View Full Version : You guys are probably already aware of this, but...

03-11-15, 11:52 PM
I'm pretty sure somebody posted an RP today and the post is now gone after Chad's...ermm...mishap. LOL. I felt compelled to mention this given the 0.0001% chance you guys hadn't noticed. Just a heads up.

03-11-15, 11:53 PM
ALSO... I was wondering if you guys were taking angle submissions for the match on the off chance that our guys are in the match long enough to enact them?

03-12-15, 12:09 AM
Thanks Ryan. Yeah I got a text from Chad about it around 11PM. I've been putting the word out on Twitter. I know Mike Pettis posted his and have asked if he has a backup and can repost. Do you know if there were any other RPs posted today?

Also, yes, you can send us angles and we'll do our best to get them in. It will of course be partially dependent upon how people finish.