View Full Version : NBW Presents: SLAM 41

Spike Saunders
12-14-13, 10:48 PM
Good evening McKnight-watchers. SLAM41 is coming to you from The Epic II Arena in St Louis, Missouri once again. Tonight you will see our Dynasty Tag Team Champions defend their titles against everyone's favorite ninjas Zatch Rollins and Nemo, as well as the Blitzkrieg Championship defended by Judasbleek against Komatose. That is if his scheduled in-ring conference with Max Hopper goes well!

Also in action tonight will be Orphan in his first actual match, without disguise, against the high-flyer Jack Briggs. Matt Haddon also returns to the ring where he takes on the Man Mountain Brock Roman in his final NBW match! And of course to kick things off as announced on SLAM 40, we will have the Bodyslam Challenge between Johannes Antonious de Castonovo and Spike Saunders.

Finally at long last our new General Manager will be revealed! And you will never guess who it is! So you do not want to miss the first five minutes of the show! Let alone any of it at all! We even have word that one or two former Wrestlers may be present tonight. So be sure to click on over to the Stream today!

STREAM IT! (http://thenbw.com/12/events/slam/slam41.shtml) Now!