View Full Version : Aggression 75: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The Great Eye
10-02-13, 07:29 PM
Brunk is swamped with work and asked me to post this In/Out thread, so here it is.

Post in if you want a match and/or are signing up for the Battle Royal to get at shot at the EPW World Title at Wrestleverse. (Working double duty is fine.) The Battle Royal is open to anyone on the roster or not on the roster.

User Poets
10-02-13, 07:55 PM
Eli Flair is IN the Battle Royal.

If someone wants a match, Impulse is also in.

10-02-13, 08:00 PM
For Aggression 75, the legendary tag tandem THE CRIMSON CALLING will make a one time reunion appearance... meaning Rezin & "The Raging Russian" Ivan Dalkichev in tag action.

Rocko Daymon, Olvir Arsvinnar, and Magnus Destructo will all be in for the battle royal.

10-02-13, 08:41 PM
MJ2 will be in for the battle royal and happy to pull double duty as needed.

10-02-13, 10:30 PM
Cruise is in.

Yes, definitely in.

This is not a joke.

10-03-13, 01:26 AM
Both members of Team VIAGRA, Jack Harmen and Tony Davis, are signed up for the battle royal.

Im in gonna focus my rping energies there, but open to an angled match if needed to fill out the show. Also cool with a loss.

10-03-13, 03:53 AM
Haughton's in for the battle royal and any other match thats needed.

10-03-13, 10:32 AM
In for match and/or Battle Royal.

10-03-13, 07:20 PM
President Strife will be on hand. Segments only.

10-07-13, 08:48 PM
Aaron Jones is in for the battle royal.

10-08-13, 02:50 AM
SJHPHD -- Battle Royal

10-08-13, 05:04 PM
Wolves of the Sea are up for tag team action

Animezing Dragon are happy to pull double duty each as well :)

EDIT: I've been cast in a week long production next week so if the RP period is then, sadly I'll need to sit it out :(

The Great Eye
10-16-13, 12:52 AM
Brunk continues to be crushed by work. I'll give this till tomorrow afternoon to let any last second stragglers have a chance to sign up and then post the card and threads.