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Spike Saunders
12-28-13, 12:52 AM
Yeah actually posted this Tuesday on the site but forgot the forums here.

Evening all. We here at the NBW, from the big wig's that hired High Flyer as our new GM to the Announcers, Interviewers, stagehands and myself to the Wrestlers -- We all want to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, and this is our present to you. See you at SLAM!

On the 12th day of Christmas, the NBW gave to me
12 Superstar Kick's
(Rapid-fire shots of SVJ kicking heads off)
11 Hall Of Famer's
(11 squares fill an image with the Hall of Famer's of NBW, with WAR in the center focus)
10 Chairs a-clanging
(Rapid-fire shots of various chair shots over the year)
9 Years a-runnin
(The number range 2004-2013 is shown)
8 Teams a-taggin
(Shots of Derecho/SoM/VIP, The Hype, FTW, JAC/Alexander, Saunders/RaVage, Supersquad, Zatch/Nemo, and the Creede Bros)
7 Hard Chops
(more rapid shots of hard knife-edge chops delivered)
6 Bodies flying
(Shooting Star Press's, Frog-splash's and more zip by)
(A five-way divided vertical screen shows as five wrestlers connect separately)
4 Defending Champions
(Four-way shot of Saphire, Derecho, SoM, and Judasbleek)
3 Returning Legends
(Pyramid display of Jack Owyns, Uncensored, and Max Hopper)
2 All-star Athletes
(The All-Star Championship Wrestling Star/Logo is divided in two with shots of Chris Moliano and Orphan)
and a NEW World Champion under a tree.
(Shot of Saphire sitting under a tree with the World Championship)

Source: TheNbw.com (http://thenbw.com)