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06-10-14, 05:37 AM
Legion: Now that the Rumble is over and a few people decided to respond to the last missive I gave out to the NFW the Black Market must contend with 2 other teams in a full out war- Dragons and Kaiju to the left, jokers to the right and they're stuck in the middle with us - the team with the biggest impact in recent times.

Now I know that the Dragons believe taking me out will be a service to the New Frontier and no doubt given Teddy Alexander's on their side they'll think there's a better chance that it'll happen just as soon as Teddy goes into his Berserker Rage mode and I'll end up thinking I'm some bad Anton Lavey cliche after waking up from being knocked out.

Little tip - when Teddy does get into my mindset guys, no-one is safe not even you so when he does - because it's not a question of If with the man with the severe amalgyda issue - I'd run... very fast.

Now onto 'Dirty Deeds' - led by a commissioner who is still yet to realise that the only reason he has that title is because like the Mayor of London he was deemed to be that 'comedic' Eddie Mayfield thought let's see how crazy it'll get if we let him think he actually means something and so far Peter you've just become nothing more than... dare I say it? A problem, child.

Even with Cash and his buddy behind you it's not going to be pretty and all the tantrums in the world won't save you from a flurry of high-impact moves but hey if they knock some sense into you it may be either the greatest thing in your life - or the worst in all of ours. Granted given the all tags legal situation we COULD end up in a deal where partner may end up facing partner but if that's a case we'll deal with it swiftly..

War is coming once more - I am a man that has been through the War Games plenty of times and have come out the other side, with the Graverobbers we shall make the Chaos continue and all shall lay dead in our wake.

06-16-14, 08:32 PM
“Get into my head? MY HEAD?”

FADE IN: on TEDDY ALEXANDER pacing around in front of his laptop screen, clearly dishevelled. He’s wearing a CHROMATIC DRAGONS t-shirt with the sleeves crudely cut off. The veins in his neck throb and his face is already red.

“You think usin’ big words like Amygdala can confuse me? I know all about dat shit. You think I’m goin’ through an Amygdala Hijack every time I lose my shit? Every time I see red? Every time da RAGE kicks in?”

He stops. He shakes his head.

“Legion. You think you know me SOOOOOO well.

“I’m warnin’ you now. I’m givin’ you a little heads up.”

He drops to his knees, staring wildly into the laptop’s camera.

“Da man you’ve seen lose himself in da ring… Da Teddy Alexander you see tearin’ people to shreds… DA KAIJU YOU SPEAK OF BREAKIN’ MEN IN TWO?”

He shakes his head slowly.

“Is only Bruce Banner. You wait and see. You WAIT and fuckin’ see.

“You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.”

Snicker. Rises to his feet.

“Wanna make me angry, Legion? Wanna see me lose my shit? Go off da rails?

“You’re warnin’ da Dragons. You warn Cash Money. Warn your Graverobbers. But HEED your own advice. HEED YOUR WARNIN’, LEGION!

“Did you see what I did to Leyenda de Ocho at da Rumble? Did you SEE Eddie Mayfield try and take me out with fuckin’ TAZERS? HUH?”

He shakes his head.

“You’re not payin’ attention, Legion. See, when your Graverobbers took me out at da Rumble… When they removed me from da contest... When they MESSED with my SHIT…

“You caught me off guard.

“But I’m ready now. I’m ready and waitin’. I see you. I see what you are. A calculatin’ coward who hides behind a wall of meat, ready to take ‘em to da slaughter.

“You want to get inside my head, Legion? Want to get in my head?”


“You wouldn’t last five minutes.”

TEDDY reaches out and slams the lid of the laptop down.