View Full Version : A Decision Has Been Reached

07-23-14, 02:46 PM
(FADEIN: Hollywood Hills, CA - The office room in the new mansion location of Castor V. Strife Productions. Its interior is designed like a Lynchian Hollywood office, dark with a large spotlight over a bright red desk and green carpet, with brown curtains draped over the wall instead of windows. Next to the desk stands CASTOR STRIFE in a thin-fit navy blue suit and skinny black tie. His blonde hair is tied back, and there is a rolled up contract paper in his right hand)

CASTOR: “NFW Nation, I am happy to inform you that a decision has been reached on the Open Contract that was placed in my control at Random Rumble. In my hand (raises the rolled paper) is a fully guaranteed contract with stipulations and measures attached, granting a certain special individual with the opportunity of a lifetime.”

(Moves back and leans against the desk)

“I consulted no one on this decision, and the only person who has seen the name on this paper...is me. There will be no leaks or spoilers. If you want to learn the name, you need to tune in to BRAWL 73 in Dallas Texas, where all will be revealed.”

“Jack Harmen has made his move on me, not once but two or three times. But Jack, the time for novice play has ended. It’s time to move the Queen White, which you’ll find is quite a level different from a Rook Black.”