...why bother doing something you're no good at?? Why explain yourself out to be more than just a "HULK-SMASH!>!>!!" type of a guy??

I mean, it's the only thing that's kept you relevant in this business, sure, you snagged the Prodigy Championship, but is that really anything beneficial to what needs to be had NOW???

There's afew things that are also alittle different, Jason.

Outside of the New Era Championship or becoming the MVW...there's nothing to gain here by letting loose "the bull" or "The Wolf" or whatever animal that you wanna become, Power Rangers be-damned.

Whether or not you think that's beneficial for you NOW...is up to you. Myself...hell, outside of the newbies in this company...people know what to expect from myself, as you should as well; my resume speaks for itself.

But I know for myself...the New Era Championship...it's my ONLY goal.

And I'll do anything I need to do to get it.

("Tear Away" closes in on the end of the song as the words "I don't care about anyone or anything but me....God damn I love me" are heard.)

CC: Because that's just a REALITY CHECK you just...won't like.