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02-11-13, 06:19 PM
Unlucky for Some 2013
Show I: Louisville
Broadbent Arena, Louisville, Kentucky

Intergalactic Championship Match
Phil Atken (c) v. Magnus Destructo - Part II

After the Intergalactic Champion retained his title by biting Leyenda de Ocho's wrist he has to face the King of ALL Monsters, Magnus Destructo, who defeated Sylo in a Monster's Ball match at V for Victoralicious. Atken already faced Destructo at Sorry You're Not a Winner and won... BY PULLING ON THE TIGHTS! Will the Baron of Brutality end the 100+ day reign of Phil Atken or can the wily vet come out of yet another event with his title in tact?

Intergalactic Team Championships of the Universe Qualifying Match
Funicide v. Monsters of the Pacific

The Intergalactic Championship Commission is PROUD to present it's FIRST EVER team division match as the little known Funicide takes on Monster of the Pacific. Which one of these teams will capture the first of their required two wins to qualify to become champions?

Intergalactic Championship Qualifying Match
Leyenda de Ocho v. Xoesh the Zith

After losing his SECOND Intergalactic Championship match (albeit the second in devastating fashion) Leyenda de Ocho takes the journey back to SCRATCH to win two in a row however his opponent Xoesh the Zith has already obtained one win on the way to Intergalactic enlightenment after defeating Raucous at V for Victoralicious. Can the Cartridge Cruiser get his first win on the path to revisiting the Intergalactic Champion or will Xoesh the Zith defeat Ocho to face off against whoever is the Champion by the time the IGCC rolls into Arkansas?

Intergalactic Championship Qualifying Match
Ikan Jobtayoo v. BookFace

The Touring Roster have been allowed to compete for the Intergalactic Championship and it comes under one of the faces of the IGC, Ikan Jobtayoo, against BookFace who won the short lived IGCC experiment WREX's Hardcore Championship at their first and only show. Will the Prince of Pinfall overcome the odds and defeat the Greatest Social Phenomenom Since Your Mother's Gaping Gape Hole?

Intergalactic Championship Qualifying Match
THE Sam Skull v. Ajax

Continuing in the fashion of the IGCC allowing their former touring roster the chance to win the big one, THE Sam Skull, former M-Pro superstar and Japanese legend, takes on Ajax whose only success came over ten years ago.

02-11-13, 06:46 PM
RP threads are up and posted. I want you all to be aware of the specific RP limits in your RP threads because I don't want to see anyone losing because they did not pay attention to these limits.


Have an RP limit of 2 RPs each with a word limit of 1,500 words.

Have an RP limit of 3 RPs each with NO word limit.

This will be the case for the whole tour except for PPVs where the word limits will be removed.