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07-12-14, 05:16 PM
(THAT'S THE SOUND OF THA POLIIIIIIIIIICE!) (http://nfw.e-wrestling.org/content.php?p=results&id=193)



Thanks for all the submitters and hats off to your NFW WRITERS ROOM.


07-14-14, 12:27 PM
Keeping it short to work on IC reactions first, I loved it. Mostly good things to say, will break it down once I have my two IC reactions on the Films board.

07-21-14, 11:08 PM

-- Love the intros to the cards. The read like you'd watch them. Really sets things up nicely and particularly so for new readers.

-- i'm having a lot of fun having introduced HERPIN as TEDDY's manager. I hope others are getting a kick out of it as well. I'm still really learning the dynamic of the pair but I've got some good grounds for HERPIN's development on JN's guides and my own twist that continues while I write him.

-- I really love how MAYFIELD is calling out HARMEN on the whole destroying the NFW thing done-to-death. It's a nice slant on it. The duo of CANCER and HARMEN is interesting. I'm looking forward to seeing how that crashes.

-- I really enjoyed the mayhem of the four-way #1 contender's match. Mayhem is the order of the day for NFW and it seems to work so well. It makes me nostalgic for the wrestling I used to love to watch. OCHO joining the commentary team was a nice touch and provided a great moment at the end. That seems to just be building and building. I dig it. To me, bias aside, the Triple Crown scene seems the hottest property in NFW right now and is really collecting a lot of good momentum. Really digging all the guys jostling for position. MAYFIELD was right... there is a pride full of young lions in NFW.

-- From a purely presentation perspective, I found the "Three O'Clock High" seg formatting a little difficult to read. THAT SAID... I really enjoyed the segment and the build to the night's main event. It was classic build up and gave me just a little more nostalgia. I'm really interested to seeing how JJ and Randalls fair in the future. There seems to a collision course coming and I can't figure out if JJ's cunning will bring RANDALLS undone or he's just digging his own grave

-- The mayhem ensues in the RANDALLS/ANDERSON match and was a great setup for more to come. I enjoyed seeing the twist from BLAINE and it sets up so many storylines for this all to progress further, lighting some flames on the TV title division. It asks so many question I don't know where to begin but I'm strapping myself in for the journey.

-- Classic CASTOR promo. I really have no idea what goes on inside of Billy's head and he frightens me but he translates CASTOR so well and I wind up hypnotised by his writing. I'm really looking forward to seeing the next evolution of CASTOR and what it means for him to still be around and to have once held that title. A concept we haven't really been able to see in recent times.

-- Main event was amazing. Kudos to both. A really enjoyable contest and I'm really interested to see how the ball gets ran with and what becomes of that story. The tag scene doesn't really have that much depth at the moment (no offense to those in it) and I'm interested to see what stories grow there. I love tag team wrestling and really love what NFW brings in that regard so hopefully that pool gets a little deeper over time and we some cool stories become of it.

Great show!

07-21-14, 11:13 PM
Thanks all for feedback!

07-23-14, 11:33 AM
Sorry this took so long.

Some thoughts about Reloaded, which I thought was an overall very good show.

-Lamont was KILLING it this show. Seriously, he had like 10 or 12 zingers, and some of them weren't even all that over the top either, which Lamont can sometimes be guilty of.

-I've only been here for two evil heel stables (Hellfire Club and Walking Dead) plus I was a lurker through some of the Windham stuff. So while the line about destroying NFW because it's Tuesday is poignant, I'm sure its more so to older hands.

That said, weren't the Windhams out to take over, not destroy?

Also, Langston's interference in Hollywoods On Fire was well done from my perspective, and Cancer's (no) sell job really put him over as a monster.

-The fourway was done well too. HERPIN makes me want to punch him in the face, which is good since he's an annoying heel manager. I would NOT want Kerry as a tag partner if he's not willing to risk a five count to break a cover. Love Teddy going over the way he did, and everyone got their shine here. So much of the little subtlety between these four made it a very good match as opposed to a good match.

-Malik and Randalls was a fun fight. Randalls reminds me of the Ultimate Warrior in the way he speaks and the out-there way he acts too. Figures Blaine had to ruin it all. This could be a bigger clusterfuck than the Triple-Crown division.

-and of course, the main event.

Let me just say that its been a fun ride so far to feud with The Black Market. They're such an easily hated group, and they make any face group look like the ultimate good guys.

This match was definitely a big reward for our efforts IMO.

One of the things I’ve had an issue with over the course of the last few months is that, amidst all the chaos and multi-man mayhem, none of the Fellowship/Army, save maybe Kerry Kurosawa, had much of a shot to distinguish themselves from each other. Often Bandit and Devastator would be in tandem spots with Langston and Dragon, and you could have interchanged any of the four guys involved.

Through this match, all four individuals, both managers, and the two teams, are now very distinguishable entities, whose characteristics and mannerisms really got over here. This is the first time we’ve had an opportunity to see how ring savvy Zack Dragon can be...this is the first time since I’ve been here that I’ve been able to discern much of a difference between Bandit and Devastator, although both had very different styles, looks, and backstories. Again, Lamont is the perfect compliment to the action here, really selling stuff like the Dragondaddy thing, or the VOICEBOX HERO! lines. Seeing Bandit lose his cool and talking about his past history...talking about Devastator and Shane Southern...this is the kind of thing that brings it all together for someone like me, who’s still at less than a year tendered into the company.

The match itself had a lot of little things that made it a well-worked match too...both teams selling the point of the pinfall mattering with the double covers...the pacing of the match and the alternating strengths of the Dragons vs. the raw power and lethal force of the Graverobbers. And the ending was well done, a nod of the head to the death, chaos, and ultraviolence of Devastator trying to basically kill Zack’s career, and having Zack use his mental guile to counter.

Very well done.

Random Rumble is still the best match of the calendar year so far, but I’d put this up with any other match NFW has had as second-best this calendar year and you’d at least have to think about it.