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02-28-15, 04:33 AM

My name is Arron and I am the handler of Parkera a rookie in the Lions Den at FGA and also Wayne Everett as the Owner of APW.
I am a male from Auckland, New Zealand who has enjoyed wrestling since the first time I saw "Superstars of Wrestling" back in the 1980's a true Hulkamaniac.
I got into the e-wrestling sense by accident in the 1990's where I created my first ever wrestler called Stonewall Jackson in a great e-fed called BRAWL. After this closed I wandered around trying to find the same fun I had in BRAWL, but soon fell away from the scene.
For some reason the bug bit me again early this year and well here I am.

Cheers to meet you all


02-28-15, 04:37 AM
Hi Arron! Welcome back to the game and welcome to FWrestling! I think I saw Parkera signed up for FGA. I used to handle there. I hope you have as much as I did!