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02-21-15, 06:04 AM

My name is Austin, been E-Wrestling for about 10 years now. I started in 2005 doing a google search for a Fantasy WWE game, and stumbled upon this weird thing called G-Fed. I poked my nose in it and soon realized this is something that I would like to try, thinking it would be one of those fad things that I start, do for a month and then ignore (Like Fantasy baseball), but I really liked it, liked the people. Moved around to some different feds before I found one that has been home for nearly 7 years in New Edge Wrestling. Have been there from the beginning, and will be there till it dies I reckon. Looking forward to being a part of this beautiful and vibrant community of degenerates like me :P. Oh, lest I forget, I'm a wiseass, and sarcastic, NEVER read into what I say, I joke with people, I may poke around, but if I am making fun of you, its usually because I legitimately think you're a good person and someone I respect. May seem odd, but I'm an odd guy.

Love you all already,
Austin (Austen Impact)

Jorden Snow
02-21-15, 06:35 AM
Very awesome to have you around here man. Glad to see you've registered here and joined the BATTLEMANIA event. I absolutely remember GFED! You must have been around when it was in it's "prime," which is very cool. I remember it from back then. Anyways, welcome to the site look forward to interacting with you.

02-21-15, 06:58 AM
Welcome man! Glad to have some NEW people in BATTLEMANIA and poking around the forums!