View Full Version : NFW: QUARTER 2 (Q2) 5-CARD PLANS

06-04-14, 06:45 PM
All -

Time to think about your character's "5-Card Plan" for Q2, and email that to me soon as you can.

For the new guys:

I'd like you all to look at your character's current arc and consider what you'd like to see them doing/involved in, getting to the halfway mile marker on the road to FUTURESHOCK. It's a mix of a wishlist, and a roadmap. For me, it gives me the chance to make sure you're having fun and are engaged while we march to the big PPV.

Think about where your guy wants to be positioned by then and then. Everyone should have at least one major plotline for their guy and some story notes to hit.

"WIN ALL THINGZ" is a great idea, but everyone wants to do that. Consider outcomes and logical points of action from RANDOM RUMBLE and where your character goes from there.

LAST NOTE: After you submit, I'd like to talk to you about your plans so let's schedule a time to rap on IM, or if you just can't be available for that we can have an email chain - that's OK with me. The big thing is, if you DON'Tsubmit a 5CP, I'm going to assume you're fine just following along and waiting to see what happens to your guy/s over the course of the quarter, so if that is cool with you, tell me anyway so I'm not waiting around.:)

Please GMAIL ME this plan, don't leave it here, and throughout the week hit me up on AIM or schedule a time and we'll talk through your gameplan.