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01-14-13, 01:55 PM
Lately, some of you have probably heard some chatter about this here and there. With the holidays over, it's time to start moving forward with plans.

Billy and I started talking about this last Fall right after the Ultratitle concluded.

Mostly this project is stemming from a few things:

Handlers who want to work together but may not be in the same feds

Feds who want a good central place to showcase what their fed can do to people who may not visit the fed's forums

A desire for matches that interest the entire FWC circuit without the problems that often arise (bias, judging, etc.)

How do we accomplish this?

We run shows that are in the hands of the people who set up the matches themselves.

For example, this first show will include a match between Castor Strife and Dan Ryan. We will be recruiting three judges that we both trust, will accept their judging, will write the match ourselves, and will tell the story we want to tell.

You'll also notice some tentative matches from feds around the circuit. These feds have elected to showcase a match on the show. They will book it and write it, whether it be the fed head or a member of that fed, just as if it were appearing on one of their shows. They will control every aspect of the match.

The third way that a match is appearing on this show is by two handlers deciding to write a story from the ground up. In this case, Impulse and Sean Stevens will have a match that they will roleplay for, book and write themselves.

Billy and I will not be taking control of the booking of any matches that don't involve our characters. What we're doing is providing a kick-off point, putting this out there, and getting things rolling. We will hold people accountable. We will hold ourselves accountable. We will moderate forums and keep things moving along as best we can.

How successful this venture ends up being is up to all of you.

A couple more things:

I've posted a tentative lineup in the Discussion forum as it stands right now.

Additionally, I'm posting a thread to propose matches. If you want a match on this show, or on a followup show down the line, post in that thread. Keep in mind, you retain control of these matches. If you are a fed head, you run it just like it's in your fed. If you are a handler wanting to work with another handler, you roleplay, then book it the way you want it booked. At the end, you send it to us and we put it together.

It's that easy.

So -- with that, go take a look at the discussion forum, and let's get going. :)

01-22-13, 05:33 PM
Confirmed matches thread updated.

01-31-13, 10:50 PM
Horrifyingly, I've been put in charge of training an entire team for the next week.

However, I'm looking at starting the RP period on Monday, the 4th.

Any objections?

02-07-13, 08:57 AM
We shall be setting up threads and starting roleplay officially on Sunday, Feb. 10th.

Set your clocks. :)

User Poets
02-08-13, 11:27 AM
IF anyone would like I'd be happy to host entrance music on my Tindeck. See the Survivalism card for examples.