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01-26-13, 08:47 PM
King of the Mountain Match (pinfalls and submissions only count when all other competitors have been cleared out of the ring). Current entrants include JOHNNY NILES, PAIN GRILLE, STEVE "AXION" JACKSON, STEPHEN WALTZ, and EL CABRON.

Match is open to any who may wish to join by replying to this thread with a roleplay.

RP period. ends 2/9/13.

Johnny Niles
01-27-13, 11:23 AM
[We FADE IN to a hallway of the Silver Cloud Hotel in Seattle, where we will be interviewing the IWF's resident "Best in the World", Johnny Niles. Following his first ever victory since coming to the IWF, one can only imagine the joy Niles must be feeling as our selected interviewer opens Niles' hotel room. Entering the room, there is no sign of Niles. The interviewer looks around, peering into the bedroom when he is suddenly superkicked in the face, toppling over a table and onto the floor, knocked unconscious. We turn to the attacker, who is none other than Johnny Niles himself, with a smirk on his face.]

Niles: Whoops! Sorry about that. But let this be a lesson to you: don't enter someone's hotel room without the owner's knowledge, or they might mistake you for a burglar.

(Turning to the cameraman) How'd you get in here anyway?

Cameraman: (Slightly frightened, looking at the laid-out interviewer) W-w-we g-g-got a k-key from the r-r-r-receptionist, M-m-mr. Niles, s-s-sir.

Niles: Oh. Anyways, you came to interview me right?

(Smiles, grabbing a can of soda from the fridge) I thought the previous interviewer warned you about me. Well, I guess you can't interview me with an unconscious interviewer, now can you?

(Sits down in his recliner) That's okay, I know what you were gonna ask. It's about the last Chain Reaction, am I right? For those of you who missed it, here's what I'm talking about.

(Turns on the DVR, which shows recordings of the previous Chain Reaction. After selecting Chain Reaction 11, he fast-forwards until he finds his match.)

(Johnny Niles has rank 0 on the recovery race considering he wasn't even involved in the triple superkick and is considerate enough to rouse the ref and execute the pinfall. Which he breaks up as he realizes this is his chance to deliver his finisher proper, which is a fireman's carry stunner and which he does. THEN he pins Stephen Waltz.


Creed: I think Jake Evans had just simply … had enough. Johnny Niles avoided the rampage somehow and capitalizes with his first IWF win!

McGinnis: A powder keg erupted... Jake Evans turning on his own tag partner and costing himself not just the match but also his chance of fighting for the Emerald City championship title! And congratulations are in order for Johnny Niles, who does pick up his first victory in the IWF and just might pick up a second one as well as he advances to tonight's main event match-up!)

Niles: (Pausing the video, turning to the camera) To all those naysayers who thought I couldn’t win a match: That was just the start. You see, now that I’ve won my first match, I’m not gonna stop winning until I prove to everyone out there that I truly am the Best in the World. And at the King of the Mountain, I’ll win the Mountain Rainer title, no matter who tries to get in my way. Pain GRILLE, after I’m done with you, that tasering will feel like a light poke in the stomach. Stephen Waltz, you have to admit that even I never lost twice in one night. But don't worry, after this match that will no longer be the most embarrasing thing you've done. As for this El Cabron fellow…

(Stops mid-sentence, takes his Spanish-English dictionary from the bookshelf, flips through the pages until he finds what he’s looking for) El Cabron, El Cabron… Wait, you call yourself “The Bastard”!? Really!? Well then, I need not say anything more. Point is, it won’t matter who else decides to participate, cause I won’t allow them to stop me.

(Gets up, looks out the window. His expression changes, now fully serious, and he continues, with a distinctively different tone) From now on, I’ll do anything I have to in order to win, even if everyone else doesn't agree to it. If I have to inure someone - or even make them no longer able to wrestle - so be it. This is not a popularity contest, this is the IWF, and I am the man who will soon be it’s champion, no matter what it takes. Because I am, the Best… in… the… World.

(Continues looking out the window, and a smirk soon forms on his face, as if he's plotting something. He then turns to the cameraman, no longer in the mood to play around) Now get out of here, and take your buddy with you.

[The cameraman hurriedly gets up, dragging the still unconscious interviewer with him as we FADE OUT]

01-28-13, 05:35 PM
“Best in zee world?”


[FADE-IN: on the IMMORTAL WRESTLING FEDERATION’s backdrop tacked to a studio wall. A man walks into the full shot. Purple mask. Long black trenchcoat the comes to his ankles. He keeps his back to the camera as he stares at the backdrop.]

“Best in zee world? Bitch please. Zere is only ONE man worth zat tag in zis pathetic shit stain of a wrestling promotion, mon ami.”

[He reaches inside of his jacket and pulls something out unable to be seen by the camera. He shakes it. It clicks and clacks giving away the mystery object’s presence. A spray can.]

“And I can assure you, peon, zat at Chain Reaction zat once zee Greatest T’ing Since Sliced Bread steps into zee IWF ring for zee FIRST time in ‘is career zere will be no mistake as to ‘oo should own zat little label you ignorantly staple to your inferior self.”

Psssssssssssssssssht. Pssssssht. Pssssssssshhhhhhhhhhht.

[Spraying over the backdrop words begin to form. “pain GRILLE’s Revolution”. Thick, black and poor artistry unveil the letters ever so slowly. Tossing the can aside. Hands on hips. Admiring his handy work. The man, obviously GRILLE (I think the French accent and the writing of his name across the banner gives it away), spins around to the camera, the trench coat lifting in the air and twisting around his body almost for the drama of it.]

“Johnny. You poor, indignant, little pig. You ‘ole career moved forward to winning your FIRST ever match at zee season finale.”

[Clucks his tongue. Drops his head to one shoulder melodramatically.]

“Oh, poor soul. Zee only t’ing zat makes me pity you more is zat your second win is going to be delayed. Not ONLY because zee Toasted Terror is going to emerge as zee King of zee Mountain Champion at Chain Reaction... but because I am going to put you onto zee injured reserves for zee sheer sakes of making a point.”

[His whole body tenses up as he takes another step toward the camera.]

“Welcome to capitalism, Johnny. Welcome to zee Man putting you in ‘is little wheel and making you run like zee ‘amster for ‘is amusement. For more bang for ‘is buck, mon ami. All your weeks of torment, monsieur, zey put positive spin on it. Zey try and turn you into zee little engine zat could. Zeir own personal Mikey Whipwreck. Broken from pillar-to-post.

“But ‘e kept on striving, didn’t ‘e? ‘e kept on fighting for zat moment in zee sun. Zee sorriest sack of shit zee wrestling world ‘as ever seen all of a sudden becomes zee King of zee Mountain!”

[For dramatic purpose, he runs a hand through the air as if he were plastering it across a billboard in lights. Then he drops the hand, balling it into a fist.]

“But, unfortunately, mon ami, zat is where it ends for you. Zere is not, as zey say, zee snowflake’s chance in ‘ell for you to overcome zee odds and claim your second win AND your first title. Because somet’ing stands in your way, monsieur. Zat somet’ing is...”

[Thumb to chest.]

“ME! And to add zee insult to injury to remove zee man’s strangle’old on telling zeir little perverted stories of ‘ow your journey continues... ‘ow zee little engine keeps on chugging up zee mountain... to END zeir strangehold I will place my OWN on you.

“I will choke you out.

“I will make sure zat WE are zee final two men standing inside zat ring toe-to-toe so I can put your sorry career to an end. El Cabron... Waltz... zey are merely sub-plots in zis story of revolution, Johnny. Zey are merely footnotes. Zee plotline of zis is zee deconstruction of...” (fingers quotes) “...zee Best in zee World.

“It is not your fault, mon ami. You can blame your bosses. You can blame zem. Zey are zee ones doing zis to you.

“You are merely a pawn in zeir game. In MY end game. Just a little pawn about to be smashed to smit’ereens by zee king.

“Zee King of zee fucking mountain.”

[Defiant fist raised into the air.]

“Viva la GRILLE!”


Johnny Niles
01-29-13, 01:22 PM
[FADE IN to a dark alleyway littered with beer bottles, plastic bags and other pieces of garbage. The camera is laid on a trash can, with no cameraman holding it. The sound of a spray can is heard as the camera barely makes out a man wearing a mask, spraying something on the alley wall. The man finishes his spraying, throws the spray can somewhere behind him, and comes towards the camera. He picks it up and points it to the wall, where the words "TOAST BREAD AND THE FRENCH BREAKFAST SQUAD'S REVOLUTION" are sprayed on.]

Man: (In a mock french accent) Yoo see zis? Zis is art. Art so magnificient only moronz like it. Viva la Fwance. At zee King of zee Mountain I, Toast Bread, shall humiwiate the fwench with my moronic antics and stupidity. For I shall continue to harrass airport secuwity and proclaim myself zee Shittiest i zee World. Viva la Toast Bread... Viva la... (Stops using the mock accent) Okay let's cut the crap already.

[The man stops his mock french rambling and turns the camera around - holding it with one hand - to show his mask-covered face. He proceeds to remove the mask, revealing himself to be Johnny Niles.]

Niles: You're probably wondering why I'm alone here without any cameramen. You see, the previous one warned the others about me so noone wanted to film me, so I "borrowed" this camera. It's a good thing too, cause after seeing your shitfest of a promo, I felt like kicking someone's teeth in.

[He chuckles and slowly shakes his head.]

Niles: I'm sorry, I just can't take a man whose name is "Toast Bread" seriously. I mean really, first there's "The Bastard" and now "Toast Bread". Who's next, "Large P. Niss"? And people call me pathetic.

[Laughs again. But he soon becomes serious, looking directly at the camera.]

Niles: However, the name - no matter how stupid, moronic or retarded it may be - fits you. You're probably wondering why. I'll tell you why: because you - just like toast bread - will crumble at the King of the Mountain, courtesy of yours truly. You call this place a shit stain of a promotion, which begs the question: what does that make you? I mean, if you're as great as you proclaim yourself to be, why the hell are you stuck in this "shit stain"?

[Ponders for a moment, before chuckling again.]

Niles: I'll tell you why. You're all talk. You haven't competed yet here and yet you say you're gonna start a revolution. A revolution of morons, maybe, but you sure a hell won't win the King of the Mountain match. If you say I have no chance of winning the match, then you'll have even less.

[Rubs his chin, looks towards his left and sees something. He turns the camera to show some garbage rotting. He turns the camera back at him.]

Niles: You see that, Toastie? That's how I value you: as garbage. I don't give a f**k what I have to do, I will win the match, and show that I'm not garbage like you, Waltz or that moron who calls himself a bastard. This is all about me, this is my moment to show you and all the other morons who dare insult me just how dangerous I can be. If you thought what that big Russian fellow did to Spooky Doom was sick, you haven't seen anything yet. In fact, how about each of you pick a number between 1 and 206. That's how many bones in your body I'll break. Hell, I might even rip your limbs off and beat you down with them. The morons in charge might not like it, but then again I don't give a crap about what they think.

[Chuckles again, hanging his down]

Niles: It's funny, I used to care about what happened to my opponent, probably because my conscious was telling me that it wasn't nice to severly injure someone. You know what I did to my conscious? I took it behind the shed and killed it, just like Old Yeller.

[Proceeds to put the camera down, but then picks it back up.]

Niles: Oh, and that comment about putting me on the injured list? Try it, and I'll kick your f***ing head clean off your neck. This is Johnny Niles, your future Mountain Rainer champion, and the Best... in... the... World...

[Puts the camera down, and begins to leave. He stops though, as he notices something on the ground. He picks up what appears to be a baseball bat, and then turns around and comes to the camera. He lifts up the bat and BBBBZZZZZZZZZZTTTTT ]

01-30-13, 11:21 PM
“Oh, how cute... zee little engine is STILL chugging to zee sound of zee Man’s wristy.”

[FADE IN: on PAIN GRILLE standing before the back drop we saw JOHNNY NILES standing in front of just days ago. “TOAST BREAD AND THE FRENCH BREAKFAST SQUAD’S REVOLUTION” is plain as day in the backdrop. Behind PAIN stands the members of the FRENCH FOREIGN LEGION. BAISERS; six-three and fit as a fiddle, face hidden behind a white mask coated in red lipstick kisses. DRESSAGE; dressed in full salad attire. FRITTURES; a monstrous behemoth who sports a mask resembling a pack of McDonald’s fries. And RENDRE SINGE; who stands with his back to the camera looking like he might be pissing on NILES’ brazen insult.]

“Johnny. It’s one t’ing to step into zee cage avec zee lion, monsieur, but it’s another t’ing to be wearing zee meat pants. And when zee beast awakes, mon ami, zee clock starts ticking. Zee clock starts ticking to zee end of your wrestling career.”


“You see, Johnny, I AM garbage. I’m bottom of zee barrel. Zat is ‘ow zis industry ‘as treated me for my ‘ole career. I’ve been overlooked. Stepped on. Pushed down. All because I did exactly what you’re doing now. I ate out of zee man’s ‘and. I let ‘im feed me zee same bullshit zat zey feed you right now. I let zem push me down corridors zat ‘ad dead ends while ot’er men opened doors to opportunity.”

[Done pissing, RENDRE SINGE shakes it off and zips up before turning around and shrugging at GRILLE, who chuckles at the clear lack of respect SINGE has for IWF programming.]

“Zat is WHY, monsieur, I am in zis shit’ole of a wrestling promotion. Zat is WHY I stand across zee ring from you, El Cabron and Waltz. Because every Tom, Dick and Vinny zat run a wrestling promotion keep overlooking me and my ‘supposed attitude’.” (finger quotes) “ Zat is why I must put an end to your career before you let zee man continue to rape your soul and pillage your honour, monsieur.

“It’s not’ing personal, Johnny. It’s just ‘ow it ‘as to be. I don’t even CARE about you. It’s just ‘ow I ‘ave to deliver my message to zee Immortal Wrestling Federation, monsieur. And by zee time zee credits roll up on zee program, Johnny, not only will I be zee Mount Ranier Champion... but I will also be zee most ‘ated man in professional wrestling.

“My message will ‘ave been delivered to zee masses.”

“Unfortunately for you, Johnny, you’re just anot’er one of zose messages. You’re just a means to an end. And Johnny, zat end is YOUR end.

“You t’ink zat kicking ignorant little camera men makes you dangerous?”

[A barely audible “HEY!” can be heard from behind the camera. BAISERS threatens with an elbow before a less than audible “Sorry” is heard from the same spot.]

“You make me laugh, Johnny.” (insert melodramatic belly laugh with abrupt end here) “But zat is all you are. Just a little joke. Zere is not’ing dangerous about you, monsieur. Zere is not’ing zat you can do zat would DARE put fright up my spine.

“It inspires me zat you’ve found some fight in your heart, Johnny. It’ll make it zat much more enjoyable to make you suffer in front of ALLL zose fans. It’ll make it zat much sweeter to put an end to zee pathetic existence of Johnny Niles. It will be SOOO much more perfect when zose Corporate Powers see zee Little Engine zat Can't ‘ave his sternum shattered beneat’ my boot’s ‘eel.

“And zen, when zey wrap zat Mount Ranier Championship belt around my waist, and I spit on your bloated carcass, Johnny Niles, you’ll know zat I am zee Best T’ing Since Sliced Bread.”

[The crew behind him all raise a defiant fist into the air.]

“Viva le GRILLE!”


Johnny Niles
01-31-13, 02:00 PM
"Why do I even bother?"

[FADE IN to Johnny Niles lying on a park bench, looking at the sky while shaking his head. He looks displeased - almost embarresed - as he sighs heavily. Around him various passersby pass by (obviously), watching the man being filmed. One kid hops in front of him, delighted to be on camera, before his mother pulls him away. Oblivious to his surroundings, Johnny closes his eyes, pondering about what he'll say. He then sits up, facing the camera as he laughs for some reason.]

Niles: Wow, I actually believed you were slightly threataning. Now I realise that you're even more pathetic than the average hobo, and that saddens me. To think, I actually have to fight you - let alone decimate you - makes me sick to my stomach. I'm against cruelty to animals, but apparently I'll have to beat one to a pulp if I want to win the Mountain Rainer title. That can't be good for my image...

[Laughs, before realising he forgot something]

Niles: Oh yeah, you're probably wondering who's filming me. I can assure you, it's not one of those morons who work at the IWF. He's a true cameraman, capable of making even the most boring thing look like a spectacle.

Replacement Cameraman: But you just asked everyone in the park to film you, and I was the only one that accepted.

[Johnny glares at the man behind the camera, but soon chuckles]

Niles: True, but that still makes you more competent than them. Now where was I... Oh yeah, I was talking about a piece of crap named Toast Bread, who apparently doesn't mind making a mockery of himself. I know what you were trying to do there, Toastie. You tried the "take the insult, accept it, and use it as a gimmick" routine. However, I believe you misunderstood what that routine stands for. It doesn't make you funny, Toastie, it makes you pathetic. And to believe that you dragged some morons into that whole shitfest of a joke, sickens me. But then again those morons might not have a problem with making fools of themselves, isn't that right Make Monkey?

Cameraman: Make Monkey? What kind of bullshit name is that? (Laughs)

[Johnny glares at the cameraman, warning him not to interrupt again. The cameraman quickly quiets down.]

Niles: So Make Monkey, do you like pissing wherever you like. What, did your mother f**k a dog when she was drunk or something?

[Some passersby overhear this, looking in shock at Johnny Niles. One woman covers her daughter's ears. Johnny however, doesn't notice this.]

Niles: Cause as far as I know, dogs piss anywhere, whereas people - civilised people- piss in toilets. But then again, we're talking about Toastie's entorage here, so no wonder they don't know the meaning of "civilised". And then there's that sob story. (With a mock french accent) Waaaa, waaaa, I am garbage. Nobody likes me, zey all think I'm a pig. *Imitates a pig* Waaa, I should go piss in my bowl, and drink it. Zat will make things better. Waaaaaa... (Stops the mock accent) I kind of feel sorry for you, Toastie, cause you apparently have yet to understand why everyone looked down on you, stepped on you, et cetera, et cetera. Let me explain it to you, in a way that even a sorry excuse for a moron like you can understand.

[Inhales deeply, begins moving his hands like he's explaining it to a primitive human.]


[Frowns and shakes his head, showing that he isn't enjoying this.]

Niles: Do you understand now? I hope so, cause from your comment on "me eating out of the man's hand", I don't have much hope for you. Who's hand am I eating from exactly? Nathan Fear? Courtney Paz? Hell, Terry Anderson? I don't take any crap from them, and if they do try to feed me some bullshit I'll shove it right down their throats. Besides, why would I eat anything from a hand that's been who knows where?

[He rubs his eyes, signifying that he's tired of dealing with the moron known as Pain Grille - or in English, Toast Bread.]

Niles: I hope you get this through your thick skull: You will not win the Mountain Rainer title, I will. Hell, I'm starting to care more about not letting some moron like you win it than actually winning it. But no matter what moronic bullshit you spout, or anyone else spouts for that matter, I will stop at nothing to win that title. Cause if this company is really as much of a shithole as you say it is, then I will stop at nothing to make this the greatest professional wrestling federation known to man. Because the Best in the World can't belong to a shithole, he belongs to a promotion worthy of him, and that's exactly what I'll make this company. This is Johnny Niles, your future Mountain Rainer champion, your future Emerald City champion, and the Best... in... the... World...

[Proceeds to get up, whistling the tune of his theme when he suddenly stops in his tracks, remembering something.]

Niles: Wait... Weren't there three others in this match. Axy, "Special Offer: Get Two Losses for the Price of One" Waltz, and The Bastard? I haven't heard from them, have you? (The cameraman shakes his head) Well then, they must be intimidated from me. Or maybe they aren't taking me seriously enough. Either way, Nathan, if you're watching do yourself a favor and go scout some new talent. Cause at King of the Mountain, the IWF will have four less people on it's roster. (Turns to the cameraman) Now turn the camera off.

[Johnny walks away and the replacement cameraman does exactly that as we FADE OUT TO BLACK...]