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Stacy Jones
02-21-15, 08:04 AM
The name is Matt and I handle Stacy Jones, I'm in VoW and noticed that one of the admins had posted something about Battlemania so I decided I would sign up to take part in it to have a bit of fun and see how I fair against people from different e-feds and also to represent VoW.

Jorden Snow
02-21-15, 09:30 AM
Awesome! Thank you for joining both fWrestling and BATTLEMANIA!! Look forward to seeing how well you fare against 29 other tough competitors! Also, you should stick around fWrestling even after the event, we have some good conversations and some good stuff planned for the future around here.

Stacy Jones
02-21-15, 09:54 AM
Thanks, I'll definitely stick around after the event, not sure if I'll necessarily be taking part on a regular in ring competitive basis as I've always been a one fed guy and I have another character in VoW as well so I wouldn't have the time to compete in more than one fed regularly. However I will definitely stick around

02-21-15, 03:34 PM
Hey Matt, glad to have some VoW people around. It's a great place. Good luck in BATTLEMANIA! - EGL

Mike Best
02-25-15, 04:24 AM
Welcome! Glad to have you on board, Matt. Having a lot of fun throwing down with you on the trash talk boards.

Stacy Jones
02-25-15, 02:22 PM
Yeah same, trash talking is always good fun, although I'm worried about going up against you as I was listening to the confirmation special that the guys did and you've been described as probably the best RPer in fedding lol.

Mike Best
02-25-15, 05:53 PM
Damnit, now I have to listen back to that again. lol

02-26-15, 12:56 AM
It's a bit late for the introduction, but HI! Welcome aboard the forums. I've had quite a time trash talking with you, brother. Hope you find success here during and after... BATTLEMANIA!

Stacy Jones
02-26-15, 01:03 PM
Thanks, I'll definitely be sticking around these boards after Battlemania, but in terms of being an active competitor, I've always been a one fed guy and I have a second character in VoW as well so I simply wouldn't have the time to be involved with another fed full time.

But like I said, definitely going to stick around and I'm really looking forward to Battlemania

02-28-15, 04:51 AM
Love the name first up. Over here (NZ) Stacy Jones in a HOF NZ Rugby League Legend so every time I see that name or hear it, its like what!