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07-19-14, 10:46 PM
For those who have a pretty good knowledge of NFW past and present (basically me and Legion), and even for those who DON'T KNOW SHYEEEET cause you joined last week, here is a fun exercise. In the spirit of Futureshock, this is a throwback game to the days of NFW yonder. The league has had several "eras" aka "versions" since it opened. There are four NFW versions, and since I have NBA off-season fever, I want you to give me your All-NFW Starting Five - one character from each of the four eras, plus a fifth from any era. This doesn't have to be about who was "the best" during their time, but who was your favorite, who in your mind "embodied" a particular era or...whatever criteria you want. Hopefully, if you're unaware of anyone from a particular era, you will be inspired to go back and check out a show from that time period in the NFW Archives (http://nfw.e-wrestling.org/content.php?p=archives) and choose based on that...or hey, fuck it, choose based on who's name is the coolest. Whatever you want!

Below I've compiled a list of notable characters from each era. For those who have appeared in multiple eras (Castor and Dorchester have been in all five!), you can only choose them one time. My suggestion is to choose a character based on the era they were best or most notable in. I left out tag teams because fuck 'em - maybe we'll do a tag version if this becomes popular. I also left ownership characters and managers out i.e. Miles, Mayfield, Calvin, Sullivan, etc. EXCEPT in the case of Season 2, where Miles and Mayfield were actually regular competitors. This is open to whoever wants to participate, league member or not. Don't pick your own characters, that's lame.

*Title Holder in era listed
**World and/or Ultratitle Champion in era listed

NFW v1.0
Began: Crash TV 01 - July 4, 2000 (http://nfw.e-wrestling.org/content.php?p=results&id=21)
Ended: Futureshock - August 15, 2002 (http://nfw.e-wrestling.org/content.php?p=results&id=125)


Ricky Zane**
'The Polish Prince' Rick Ryconik**
Armando Montezuma
Roger Powell
Steel Viper*
'Wildchild' Aidan Campbell
'The Patron Saint of Violence' Pat Black* [note: recently revealed as STRYFE in current era]
Alex Wylde*
Brandon Mueller*
Frankie Fargo*
Lincoln McKinley*
Ryan Connors*
Shane Southern**
Castor V. Strife
'Big in Japan' Sean Toombs*
Michael Manson
DC Stratton
Tempesta Del Fuerte*

[B]NFW v2.0 (Ultratitle Seasons 1 & 2)
Began: Crash 10 - Season 1, Week 1 - August 1, 2003 (http://nfw.e-wrestling.org/content.php?p=results&id=39)
Ended: Wrestlebowl II (Night 2) - Season 2 Championship Finale - May 16, 2007 (http://nfw.e-wrestling.org/content.php?p=results&id=19)


Michael Manson** (Season 1 Winner)
Yori Yakamo Jr.
Shane Southern
Dan Ryan
Joey Melton
Kazuo Shizaki
Eddy Love
Castor V. Strife
Jonathan Marx
Lindsay Troy
Nova** (Season 2 Winner)
Felix Red**
Kodiak Vic Creed
Mike Randalls
Kin Hiroshi**
Joe The Plumber*
Shawn Hart*
Eli Flair
Jason Payne
Jean Rabesque
Eddie Mayfield
Craig Miles
Evan Aho
Marcus Cameron
DC Stratton
Doc Silver**
Tom Adler
Jeff Garvin
Seymour Almasy
Beau Michaels
Cameron Cruise

NFW v3.0
Began: Brawl 01: Brit Invasion - July 27, 2007 (http://nfw.e-wrestling.org/content.php?p=results&id=69)
Ended: SuperCrash III: Remember The Alamo - April 30, 2011 (http://nfw.e-wrestling.org/content.php?p=results&id=138)


Dan Ryan**
Joe The Plumber**
Kin Hiroshi**
Felix Red
Problem Child [later changed name to Peter Windham]
James Varga
'XXX' Sean Stevens
Teresa Quaranta*
Rook Black*
Steve Knox*
Doc Curiosity*
Cameron Cruise
Blaine Hollywood*
Malik Anderson*
SARS The Clown
Joe The Plumber**
Castor V. Strife*
Mittens T. Kat
DC/Dorchester Stratton*
High Flyer*
Lord Coyner Pollard
Phil Atken
Brock Alyas
Troy Windham
Saafir Muhammed*
JJ Deville
Jack Bryant

NFW v4.0
Began: Brawl 38: Texas Tour Finale! - May 13, 2011 (http://nfw.e-wrestling.org/content.php?p=results&id=139)
Ended: Current


Jack Harmen**
Castor V. Strife**
Dorchester Stratton*
JJ Deville*
Jack Bryant*
Peter Windham
Malik Anderson*
Blaine Hollywood*
Rook Black*
Troy Windham
Leyenda De Ocho*
Stryfe/Cancer/Pat Black
Kerry Kuroyama
Omega Zero*
Lane Cash
'Da Man' Xavier Langston
Zack Dragon*
Alex Austin
Lucky Seven
Teddy Alexander
Mike Randalls
Eric Dane
Dan Ryan
Saafir Muhammed*
Chad Fortune
Doug Mayfield
Tod Destiny

Name Your Team Based on Criteria
Choose 5: One from each of the four eras, and a fifth from any era.

These lists are not finite, just mostly the characters that came to mind (yes, I had to go back and look!). If I left someone out, my apologies. Anybody from a particular era is eligible. If you want, make multiple lists i.e. "The Guys Who Embodied Their Era" or "The Starting Five Most Underrated". There are many ways to approach this, so have fun with it! I'll post mine sometime tonight or tomorrow.

07-20-14, 01:46 AM

These are the guys who in my opinion, defined each era. Their most successful era will be synonymous with their character, because the era seemed to revolve around them. Version 4 is a hard one for me to pick someone because it hasn't ended yet, and there are a few guys who I think could potentially fit the bill there, but I'll make a choice anyway.

v1 - Shane Southern
v2 - Michael Manson (no brainer IMO. He was the focal point and winner in Season 1, and his angles defined at least 50% of Season 2)
v3 - Joe The Plumber
v4 - Impulse (had big feuds with Castor Strife and JJ Deville who were themselves big focal points in this era)


If the Definers had the universe revolve around them, these characters were the ones who made everything move. They were the 'glue' that seemed to hold all the storylines together. You can view this as the "Whose storylines were the best?" team.

v1 - Armando Montezuma (Shane was "The Man" but without Monty's angles, Shane, Ryconik, Bloodhunt, and Ares, all the top guys of that era, become less significant. Like an MVP ball player, he made the people around him better. Without Monty and Bloodhunt, there is no Shane Southern)
v2 - Michael Manson (It seems redundant, but Manson dominated his era not only through superior writing, but also angles/storylines. He set the table for Shane Southern's heel turn, and the heat he drew from the CSWA and GXW guys who joined that season made all their promos better)
v3 - Nova
v4 - JJ Deville
FIFTH STARTER - Joey Melton, v2


They would have been THE MAN if they didn't flake/lose their shit/get banned/fucked a goat/whatever they did to lose steam. Guys who absolutely would have gone all the way if they didn't fall off the planet.

v1 - Alex Wylde. His handler, Ernie, was a friend of mine. We should be arguing about whether Southern or Wylde was the defining first era character, but instead, Alex Wylde is a footnote. Unfortunately, prior to NFW Ernie had been burned a few times in other places. By the time he got here, he was extremely cynical, and if he wasn't given the MEGA PUSH right away he was DONE with you. It got to the point where he wouldn't join a fed if he wasn't given his "proper assurances" aka the belt. Hey, fuck it, I don't blame him. I want the belt just for viewing somebody's profile.

v2 - Eddy Love. As much as Manson deserves to have his e-dick sucked for being to NFW Season 1 what Ben Vereen (http://i.ytimg.com/vi/5Y6GxqrKO90/0.jpg) was to Zoobilee Zoo, there was a good stretch of that Season where Eddy Love started to take over and rival Manson in terms of importance. If he continued in that vein, he might have come out of the South and even won the Ultratitle, but Shane Southern, Hornet, and Dan Ryan all began to heat up during the end-stretch while Love slowed down. I always heard that Steve Thomas, Joey Melton's handler, was ghost-writing Love anyway (whose handler ditched us), and if that's the case, it seems like maybe Steve put more focus on Melton by season's end. The Eddy Love show was gold. There was probably somebody like this during Season 2, but I wasn't around for that. :-)

v3 - Hard for me to choose, because I missed the first half of v3, but nobody stands out as "could have been great" other than maybe SARS. I'll choose the character that represents the biggest "What If" and that's Nova. What if Nova stuck around for this entire era? It's tempting to choose JTP for v4 for the same reason, but I won't because...

v4 - Jack Bryant. What the fuck Biron? You no-showed the Random Rumble! COME BACK, BITCH. YOU COULDA BEEN SUMTHIN!

FIFTH STARTER - Ares, v1. This was a character who was always one step away from greatness, but couldn't hold it together. He's another one who got screwed over a bunch in leagues before making it over to NFW. Once he got here, he was one or two setbacks away from losing interest, and I think that's what happened with Ryan (handler).

07-26-14, 12:19 PM
This topic worked out great, Billy. :)

07-26-14, 01:13 PM
LOL yeah. Thanks assholes.

Maybe this thread should become the unofficial official NFW museum?

07-26-14, 01:23 PM
C'mon... Everyone in the fed is from the v4 era. They'd have a lot of reading to do. And nobody reads what they're not apart of anyway. I love the topic idea, but I'm a realist... The best people to answer this aren't on FWC or don't read NFW anymore. You're the Last Starfighter, Billy!

07-26-14, 01:41 PM
We might be hard-pressed to find current league members who remember the first half of v.4 to be honest. But I thought maybe a few people would get the bug and take a ride through the past... :-)

User Poets
07-26-14, 11:52 PM
Can I just go on record as saying Powermaster is actually the right answer for all of these?


Armando Montezuma
Pat Black


Shane Southern
Michael Manson
Craig Miles
Eddie Mayfield


Castor Strife
Rook Black
Joe the Plumber
JJ DeVille


Jack Harmen
Jack Bryant
Leyenda de Ocho
Peter Windham (Because fuck you, that's why)

07-27-14, 08:57 PM
I made someone's list!

I can maybe shed some insights into Season 4, since that's what I've been around; and thus, here's my Season 4 "Starting Five":

1. Castor Strife
2. Impulse
3. Jack Harmen
4. Jack Bryant
5. Rook Black

For the rest...there are literally hundreds (if not thousands) of pages of reading it would take for me to fully understand the scope. As such, I'm going to pick my Starting 5 based on my favorite names.

Season 1:

1. Bloodhunt
2. Powermaster
3. Tempesta Del Fuente (can we bring him back and have him tag with LDO as the "Broken Espanol Fuego Brigade"?)
4. 'The Polish Prince' Rick Ryconik
5. Torch

Season 2:

1. Seymour Almasy (Orphan is incredible and I know that has nothing to do with Season 2 of NFW. But this ain't your list.)
2. Joe the Plumber
3. Yori Yakamo Jr.
4. Jean Rabesque
5. Jason PAYNE (please tell me people shouted his last name when they wrote for him)

Season 3:

1. Problem Child
2. SARS the Clown
3. Mittens T. Kat
4. Teresa Quaranta (can she be in a trios team with LDO and Tempesta Del Fuente?)
5. 187

By far, this must be the definitive list. You're welcome.

07-28-14, 03:04 AM
I'm gonna give mine over what I know (see also; what I can remember). So don't get upset if I forgot someone who should be critically acclaimed and listed here.

Mine's a hybrid over the seasons coz you get one five from me.

Here's MY Starting Five.

Joe The Plumber

Rook Black


Castor V. Strife

Jack Bryant

Sixth Man! Legion - he's get's vet's minimum for the sheer perseverance and loyalty.