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02-21-15, 10:57 PM
Hi everyone. Frank here, handler of the midget porn star, Fizz. I've been around the 'biz' for a while now, and only held two titles. Probably a little sad, but I blame half of it on weird redheads who don't want to put a midget as a champ in their fed..the other half would be my terrible promos!

I'm here to join Battlemania, so I look forward to making some new friends while I try my hand at a tournament. Follow me on Twitter, I'll follow back

aldo add me on skype "Unfizz"

Jorden Snow
02-22-15, 01:12 AM
Hey Fizz, welcome to both fWrestling and BATTLEMANIA! Look forward to reading your work and hopefully you decided to stick around these parts afterwards.

02-22-15, 02:06 AM
Hey Fizz! I've been around a couple places with you I think. I'm Ernie, handler of Pat Gordon, Jr. and El Gringo Loco (on EFG Podcasts and in jOlt Wrestling now). Glad to see you man! I always did say efedding needed more midget porn stars. :)

02-22-15, 10:27 AM
HI EGL! You're internet famous!

Thanks guys... I did my original intro post last night while at work, and naturally, thought I'd fill out an app this morning. Sadly, I see apps have closed. Oh well.. maybe next time. :) I'll still hang around here, as I want to read the promos and the results from BAttlemania and check some affiliated feds.

02-22-15, 12:25 PM
You can still post an app in the Alternates Applications thread in case there are no-shows. We'll be accepting alternates if people don't post RPs.