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02-27-13, 06:02 PM
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Todd Killings
02-27-13, 11:22 PM
Todd Killings gets to the building on time for his match. The day of Unlucky For Some in Hot Springs. They told him to be there. Some other match is going on. He puts his stuff down and hangs out. On his way back from the bathroom someone comes up and starts talking to him. Some person that works there or something, I don’t know, what business of mine is it to ask what he’s doing there?

“I was doing a show, at the high school gymnasium. The other place got cancelled so we’re doing it there. They saw my match and told me I should try wrestling for this place - Intergalactic. They said to come here, and get dropped on the head and beat up and stuff by some professionals. And I’m tired of fighting those same losers all the time. Now I’m here at this federation and people can see my killings on TV, televised. The many numerous Todd “killings.” More bodies are found every day.”

Before all this that you’re reading, Todd Killings was asked a bunch of questions by some guy with a microphone. Yeah you should’ve been there. This was earlier in the day. It was like one of those things where wrestlers talk about their match and make people really excited for it. He said all this cool stuff. People really liked it. But right now he’s talking to some dude in a hallway not that other thing.

“I used to watch WWP on TV when I was little. With people like Gravedigger and Old Dirty Bob Smith you know. These were great wrestlers, and I thought hey these guys are cool. Throwing people on their backs and making fun of their opponents. I liked that stuff and I thought you know I can probably do it better than most of these guys. I do it cause it’s fun beating people up but if I ever really got somewhere, that would be so cool to go up against people like that. Even if I never be champion. At least I could say I tried to beat the Gravedigger. Stuff like that. That’s groovy. I mean when he goes for the Shovel Drop there’s pretty much nothing you can even do though. Nobody wants to fight the Gravedigger. He’s scary as hell.”

Killer Todd eats a sandwich it’s still before his fight. He’s in the back waiting until he has to go out there. Out in the ring. He’s got his kneepads on, elbow pads on. When Todd isn’t wrestling and killing he goes home. He’s in pretty good shape. I guess he exercises and lifts weights but I’ve never seen him do it. But he does do it, I think. But who am I you know? I did walk up some stairs today. People ask him about killing people and why he always talks about that.

“No I don’t really kill people. That’s stupid. I’m a freaking wrestler. I got all these cool moves and I beat people up. I think it’s funny. When I go out there it’s killing time.”

John Doe
03-04-13, 01:00 PM
“Is your name Rocky Balboa?!



(Fade in Raucous with a plain black backdrop. He is standing there staring up at the lights almost completely zoned out. He shakes his finger in the air quickly, wearing as always his full ring attire. And now, he catches his thoughts.)

“I don't know about you kid, but when they came running....well walking actually, to offer me a contract I went crazy! Hell I even got this outfit, and it fits tight!

Maybe you got the full details, un...like.....ME.

I assumed heck, be a wrestler get in there and show em what you got! Someone at least warned you about getting bumped in the head!

Again, unlike....ME.....

Who by the way took a garbage lid to the face by E.T's pissed off boyfriend, all the while losing my fanTTTTAAASSSSttiiicccc, arrival to this place.

But does it really...matter...Killings.....

…....I'M HERE FOR A SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

(He puts his hands on his hips)

“With that in mind, sir, we have a little dance to do in the Hot Springs. I don't know what the Gravedigger taught ya, and really I don't care.

What's a WWP anyways?

Who's Old Dirty Bob Smith?




Who are you....?”

(Raucous scratches his head rapidly)

“I've never seen you before Todd Killings. I don't understand your half thought stories. I don't understand why they gave you the opportunity to open that mouth of yours....

Which I shall shut....(Super punch towards the camera)...BANG!"

(And he raises his hand up)

“Wait no, that's rude. You're just a kid eating a sandwich that mommy probably made for lunch, playing some Grand Theft Auto, killing dem hommies, right? Is that black speak? I'll call Boogie Smallz later.

Actually...I don't have his number. Hmph.”

(He grabs the camera pulling it super close to his mask)


I get it, the whole getting ready to wrestle promo shoot. Show you've made it to that big moment. Bring a tear to momma dearests eye. (sniffle)

I live for those moments, Todd. Last week the fans cheered loudly and it was delightful. It filled my heart with joy.


Oh llaaawwwwrrrddddd....”

(He turns his head away then turns back to the camera)

"I guess what I want to say is...I'm scared Todd...

You scare me....what if you kill me...no..you can't Kill me you're a wrestler now Todd.



You're like that one scene....in Robocop and I'm Clarence Boddicker....coming to kill me!"




"And that's how we know you have a heart...of a robot.

Hold on.....if you have a robotic heart.....

..........I'm gonna...die......."


Todd Killings
03-07-13, 11:36 PM
There in Taco Bell is Todd Killings. He eats his lunch, when he wrestles he wins his matches. The food he has doesn’t wrestle him. He can just eat it all. It’s easy. I guess it’s not the same. This is a few days before his first match at Unlucky For Some. He’s just killing some time. When he doesn’t have anywhere to be. Each bite into the crunchy taco shell is like move after move of professional wrestling. The lettuce and tomato is the, winner and loser, or something. But Todd Killings is the beef, and sour cream if you get the taco supreme for fifty cents more. In the ring, he kills. In his stomach that stuff is like a twisted carnage. Much like a wrestling match. He gets a refill. The soda he drinks is very similar to the clotheslines and legdrops and all. Many people do it but nobody does it as a finisher except for Todd Killings. I mean the DDT. Like a burnt quesadilla. Remarkable. Todd Killings is a wrestler and he is one of the best. Does anybody really wanna know what he thinks? I wouldn’t recommend if you step into the mind of Todd Killings. This is a place of bad dreams and nightmares. A place where nothing is okay. Where night is day. Good is bad. And shit, is fucked up.

“I will win, and I will go on to Wrestlemania. You hear me, The Undertaker?! Fuck you!”

Todd Killings reads a book. Todd Killings stops reading a book. He has wrestled a lot. More than me and you. More than a video game about wrestling. He’s wrestled them all. He even wrestled, a rock. These wrestlers put on a show to be cool and say all this stuff to Todd but Todd isn’t scared of anybody. He’s not impressed. Sometimes he’s impressed but as he is saying this he doesn’t think so. This is what he told his friend.

“They’re gunna put me on TV and try to kick my ass I can’t wait. I’m gunna kick their ass. Whoever they want. You’re gunna be on your back. On your back! I’m Todd Killings. I’ve killed more than one. And I’m gunna kill some more.”

This now is as he is about to walk out to the big crowd of people moments before his first official IGC match. He stops to tie his shoes. Someone asks him if he is ready for his match.

He just says, “what match?”

John Doe
03-08-13, 06:45 AM
Excuse me...

See how I got your attention?


..They call this dead air...
and when you were talking...

THAT'S ALL I HEARD!!!!!!!!!!!

(Fade in
Raucous full gear, full attire. What more you want me to say? Go look at his bio! Anyways, this cat is just kicking it in his gear. Backdrop just the same, black. Raucous stands there tapping his fingers to his mask thinking, thinking, a bit more, he needs to get that thought. It draws him. There it is, DING!)

“I mean, commmeeee ONNNN, did Vince pay you?! Is that what he did? I wouldn't doubt it! Heck, when you got Chad Merritt crapping down your throat in profits gained I would be DEESSPRITE TOO!!!!!!!!!

(He chuckles)

“I bet he slipped you an extra G-Note to say “Wrestlemania”.

Oh boy …...'cause that really holds a staple to Dan Ryan vs Castor V. Strife, trust me, ESEN is quakin' in their boots!”


“Actually, if I may


(Deep breath)

“I don't see you as such a threat.


I would be more afraid dressing as a seal in front of a polar bear.....



(Raucous shrugs and adjusts his mask)

“And I would stand there all Ringo Star about it... “

(He grasps his latex chest)

“Peace and love..peace and love..



And guess what?




(Hip thrust, point at the camera, and now a thought)

“I am not saying you can't kill me....you are Todd..KILLINGS.....OH NO!!!!!

What if....

Just....what if.. you were one of those sailor men....

( Cut to:








(Camera falls on the floor, storm off set)


03-09-13, 05:28 AM
New people to hurt. Nice...

"For anyone who isn't aware of exactly who I am, let me be clear. I am the man your favourite wrestler is scared to fight. I am the man who has done battle all over the world and dominated the competition, and now I'm in the IGC to gun down the galaxy."

(Frank's deep and rough English voice pauses as the black screen fades in to a close up of his bearded face. The lines around his dark brown eyes hint at an older man, but Hendrix is still relatively young, if not quite so fresh.)

"This industry is all about politics, and for the first time in my storied career I'm ready to play the game. In the past I may have been satisfied with smashing heads and cashing cheques. The feeling of sheer power I felt as I looked down on my fallen opponent as he lay unconscious in a pool of his own crimson blood was all I ever needed. It made my dick hard."

(Hendrix smirked at his own comment as the camera panned out to an upper body shot. He sports a jet black tight fitting t-shirt which serves well to showcase the muscles on his ripped physique.)

"Now things have changed. I'm not content with simply being the bad arse taking names. I want to be the poster boy. I want my bearded face on the billboards, my name up in lights, my poster on walls. I'm already curbing my frequent swearing to prepare for all my upcoming media appearances, and I think you'll agree that this face is plenty marketable...and if not then I won't hesitate to straight up euthanise you."

(Frank pauses as if remembering something before slowly shaking his head.)

"Now I arrive in the IGC to well and truly legitimise the company, and they book me in a match against two whack-jobs I can only assume crawled in off the street looking for work?"

(Hendrix snarls.)

"My initial reaction was to just up and leave. How dare these people insult my status by pitting me against two grown men who would struggle to spell their own names? But then I instead allowed them the benefit of the doubt."

"These people want to see a mauling. They want to see Frank Hendrix at work, and have seen fit to feed me a couple of little lambs for the slaughter. They want a show and I am precisely the man to deliver one."

"In my time in this business I've beaten supposed vampires, psychopaths, masochists, voodoo warriors, pop star impersonators and aliens...but in Raucous and Todd Killings I think the bar for freaks and weirdoes has been raised."

"I'm marching on my way to glory, and these twats couldn't defeat me if I were blindfolded with both arms tied behind my back. Todd focuses on the nightmares in his mind when he should be concerned with the nightmare about to meet him in the ring. Raucous hopes Todd doesn’t kill him, but I’ll be sure to get there first. If they escape with their wrestling careers intact then it can only mean I saw fit to show them a little mercy."

"Get used to seeing this face. Very soon I WILL be the feature attraction, and it's about damn time. So keep the top spot on the card open in future, because in a matter of months you won't be able to spell Main Event without M E."



"...now get the {censored} out of my face."


03-10-13, 01:06 AM
So much for staying cool...

"This is some kind of joke right?"

(The scene opens with Frank Hendrix stood in front of the camera sporting a black t-shirt with "M.E." on the front in blood red. He tilts his head to the side and brushes a hand through his long and ruffled brown hair.)

"Raucous is days away from the single biggest challenge of his pathetic excuse for a life and he is placing his focus on a guy named Todd who doesn't even know his arse from his {censored} elbow?"

(Hendrix snarls and grabs the camera with his hand, pulling it closer and allowing an up close and personal look at the weathered face of IGC's newest star.)

"Maybe I was too nice in my last interview, but the gloves are about to come off. {censored} caring about profanities. You're looking at a man who outright doesn't give a {censored}."

"Raucous you {censored} peasant, I don't care much for your piss poor attempt at humour, if that's what it was. I care even less for your meaningless little video clips and I simply despise your masked {censored} face. I am THE one true wrestling Deity around this place and you are no more than a {censored} stain on the boot of society. I'm guessing you find amusement in your own antics but that would make you the only {censored} one to do so. When you step through those ropes you had better be ready to face the consequences of your own inexcusable ignorance you {censored} ignoramus. Your thirty second promo was so insignificantly arbitrary and pointless that it somehow felt as though it robbed me of sixty seconds of my life."

(Hendrix stops to spit on the ground in a gesture of disgust, releasing the camera in the process as the picture pans back out a little.)

"It's a sorry state of affairs when a guy with an obvious learning disorder and a mental age I can count on my {censored} fingers is actually the biggest threat to me in our three way dance, but that is where I find myself."

"In many ways I'm envious of a guy like you Todd. A lost little boy living in a world of men and seemingly oblivious to the danger that lurks around every {censored} corner. If ignorance is indeed bliss then people like you and Raucous must be in a constant state of {censored} euphoria. I don't expect you to fear me because I can tell you don't have the mental capacity to register the {censored} insurmountable challenge in front of you. When I snap your {censored} neck with the Euthanasia just know that it's nothing personal, but strictly business. You've been put in this match because some {censored} twisted individual in charge of making matches got bored and wanted to see a little boy cry."

"When this show is over there will be only one name on everyone's lips. It won't be Todd {censored} Killings and certainly won't be Raucous. The pair of you lose IQ points every time you visit the bathroom."

"My name is Frank {censored} Hendrix and now that I'm here I will gladly plough through all the arseholes foolish enough to stand in my way in order to reach the pinnacle. You two will just be the first in the IGC to fall victim to my {censored} destiny. You won’t be the last. For that alone your names will be remembered as answers to a popular trivia question in years to come. You should thank me for that, and one day you might. What you won’t thank me for is the total {censored} annihilation you are forced to suffer through at my hands. I have no intentions of making it quick and {censored} painless. I’m Oscar Pistorius and you’re both just stupid {censored} that are trying to sneak up on me in my own home (#yeahright)."

"I’m out to make a statement. Frank Hendrix has arrived.”

(Frank scratches his bushy beard and stares a hole through the lens.)

"Soon the world will finally realise that I am every bit as good as my word, if not better. I am the champion of champions and the God of Gods. Everything other wrestlers wished they could be - I ALREADY AM."

"The IGC wants an icon to symbolise the company? You're looking at him. Prepare the magazine cover. Brighten that spotlight and shine it in my direction, because I am your {censored} Main Event."

(Hendrix stops to listen as a faint voice is heard from somewhere behind the camera.)

"Did you err...want to do it one more time with less swearing? This is going to be hell to edit..."


"{censored} off you {censored} {censored}."

Fade to {censored} black.