View Full Version : DC UNIVERSE ONLINE for the PS3

J The Ripper
10-25-12, 10:36 AM
So does anyone have this game? If not, it's free to play. Dan (owner of jOlt) and myself have played together a few times and I'm thinking of playing it again. Wanted to see if there was any interest from anyone on here that wanted to join in. Like I said, if you don't have it, you can download it from the Playstation store for free and it's free to play. You only have to pay for certain "powers/content" and that's only if you want it. Personally a while back I bought the Green Lantern pack because, well, Green Lanterns are fucking awesome.

10-25-12, 12:17 PM
Dang, I knew they dropped the subscription fee, didn't know the game was free now too. I might have to look into this...

10-25-12, 02:39 PM
Yeah, I may second you on this Justin. I was looking for something to do with PS3 and was furious when FFX wasn't available yet.

J The Ripper
10-25-12, 03:47 PM
I feel you on the FFX thing. It was supposed to be earlier this year and now? Not so much. If you guys do pick it up and want to play my gamer tag is J_The_Rippa

Also if you don't have one and you can get one I suggest a mic...it helps for those times when you're getting murdered with bullets and need help.

10-31-12, 12:53 PM
I WAS REPAIRING MY SHIT! Jesus, man, let a guy get gunned down by clowns in the street one time and he never lets it go.

I play this game a lot. I like superheroes and the other superhero MMOs are either shutting down (City of Heroes) or just sorta suck (Champions Online). I'm actually not a huge fan of typical MMO gameplay either. The whole hit the 1 key for your first attack ... wait ... hit the 2 key ... wait ... OHGODTHEY'REKILLINGMESPAM999999999! ... wait ... hit the 1 key. It's not really my thing, so the mix of button mashing with the MMO basics is pretty cool. Also, the Joker told me to strap bombs to cops once and that was awesome.

It is totally free and the only things you miss out on are certain powersets (Lanterns/Electricity/Earth), some endgame missions that came along with those powersets, the ability to access a special type of loot without paying for individual keys to unlock it, and they cap your amount of in-game cash. Nothing that really handicaps your gameplay too much, though.

You can both shut the hell up about FFX, too. At least Square doesn't repeatedly tickle your balls with updated "test footage" only to leave you at half mast by telling you they're not interested in focussing as much time as it would take to update the entire game just because millions and millions of their fans would gladly fork over their hard-earned cash to buy the exact same game for, at least, a third time. Us FFVII fans have been waiting since the PS2 came out for a remake.

Jesse Ramey
01-17-15, 05:40 PM