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06-23-14, 11:14 PM
[B]ANCALAGON[V/O]: It is time.

[Dramatic wind whistle.]

ANCALAGON[V/O]: Graverobbers...Legion...our Fellowship and your Army of Darkness have battled many times over the course of the last seven months. There have been times when our side has emerged victorious...

[CUTTO: a still image of the end of BRAWL 69 with the Dragons standing tall in the ring along with Xavier Langston, Leynada De Ocho, and Kerry Kuroyama, with the Black Market and Teddy Alexander in varying states of recovery on the outside of the ring.]

[FLASH CUTTO: a still image of Xavier Langston pinning Legion in the OCHO MAN MAYHEM at Reloaded XX. Zack Dragon and Devastator are tussling in the ring behind the pinfall, while Omega Zero leans on the guard railing on the outside in the far background. Bandit is out of shot, and based on the timing he’s probably down on the outside after getting tossed from the ring by Zack Dragon.]

ANCALAGON[V/O]: And sometimes, you have prevailed...

[FLASH CUTTO: BRAWL 71, where Zack Dragon has a wide-eyed look of shock on his face as he is a split second away from taking that match-ending double powerbomb.]

[FLASH CUTTO: RANDOM RUMBLE, where Omega Zero (with his back to the camera) is in midair for the double chokeslam that would eventually spell his doom from the match.]

[FLASH CUTTO: blackness]

ANCALAGON[V/O]: But one thing has been a certainty. The ring alone could not contain our conflict.

[FLASH CUTTO: One of the many times when the Dragons and Graverobbers have brawled outside of a ring setting. This one happens to be courtesy of BRAWL 72, just before Legion got his head kicked off by Teddy Alexander.]

[FLASH CUTTO: blackness]

ANCALAGON[V/O]: Until now.

[And...cold open.]

[The background is blacked out, and in the foreground, first and foremost is one of the walls of a steel cage match. In front of the wall of steel stands one ANCALAGON, dressed in his usual attire of the golden robe, leather brown sandals, and the oak-colored wooden cane with the golden dragon head.]

[B]ANCALAGON: The New Frontier has put the Graverobbers and the Chromatic Dragons in the ring for one more head to head match. But this time, there is an added twist. Fifteen feet of solid steel walls will encase us in the ring. A steel square will force only the two of you to do battle with the two of them in the confines of the ring, where there is no escape but the surrender of eternal sleep. And at the end of it all...one team will stand victorious, one team will lie defeated...but either way, Graverobbers, I promise you that you will never be the same...again.

"BLACK" ZACK DRAGON: Can you feel that, Bandit? How about you, Devastator?

[The Black Dragon shifts his coal-black eyes to face the camera.]

"BLACK" ZACK DRAGON: That oily feeling on your hands? That is the feeling of your Everett Memorial Titles slipping right through your giant fingertips. You two are big men...monsters, even. But even the largest of man knows better than to stand defiant in the Dragon's den. I told you after Random Rumble, Graverobbers, that we were more than happy to oblige you in your battle tactics. And just one show after emerging victorious in yet another battle against you three, we get to delve down into the chaotic depths and prove our words are more than just hollow threats. We get to lock you in a cage...and lock Legion OUT...and give back to you for each and every moment you three tormented us for the past seven...long...months.

I am going to enjoy separating your mortal flesh from your bones piece...by...piece.

And that slick feeling on your hands?

When those titles have fallen from your grip, and they are safely in our grasp?

[A smile from the Black Dragon.]

"BLACK" ZACK DRAGON: The Dragons will breathe fire.

And the oil on your hands will burn them to ash.

[The Black Dragon turns and looks at Omega Zero.]

OMEGA ZERO: Memphis. Tennessee.

[The voice is slow. Deliberate. Deep. And above all...cold.]

OMEGA ZERO: It may be the middle of the summer.

But I feel...a cold front coming through.

First, the darkness will come...

[Zero motions to Black Zack Dragon with his left hand.]

OMEGA ZERO: ...and it will take the light from your eyes, Graverobbers.

And with the blotting out of the sun will come drop in temperature.

Fans of the New Frontier, you need not panic. You will be fine if you dress warm.

But in the center of that cage...the thermometer will drop to record lows...The Black Market’s blood will freeze in their veins...and the temperature will read ABSOLUTE ZERO.

And when the cold front lifts...and the Dragons take flight...they will take with them the NFW EVERETTE MEMORIAL TRADITION TAG TEAM TITLES.

ZACK DRAGON: And Black Market?

[A pause, as both of the Dragons turn and look to the middle, to Ancalagon.]

ANCALAGON: Welcome to your Dying

[BURST OF STATIC! And we’re out.]