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The God-Beast
06-02-12, 10:18 PM
Wrestler Name: "Jersey Devil" Troy Matthews
Nicknames: The Jersey Devil, The Mighty Morphin' Power Rudo, The Meatless Monolith of Manliness [in reference to his vegetarian lifestyle], The Kung-Fu Boogeyman, The Muay Thai Drive By, The Slayer of Giants, The Prince of the Pine Barrens, He Who Smokes *****es
Billed From: Blackwood, NJ
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 186 pounds
Alignment: Rudo-influenced face, almost babyface. The epitome of the phrase "chaotic good."

Theme Music: "Tank!" by the Seat Belts
Ring Entrance: Tribal drums. Triumphant brass instrumental. “Tank!” by the Seat Belts brought “The Jersey Devil” Troy Matthews, with Saori Kazama by his side.

Troy was obviously up for this **** like nobody’s business. He tagged hands all the way to the ring and even did a lap around it, hitting up the guardrail crew, before rolling into the ring. He threw some kicks, then raised his fists, and beckoned to the back...

Finisher & Description: The Trendsetter (shining enzuigiri, delivered Muay Thai-style with his shin instead of his foot)
Does your wrestler have any special set-up for their finisher? Theatrics or a set-up move?: No, it can come at a moment's notice any time the opponent is on one knee, trying to get up to his feet, or otherwise has a leg available for Troy to hop off.
Special Moves: These are your awesome trademarks that are yours alone.

1.) Somersault plancha -- His high-spot of choice in singles matches. Not always used, but a definite crowd pleaser.
2.) Trojan Fall -- A Hector Garza-influenced corkscrew plancha to the outside of the ring. Troy only uses this in matches with multiple wrestlers, like a trios tag match.
3.) Tiger Suplex -- His "two-and-a-half-count" move. BIG crowd popper.
4.) Devil Bullet -- sliding kick to the face of a kneeling or sitting opponent. Also known professionally as the Bakatare Sliding Kick.

Every Match Spots: Most wrestlers have spots they pull off in the duration of 99.9999% of their matches - what's your guys?

Somersault plancha, Tiger Suplex, diving bodypress, working the legs and body with Thai kicks, crazy lucha sequence that ends up with Troy countering a lift with a bulldog or armdrag or something, getting his ass kicked for a little bit and crawling back to his corner towards Saori, calling for her to "START THE CHANT!", which cues her to start getting the crowd to chant for him

10-15 Moves:

1.) Monkey Flip
2.) Hurracarana
3.) Crucifix Pin
4.) Slingshot legdrop
5.) Diving bodypress
6.) Spinning bootscrape
7.) Japanese armdrag
8.) Tornado DDT
9.) Bulldog
10.) Kicks (these form the bulk of Troy's repertoire)
-Shoot kick
-Roundhouse kick
-Jumping calf kick
-Thai Roundhouse kick (loves using these on the opponent's legs and torso)
-Spinal Tap
-Rolling solebutt/jumping back kick
-Dragon Whip
-Rolling koppou kick
-Dropkick (standing, missile, springboard)
-Thai clutch ------>knees
-Baseball slide
-Spinning heel kick
-Short-arm roundhouse or knee to the midsection.

Backstory: He likes to keep his past secret, and only cares about what's in front of him, here and now.