View Full Version : I forgot to introduce myself. Oops.

02-10-15, 11:03 AM
Hello there, my name is Logan, and even though I've been e-fedding for just about a month, I never properly introduced myself, so I figured I'd get to that now. I feel stupid that I didn't do this to begin with.

As of current (until I can get the OK to handle more than one character, and until I can get better at writing promos) I handle one character, Emevlas Stastias (Ee-mev-lus Stay-stee-us). Her last name can be dumbed down to "Stasis" which simply means "stability." "Emevlas" is just "Solve me" spelled backwards and replacing the o in "solve" with an a to make the backwards "em evloS" seem more feminine.

When I get the OK (or when I get better), I plan on debuting more characters in other leagues, such as Defiance or Jolt. Or maybe I'll stay in RLW, I don't know yet for I haven't thought that far, but I plan on making many friends and while I currently can't say the same for Emevlas, I can for a couple of my other characters.

I hope I can leave a good impression on many (not that I truly think that I can, but we'll see about it) and that my characters can make their own mark in this world of e-fedding.


02-10-15, 12:36 PM
Hey Logan, welcome to the FW.com fold. Good to see you're having fun and want to get more involved.