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06-29-14, 02:52 PM
(It’s another sweltering summer evening, but we’ve now moved on from the vast plains of Kansas to the rolling hills of the western Tennessee wilderness. The scene opens on a rudimentary campsite, outfitted with a rudimentary pup tent and a hand-made pit for a fire. It’s quiet out here… peaceful and serene, compared to the multitude of distractions that come with staying in town for the week. A good environment to put the mind into a neutral state.)

“One city after the next, the currents keep carrying me forward… like a rolling storm, unyielding to anything standing in my path.”

“Wichita was another successful step forward, and I’m happy to know I did it in a convincing fashion. Which shouldn’t be too much a surprise, considering how I was walking into that ring with the burning desire to make a statement, and prove that what happened at Random Rumble was not a fluke.”

“Sadly, that statement had to be made at the expense of the Mac Bry. Nothing personal, Mac… you just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time that night. But that’s the way this business is. It’s harsh, and at times it can be unforgiving… and when you walk into the big leagues making big claims, you better back them up with big actions. Dreamers tell us nice story… but champions SHOW us insurmountable feats and epic conquests.”

“If you have the mind and the courage to recover, reflect, and return with an improved game, there may be a chance for you to redeem yourself in a rematch down the road. But for right now, the storm moves on…”

(Panning over, we find “the Pacific Blitzkrieg” KERRY KUROYAMA standing off to himself in a clearing amongst the trees, practicing tai chi. With every graceful movement, he draws in air with very controlled, sustained breaths. He’s dressed in a simple black tank and gym shorts ensemble. His voice carries over the footage in the form of a voice-over.)

“Now it’s arrived here in Tennessee, for RELOADED 21…”

“And after year of tirelessly climbing the ladder with a consistent string of victories, I find myself within one step toward the opportunity I’ve been working toward since the day I came to New Frontier. Making due on his ‘comissionary’ order back in Wichita, the chance to take on the Triple Star Champion LEYENDA DE OCHO is at stake in a four corners match...”

“I’ll be in one of those corners, looking to take up that opportunity… but what’s at stake beyond this match isn’t what I’m focused on at this point. Right now, the only thing on my mind are the obstacles standing in my path to the top.”

“Xavier Langston… Peter Windham… Teddy Alexander…”

“Not quite your run-of-the-mill wrestlers you’d expect to see in action on a BRAWL undercard. In fact, I consider these men to be the top contenders at my level, and to overcome them, I will need to push my mind and body to even greater levels.”

“Victory won’t come simply on concentrating on being better than any one of them. What’s more important is that I’m better than myself compared to my last match. Better than the young man with a lot of promise who came into this federation a year ago… and better than the man that exceeded all expectations to leave the Random Rumble at number three.”

(Cut to a chasecam later in the day, moving backward along a mountain path that slopes upward. Kerry is jogging after it, sans shirt and glazed in sweat. Despite the labor, his gaze remains fixed on the path ahead, burning toward an as-of-yet unseen destination.)

“Every opponent in this match has his own particular strength… and in order to dismantle those strengths, I will first have to understand them.”

“For a monster like Teddy Alexander, clearly its his rage. Rage that gives way to dominance through power and brutality. His habit of kicking heads off and putting competitors out of action has happened so frequently that it’s practically become his selling point. Not to mention, it’s solidified his reputation as being a man to be feared. Teddy’s bested me once already… and knows that with another well placed Angerbash, he could easily best me again.”

“On the other hand, Xavier Langston has often talked about his strength in willpower. And he’s shown a great deal of confidence and self-assurance, and it’s always shown every time he’s stepped through the ropes, defying both physics and expectations to define himself as a man who can accomplish anything, so long as he wants it bad enough. And I know if there’s one thing Xavier wants more than anything other than putting gold around his waist, it’s evening the score with a win over yours truly. With enough will and determination, he could very well accomplish that.”

“Then you have Peter Windham… perhaps the least threatening of all three, but hardly anyone to be taken less seriously. Along with boasting the title of ‘Commissioner’, he also happens to be an outlandish and oftentimes unpredictable personality on the canvas. Not to mention, the rest of Dirty Deeds may choose to get involved on his behalf seemingly at any time. This makes him almost just as dangerous, if not more, than the other two… as I can’t possibly prepare for any schemes he might have in store. For all we know, seconds before the bell, in a last minute show of power, he could entirely change the rules of this match into something more toward his benefit, sweeping the rug out from under the competition’s feet.”

(Cut to later still, as the sun is now a mere orange speck of light on the horizon. We now find Kerry pushing a hefty trunk-sized stone up the grade. Every breath comes in and goes out with mechanical rhythm as he digs his boots into the dirt and budges the boulder upwards inch by inch.)

“As for me? What’s my strength? Well, that’s a tricky question…”

“Because I’m not the kind of wrestler who puts his strength into any one thing. Rather, I’m the kind that tries to be just good enough in every category to find a way to overcome any obstacle. My strength is the ability to learn, to evolve, and to get stronger in every way with every match.”

“Obviously, I couldn’t match Teddy in terms of rage and dominance. Xavier could argue that he holds an advantage in will and confidence over me. And as for Windham, well… who knows what to expect?”

(Finally, he reaches the top of the hill where the ground evens it out and lets out a huge sigh of relief and conquest. The exercise finished, he passes by the heavy rock brought to this elevation on his own strength… and as the camera pulls back, we see him passing by dozens more, giving us an idea of how busy he’s been today.)

“But I know that there isn’t a challenge I can’t handle. I don’t fear Teddy Alexander, because instead of rage, I have focus and clarity. I’m not threatened Xavier Langston’s belief that he has the way to will himself to victory, because willpower and confidence will only get you so far without the knowledge and the ability to make it so. And whatever curveball the Commissioner decides to throw into this match, I know I can adapt to the situation, and find a way to overcome the obstacles.”

(Maybe an hour passes when the camera cuts again. The sky is now a purple glow overlooking a black landscape. In the dim light of dusk, we can see Kerry huddled over the firepit, working with a piece of steel on flint. He manages to draw a few sparks, but nothing seems to take. Undeterred, he keeps trying…)

“I have the mind, the physical ability, and the desire to win this battle. And anybody who denies that possibility is either living in their own head, or they simply haven’t been paying attention to the last year of my career. The proof is right there on tape, and the other three involved in this match have spent enough time in there with me to know this to be true.”

(The steel edge hits the stone again… again… again… FINALLY, a spark catches the dried pile of brush at the base of the pit. He adds in a few sticks, and pretty soon has a small fire growing in front of him. In the newly formed orange light, we can see Kuroyama’s face, smiling in victory.)

“And I can make that possibility a reality, by relying on my balance of strengths to take advantage of my opponents’ glaring weaknesses, and by remaining focused on the ultimate goal.”

“But where lies my opponents’ focus? That will determine the challenge that I must overcome...”

(The camera cuts to real time, where we find ourselves at the same camp in middle of the night. Kuroyama has put on his Dojo hoodie, lit up in the red light of the now blazing fire. The reflection of the orange flames off his eyes as they pierce the camera only seem to emphasize the determination in his gaze. He now speaks directly to the camera...)


“Not incredibly long ago, you were a thorn in my side in my battle against Lane Cash. But even with the power to sign your own matches and change stipulations at will, you’ve only proven to be a mere distraction, rather than a significant obstacle.”

“Dirty Deeds faltered in the Random Rumble, with Royce Ramsay personally being sent over that top rope by the Pacific Blitzkrieg. Undeterred, you’re now doing everything you can to throw roadblocks in the way of those of us in the New Frontier locker room that have the desire and the ability to earn their glory the good ol’ fashioned way.”

“But it doesn’t really matter how many hoops you make us jump through. Guys like Langston, Alexander, and myself… we were made to overcome obstacles. That’s how we define ourselves.”

“And one other way that I define myself from everybody else involved in this match is my ability to expect the unexpected, and to be prepared for anything. Change the stipulations of this match, and I’ll change my technique. Whatever it takes to keep one step ahead of you… because if you’re going to leave us constantly wondering ‘What’s next?’, then I’m going to leave you wondering ‘What’s it going to take to STOP this guy?’.”

“You can’t stop a storm once it’s already upon you, Pee-Dub. And if you don’t run and find shelter soon, then I may just have to tag another of the lesser Windhams to the list of opponents I’ve beaten.”


“It was only a matter of time before you and I crossed paths again. Here we are now, the Young Lions of New Frontier, but no longer fighting for bragging rights. Now, it’s about becoming the Alpha Male. it’s about fighting for the chance for one of us to become one of the immortals. It’s about fighting to win and take the gold.”

“You can take it from me, Ecks… whatever you’ve come to know about me, and whatever you think you know about me, forget it all… because you haven’t seen anything yet. Everything I’ve gone through this past year has prepared me for this match, and I intend to take my game to a whole new level.”

“And if you can’t keep up with my pace, then I’ll soon be hearing the sound of you choking on the dust I kick up in my sprint toward the finish line.”

“I know you’ve been hungry to settle the score since the first time the two of us met back at Reloaded 19. I know you’ve been using that loss as motivation to become a better and more determined opponent. And believe me, in the time that’s passed, I’ve been readying myself for the day you and I step between the ropes again. And however much stronger, faster, and tougher you think you may have grown since our foray in Boston, I’m prepared to handle the task.”

“Because I’ve been growing myself over all this time… growing in knowledge, skill, and determination. With every match, I evolve a bit more. My limits get tested. My understanding grows. All in an effort to not just be a great wrestler… or even an elite one… but the undisputed of our generation.”

“That’s been my message the day I left Philadelphia and the UWA behind to join New Frontier’s… and I haven’t deviated from that path for anything, regardless of the distractions. And every step of the way, whenever I gave it my best shot, I [i]never missed, regardless of the outcome. If you’re going to dare me to take another swing, then I’m only happy to oblige… but don’t be surprised if you find your confidence shattered yet again.”

“To become a better athlete, Ecks, it’s more than just wanting to win, and willing yourself to get what you want. Knowing how to win is what really counts. Given your success as of late, it’s no doubt that you know hot to get the job done against many other opponents. But me? The Pacific Blitzkrieg? I’m sure you know you can win, but I’m not sold yet that you know how.”

“As I demonstrated back at Brawl, I’m not afraid to take to the air to combat speed and agility. And if you will yourself to kick out one pin attempt after another, then it’s no problem to simply lift you off the mat and drill you down into that unforgiving canvas. I have all the tools I need to either beat you or put you out of commission long enough to beat somebody else.”

“If Reloaded 19 wasn’t the proof you needed to understand that the power of will can only get you so far, then I will give you another reminder in Memphis. I don’t just will myself to victory, Xavier… I will myself to improve.”


“It’s good to know you respect my ability… and of course you should know that the feeling is mutual. But now it’s time for you to respect the road I’ve travelled.”

“You’ve called out a number of people recently, with any variety of reasons to kick their heads off… but when it comes to the Pacific Blitzkrieg? Well, your reasoning gets a little thin. Because the reality of the situation is that unlike anybody else you’ve been raging over, I’m not trying to cheat you; just beat you.”

“I said before that rage is your greatest weapon. You aim that weapon depending on the subject of your anger. Now, I unwillingly find myself in your crosshairs, for reasons having to do with my coming out of the UWA. And if you had your reasons to hate Avery Prosser and Jack Bryant, I’d leave you to them...”

“...but when that hate extends to me, simply for reasons of association, that’s where I begin to think you’re reaching. Reaching for a rationalization to be angry that perhaps isn’t really there. “

“But while it could be argued that I represent this generation’s model of success coming out of Philadelphia… but there’s so much more to me that you’re overlooking, Teddy.”

“I’m not just going out there and wrestling like an elite athlete to uphold the legacy of Prosser and the UWA. I’m also doing it for the legacy of the men back home in Seattle at The Dojo. Men like Frank Ares, who trained me… and “The Undying” Rocko Daymon, who mentored me. And I’m doing it for all the other young, inspiring athletes I shared countless locker rooms with back in the indie leagues of the Pacific Northwest. Guys like LEYENDA DE OCHO, whose haters insist on looking at him as a sell-out and corporate cash cow, without giving a shred of thought toward his inspiring personal climb to his current place in this sport.”

“But the legacy I’m fighting the hardest for is that of the Kuroyama lineage. I fight to honor the memories of my father, Zack Kuroyama, and his father before him, Daisuke Kuroyama. Two great professional wrestlers whose careers will never be known to the masses. The blood that pumps through my veins is the only further impact all their years of struggle and unseen triumphs will make on this world… and through me, their spirit and tenacity as competitive athletes lives on.”

“Most of these names you’ve never heard of and likely don’t care about, Teddy… which is exactly my point: You can’t possibly be angry at what you don’t yet know. You’re weapon of rage is only is good as where you choose to focus your anger, and when your rage has no legitimate reason behind it, then you have no weapon.”

“You can see me as the living legacy of UWA… but only you’re seeing a small portion of a much larger picture. Fact of the matter is, I had nothing to do with you living in the shadow of Jack Bryant all those years. That’s not a reason to be angry with me…”

“But I’ll give you one.”

“I’ll give you two things in this match, Teddy, that will quickly make you forget about names like Jack Bryant and Avery Prosser. And maybe even make you to forget about Leyenda de Ocho as well. Two things, that will put all of your attention and anger right here on me…”

“Defeat, and humiliation.”

“It’s not that I don’t believe that you haven’t done more than enough to earn the right to face Ocho for the Triple Star Championship… but I’ve been doing quite a bit as of late to earn that right for myself. You’ve been idling for a long time, patiently waiting for a title shot. And while you’ve been standing in place, I’ve been constantly rising, building momentum at a steady pace. You might be the rightful number one contender, but in this sport, that doesn’t guarantee your place in line if you can’t keep a better contender from taking it.”

“Maybe I’ll take it from you at Reloaded 21, Teddy. Only if we get there, the only person you’ll have to rage against is yourself, once I bring you to realize that misdirecting your anger was a crucial mistake in your approach to this match.”

(He rises off of the ground and takes up a spot now in front of the fire. The reddish backlighting only makes him appear more radiant than ever, figuratively burning with the desire to triumph and continue escalating.)

“When my time out here in the wild reaches its end, I will travel to the FedEx Forum in Memphis, Tennessee and attempt to live up to these words. And that’s what’s most important to me. Going on to compete for the NFW Triple Star Championship is meaningless without proving my credibility as a true contender for that title.”

“More is at stake than simply a match against Leyenda de Ocho. I have the opportunity in front of me to overcome three of the most competitive and entertaining athletes in this era of New Frontier. I have the opportunity to rise to a superior level by overcoming this degree of competition.”

“The path to glory and greatness is defined by the obstacles I must inevitably overcome, by any means necessary.”

“You three are the obstacles in my way, come Reloaded 21… three men viable enough to beat me. But I won’t allow myself to be beaten… not at my level of talent, focus, and preparation. Not when I know that the obstacles that lie further up the road are only going to be harder for me overcome. It’s not about how long I’ve waited… it’s about how much I’ve learned, and all that I’ve come to understand about myself, over the course of the past year.”

“The place to become the new evolution of professional wrestler is here in Tennessee.”

“The time to become an immortal is now.”

(Fade to black.)