07-10-12, 02:14 PM
Handler Name: Aaron
Character name: "Suite Dolphin" Pete Whealdon.

Handler Name: Justin
Character Name: "Mr. Morning After" Rich Mahogany

Tag Team Name: WLTT (Worlds Longest Tag Team for long)

Combined Length: 32 inches
Entrance Music: “The Bad Touch” - Bloodhound Gang

Alignment: Heel (entirely too over with the internet smarks)

Team History: “Street Dolphin” Pete Whealdon made his initial marks in the business in a tag team with Curtis Penn called LionsFC. They got over quickly and won several regional championships and even had a short World Championship reign before the team broke up when Whealdon kicked Penn’s face off and costs the Lions the titles. Rich, on the other hand, has never been in a tag team before the WLTT. Rich and Pete met earlier this year in DEFIANCE where they were both contracted, hit it off immediately, and the Worlds Longest Tag Team was born!

Signature Combinations:
-Finger Cuffing: Double Leg Drop to the neck and the ermm. lower extremities.
-A2M2A: Waistlock From Whealdon, Slap From Mahogany, German From Whealdon
-Double Springboard Bitchslap.

Primary Tag Team Finisher: Three Foot Rule
Description: Wheelbarrow/Pedigree combination. It looks like a double-stuff, it’s gross.

Submission Finisher: Cameltoe Crab
Description: Camel Clutch/Boston Crab combination.


Ring Name: Rich Mahogany
Real Name: Richard P. Gardulo
Alias(es): n/a
Nickname(s): Mr. Morning After, The Ladies Man, The Vaginal Vegan, The Love Machine, Your Girlfriend’s Favorite Wrestler, etc.
Date of Birth: April 15, 1985
Hometown: Beverly Hills, CA
Theme Music: "Love Man" by Otis Redding

Height: 6'1"
Weight: 210lbs
Handedness: ambidextrous

Physical Description: Long, beautiful brown hair, smooth, chiseled features, the manliest fu-manchu you've ever seen, and that's just what his face looks like. Rich is a hairy-chested, bronze-skinned God Among Men, and The Ladies can't keep their hands off of him!

Ring Attire: Oddly colored neckerchief with matching bananna-hammock, knee-pads, and boots. Often times he'll also wear a matching vest and bow tie to the ring.

Alignment: The Ladies

Gimmick: Rich is the sleaziest of the sleazy, the ladies love him and he Loves The Ladies!

​Pertinent History: Rich's mother, born Lexee Stanton, was a stripper in some of the seedier bars in Las Vegas in the seventies. During one of the first pornography conventions in Las Vegas she met Big Dick Gardulo, one of the forefathers of modern pornography on film. He took her back to the San Fernando Valley where not only did she become one of the first widely known porn "stars" under the name Lexxxie Swallows, but she married the smut mogul. Her career lasted from the late seventies to the early eighties. In 1985 she became pregnant by Gardulo. The porn mogul denied the child as his, which led to a nasty divorce in which Lexee was awarded a very large sum of money, one that she and her child still live on to this day.

That child? His name was Richard Peter Gardulo, named for his absentee father, and he would grow up to become the man that we know as Rich Mahogany.

It was a long road for Rich, as he bounced from underwear modeling, to being a local television anchor, to becoming a male stripper, and then finally into wrestling.

Fighting Style: Chickenshit Heel. Meaning, he takes every shortcut known to man and taunts and poses and celebrates at any small victory, no matter if it's just a hiptoss.

Strengths: *coming soon*

Weaknesses: *coming soon*

Common Holds/Maneuvers:

- Eye Gouge
- Back Rake
- Kick to the Junk
- Headbutt to the Junk, from the standing Wishbone
- Finger Stomp
- Toe Stomp
- All manners of Pulling Tights and Legs on Ropes for pins

3-5 Signature Holds:

- The Crotch Rocket: Cross-Legged Cradle Piledriver
- Sex Panther: Stump Puller, with extra grinding on the back of the victim's head just for good (gross) measure. Ask Impulse, he’ll tell you.
- Springboard Birtchslap: Used mostly as a counter when whipped into the ropes, Rich will springboard from the middle rope, twist, and come back with a ridiculous five across the jaw.

Primary Finisher: The Sex-Plex
Description: Bridging Fisherman's Suplex (Perfect-Plex)

MDK Finisher: The Love Thrust
Description: Busaiku Knee Kick

Previous Titles/Awards: EPW Television Champion (1x)


Ring Name: Pete Whealdon
Real Name: Peter Whealdon
Nickname(s): Street Dolphin, Suite Dolphin, Suite Corporate Dolphin, King of Sleaze
Date of Birth: N/A
Hometown: The Gutters and Back Alley Motels of Hollywood
Theme Music: Goldie by A$AP Rocky

Height: 5’10
Weight: 225
Handedness: Under

Physical Description: Greasy Blonde Hair. Chest Hair. The Greatest Mustache Ever. Gold Grill with pink dolphins.

Ring Attire: Pink Wrestling Tights(Full length or trunks) With Gold Dolphins there in. Pink Wrestling Boots. Waist length sleeveless denim Jacket. painted pink, big gold spray painted dolphin on the back. WLTT wrist bands.

Alignment: Sleazey

Gimmick: He’d be fucking your mom if you bothered to stop asking these fucking questions

​Pertinent History: Teamed with Rich Mahogany(YES!). Beat Chris Hopper senseless and left his career in ruins, and forced him to move out of his home and live in poverty on the streets holding a sign saying “Will use 100,000 wrestling moves for captains chair” in talibanistan, Indiana(It may not have happened exactly like that). Turned on Curtis Penn(Who?). 2012 Ultratitle Champion. Also did some other stuff.... Like LAURA WINTERS(Boo-yah!)

Fighting Style: Cheating. Head Drops.

Stalls like a beast- Working the crowd, slowing down the tempo. He's a Ford Pinto amongst Mustangs, and he's making the mustangs run a pinto race

Unorthodoxy- remember when Pete Whealdon would just throw strike after strike? Yeah. He doesn't do that anymore. in fact. you may have to dust off a beta-max for his strategy

Stamina- He's not gassing early. His entire style is based around outlasting the other wrestler.

Actual Wrestling Skill - Look, you can out wrestle him, even though he thinks you can't. You can outhardcore him, even though he will probably deny it.

Focus - Sure Sure Sure, he can stall and yes it amounts to a strength, but it can as does get the better of him. He spends as much time looking at his opponent as he does at most books, which is to say, not often.

Shenanigans- SHENANIGANS!

Common Holds/Maneuvers:

Cheating, Swindling, gouging people with forks. And he kicks and punches.

Is stalling a move?

3-5 Signature Holds:

The Headlock- Like Ric Flair’s chop, Kobashi’s Lariat, Hansen’s Lariat all rolled into the greatest headlock ever applied. Notably forced Jesus to tap out to said headlock in roughly 32 CE.

Shoot Kicks- They’re back. And they hurt.

Faux Corner Shoot Kick in to an eye poke- He’ll even quiet the crowd down. Includes Cocksure strutting.

Springboard Collar and Elbow tie up- this is the move that got ************’s in Wrestling Observer. Reportedly so great it requires a wavier to apply

Fresh White Reeboks Kicking your ass- Running Punt to the Ass.

Primary Finisher: Nigel Peppercock Special
Description: Hangman’s Neckbreaker with Mustache cleaning.

MDK Finisher: Bukkake Tsunami
Description: Half and Half Wheelbarrow Facebuster

Previous Titles/Awards:
Consecutively has won every major award in every circle that has ever mattered, every year since Prodigy was invented.

Has won most of the awards in the old mail feds. They just don’t count because those things sucked.

Has called many people the word Faggot.

Once made Eric Dane turn all manner of unnatural color after stealing his limoweight Champion of the World.

Evan H.
07-10-12, 03:23 PM
Handler Name: Evan
Character Names: Fishman Deluxe and Máscara De Muerte IV
Tag Team: Los Luchas Frescas

Ring Name: Fishman Deluxe
Real Name: Hector Navarro
Nick Name: The Rainbow Fish
Alignment: Comedy Face
Weight: 245 pounds
Height: 6 foot 0 inches
Gender: Male
Age: 40
Hometown: Mexico City, Mexico
Entrance music: "Any Way You Want It" by Journey
Wrestling Style: Luchador
Years wrestling: 26 (yes, since he was fourteen)

Appearence: Your run of the mill somewhat out of shape looking masked
luchador. In fact most people would call him quite chubby, but what he
lacks in muscle tone he makes up for in experience. The few times in
his career he's wrestled without his mask we've seen he has dark brown
hair and a pencil thin goatee around his mouth.

Gimmick/Personality: Hector Navarro is one of the few openly gay
wrestlers in the world, wrestling in Mexico for years both under the
mask and mantle of the flamboyant Fishman Deluxe and under his real
name as "The Rainbow Fish" Hector Navarro. Some might ask "a full on
gay gimmick getting a face pop?" In Mexican lucha libre this is way
more common than one might think. Effeminate or even full on cross
dressing male luchadors called "exoticos" get major face reactions
when they cause discomfort for the unwilling rudo, or heel.

Wrestling Attire: Long tights that usually follows some sort of
flamboyant color scheme in various fish and underwater patterns. Being
the fashion plate that he is the design and makeup of the gear changes
from week to week. Always with matching boots and over the top
entrance robe. His mask varies in color from week to week just like
his gear, but retains the same exact fish themed pattern.

Background: Worked as a trainer for years in his native Mexico at
legendary local promoter Jose Munoz's gym Guerreros que Luchan la
Gimnasia. Known in the ring as Fishman Deluxe, he made his paycheck as
a midcard comedy act, poking fun at his actual homosexual lifestyle,
your traditional over the top flamboyant wrestling gimmick of yore. He
even got to take his schtik stateside working alongside Guerreros que
Luchan la Gimnasia graduate Evan Hurley in pretty successful tag team
in both the NeWA and WfWA. After that partnership deteriorated Hector
teamed up with a pupil of Hurley's, Walter Levy.

Fishman Deluxe and Walter The Duck quickly became one of the most
talked about teams in the alliance due to their raunchy over the top
antics in and out of the ring. Eventually the duo went through a
complete gimmick overhaul, dropping the over the top comedy act for a
slightly less over the top comedy act, focusing more on garnering wins
and championship gold than laughs and headlines. Recently went against
lucha tradition and remasked himself as Fishman Deluxe claiming he'd
never actually lost the mask to another grappler but simply "stopped
wearing de' damn t'ing, Jesus, stop beetching... "

Accomplishments: CCW Tag Team Champion w/ “Violent” Evan Hurley

1. Asai Moonsault
2. Huracanrana
3. Running Lariat
4. Moonsault Press
5. Top Rope Leg Drop
6. Plancha Suicida
7. Running Tope Suicida
8. Flying Springboard Armdrag
9. Airplane Spin
10. Flying Asshole (opponent dazed in the corner)

Primary Finisher: Rainbow Connection
Primary Description: Michinoku Driver

Secondary Finisher: Catch Of The Day
Secondary Description: Inverted Boston Crab (plays with his opponents
hair, gives them a wet willy, anything to generally put his opponent
off his game)

Set-Up Move: Fish Out Of Water
Set-Up Move Description: Lungblower

Ring Name: Máscara De Muerte IV
Real Name: Daniel James Munoz (rumored)
Nickname(s): MDM4, Four
Date of Birth: 8/4/1983
Hometown: Mexico City, Mexico
Theme Music: "Holy Diver" by Ronnie James Dio

Height: 5'9"
Weight: 178 lbs.

Physical Description: Very well built young man of a Hispanic background, his entire face is completely hidden by his mask. But from past matches where his cowl is ripped and torn it was seen that he has jet black hair and keeps it shaved very short. When out of the ring, backstage, out on the town, he always wears his mask, but dresses very modern, the sort of attire you’d see any semi-trendy young twenty something wear.

Ring Attire: The mask of the Máscara De Muerte is a full face mask, covering his nose and mouth (I patterned it after the Marvel comics character Crossbones, Google him to see an example) with a simple skull design on the face. Shirtless, he sports full leg tights with a deaths head skull on each leg with various macabre designs jutting from behind. His boots are black with white trim, small deaths head skulls adorn each ankle. Black elbow pads, thick knee guards and black and white athletic gloves finish up his usual ring attire. During his entrance he's been known to sport a ratty black leather jacket with a huge Mexican flag on the back and deaths head skulls on the upper arms.

Alignment: Técnico

Gimmick: As Máscara De Muerte IV's career blossomed and his fame spread across Mexico, the masked archangel of lucha wanted more, he wanted to break free of the confined world of lucha libre and spread the legend of the Máscara De Muerte to all corners of the world. Proud of his country, proud to carry on the legacy of the Máscara De Muerte and lucha libre itself, Muerte is ready to dominate the world of pro wrestling... the true question is, is it ready for him?

Fighting Style: Luchador/Technical

Experience - Around the business since he was a child, started training at a very young age.
Conditioning - Can wrestle for an hour or more and still have gas left in the tank.

Right Knee - Had a massive knee injury a number years ago in Mexico, wears a pretty sizable knee brace.
Size - More often than not the smallest dog in the fight. Very accustomed to playing the underdog role.

Regular Moves:
1. Springboard Missile Kick
2. Hurricanrana (top rope or otherwise)
3. Running Enzuigiri
4. Flying Back Elbow (opponent in corner)
5. Dragon Sleeper
6. Kick Combo to chest / back (opponent on knees)
7. Split-Legged Moonsault
8. Tornado DDT
9. Plancha Suicida
10. Dropkick to the face (opponent on knees or in corner)
11. Pump Handle Face Plant
12. Baseball Slide Headscissors Takeover (opponent standing on outside)
13. Springboard Guillotine Leg Drop

Trademark Moves:-
1. "Demons Wings" - Spinning Sit out Pedigree
3. "Death From Above" - Twisting Asai Moonsault
4. "Crossbone Clutch" - Cobra Clutch Crossface

Finishing Move: La Muerte
Description: Spinning headscissors into an armbar takedown into a Fujiwara armbar. The same finishing hold used by IV's predecessors.

MDK Finisher: Xenocide
Description: Springboard foot stomp to the back of a prone opponents head.

The History of the Máscara De Muerte

Máscara De Muerte – 1939 / 1966, 27 year career w/ the mask.

Even with all the troubles in the world at the time people still wanted to be entertained, they still wanted something to take away their worries of war and death even if for but a scant few hours. In the country of Mexico the answer to that call was Lucha Libre. In Mexico wrestling is more than some silly side show, lucha was a way of life, as ingrained in the Hispanic culture as the Spanish language itself.

In 1939 a group of promoters came together to create the ultimate rudo (or heel, in American professional wrestling terms) there was an abundance of amazing technicos (faces), men like the living legend and cultural hero El Guerrero Del Dios, but no counterpoint to the men like Dios... true evil. Enter a tall, lean, almost lanky fellow and a black and white mask adorned with the classic deaths head skull. The first Máscara De Muerte. He was the classic villain, cool, collected, mat based wrestling of an almost European background (hence the rumors he might have been from Spain) never letting the technicos see him sweat, which riled the fans almost as much as his opponents.

His wars against hero technico El Guerrero Del Dios were the stuff of legend, the wars they would fight over the decades following sold out arenas all over Mexico. Never once did Máscara De Muerte turn technico. For the entirety of his almost thirty year career he was the most hated rudo in all of lucha libre. In the early sixties he slowly started to fade into the background, making way for new stars to make their mark. But that was far from the end of the legend of Máscara De Muerte.

Máscara De Muerte II – 1968 / 1981, 13 year career w/ the mask.

Almost two years to the day after the original Máscara De Muerte retired from the ring, a promoter named Jose Ricardo Munoz (who was rumored to have bought the rights to the mask and trademarks from the original Muerte) decided the character still had legs. In short order the man known as arguably, the most violent and bloodthirsty rudo to ever dawn a mask entered the lucha libre world. Máscara De Muerte II was a stocky barrel chested little man and the only Máscara De Muerte to alter the mask tailoring a huge hole in the top to allow his long curly brown locks to flow free.

He’s described by most as the least successful of the four, even the much younger fourth incarnation, but he still carved for himself a nitch all his own in the lucha history books. Not one single match went by that this cruel barefoot brawler didn’t rip and tear at the flesh of his opponents. Billed as a true monster Máscara De Muerte II definitely set himself apart from his predecessors slick cool almost super villain like style.

Number two’s end came during a match in Mexico City, a simple plancha was all it took to end the career of this wild man. One foot caught on the ropes, he dove head first into the hard cement floor, his head cracked open like a melon, his back twisted like a pretzel. As hated, despised, and criticized as he was his controversial style and wild antics helped usher lucha libre into a new era, the days of slow paced mat based battles was for the most part done and gone, high flying and blood and guts was the order of the day. Máscara De Muerte II was a trend setter and his amazing career ended before his legend truly flourished.

Máscara De Muerte III – 1982 / 2002, 20 year career w/ the mask.

Within months the mask was passed down yet again. Jose Ricardo Munoz, the same promoter who revived the legendary mask several decades ago, did it yet again with Máscara De Muerte III.. but this time with a twist. The Máscara De Muerte, the symbol of everything evil and dark, the deaths head, the ultimate rudo was about to become a full fledged technico. Never officially announced, and not complete common knowledge, but Máscara De Muerte III’s real name is Hugo Diego Garcia, the son of a German missionary woman and a local body builder Juan Diego Garcia. When he was of age Hugo began training at a local gym.. a gym frequented by local promoter Jose Ricardo Munoz.

As soon as he saw Hugo and his huge six foot two inch frame looking like he was cut from granite he saw a star in the making. It wasn’t long before Hugo made his debut under the rudo moniker of The German Brute. A high stepping Nazi gimmick that was simple cheap heat but due to Hugo’s dirty blonde hair and light features it worked. The goofy heel gimmick was only a formality though to see if Hugo could hang in the ring with the rest of the talent. He was a tad slow on his feet, and nobody would mistake him for a technician or a high flyer.. but he could go. Enter Máscara De Muerte III.

He made his debut assisting Guerrero Del Dios Jr. of all people, the son of the very man who the original Máscara De Muerte feuded with for almost three decades. This action immediately won the hearts of the fans; the simple nostalgia factor didn’t hurt either. The duo tagged on and off for years all the while Máscara De Muerte III acted like a sponge slowly but surely becoming a more than competent ring general. His career spanned two decades, filled with good memories and even more classic matches. His impassioned speech the night he retired in early 2002, and the classic one on one encounter with long time tag team partner Guerrero Del Dios Jr. that followed is one of the all time top ten classic moments in lucha history.

Máscara De Muerte IV – 2002 / Present

So that brings us to today. Jose Ricardo Munoz’s son Daniel James Munoz (or DJ to his friends) now in charge of his fathers business had a brand new Máscara De Muerte waiting in the wings when number three announced his retirement. Several months after that Máscara De Muerte IV made his debut in front of a packed crowd in Mexico City. He was young he was much smaller than the previous three and he was breathtaking. The first true blue high flyer of the bunch, Máscara De Muerte IV immediately became a fan favorite and an honest to God overnight sensation. There are continued rumors that DJ is in fact the man behind the current mask, but the Munoz family has denied any and all as falsities and fabrications. Now five years into his young career, he’s decided to make a go of a career stateside. The legend of The Death Mask lives on.

07-10-12, 04:00 PM
Handler name: Brian P
Character Name: "The Last Nighthawk" Christian Light

Handler name: Adam Wemp (screen name: MichelLaLiberte) - BIO COMING

Character(s) name: Michel LaLiberte


Real Name Christian Light
Alias(es) The Last Nighthawk
Hometown Garden City, New York by way of Millersburg, Pennsylvania
Birthday January 12, 1978
Height 6'7"
Weight 271 lbs
Handedness Right


Biography Coming Soon
Other Fed Titles NeWA World Champion, WfWA World Champion, CAL World Champion, NeWA World Tag Team Champion (with Adam Knight), WfWA World Tag Team Champion (with Joey Tesauro), various regional titles
Other Fed Awards NeWA Hall of Famer, WfWA Hall of Famer, WfWA Summer Games VII winner, NWF Hall of Famer, NWF Grand Slam Champion
Gimmick Pure hand-slappin' free-autograph-signin' babyface.

1. All-around athleticism - Just because Christian has been out of the spotlight doesn't mean he's let himself go. While Light is still a massive powerhouse, he's shed a few pounds in order to add some speed and lateral quickness to his game. Combine that with an unparalleled enduraance that has been well documented over the years and we have as close to a perfect athletic specimen as one can get in a lifetime.

2. Experience - Light wrestled for many major wrestling organizations from age 18 to age 31. He's seen it all and done it all, and there's little left that would surprise him.

3. "Enter Sandman" - With a deadly combination of power and technique, Christian Light has been an effective match closer all his career. Even after 15 years, you can still count the number of kickouts out of Realizing The Dream on one hand. And no one has ever gotten up from The Sledgehammer. Above and beyond those two, Light's trademark moves are all devastating enough to end matches for unprepared and/or unaware opponents. Some have even succumbed to Light's brutal spear on occasion.

1. Ring rust - Yes, Christian has continued working out since his last appearance nearly 3 years ago and yes he's worked the occasional indy show to keep his skills from atrophy. But breaking in a rookie in his 5th match is nothing like fighting in the big time.

2. Speed/quickness - While Christian is no longer a statue in the ring, he's still a massive man at 6'7" and 271 lbs. He will never gain the kind of speed or quickness that smaller wrestlers possess, and some of them can take advantage by staying out of his clutches.

3. Family - Christians history with his first fiancee Sara is well-documented in the lore of the NWA. In response to that he is extremely protective of his current family. But he's also proud to be a father, to the point that he named two of his trademark moves after his children. While Christian can usually maintain a calm demeanor in an interview/promo setting, in the ring Christian can be sent into a rage if the opponent says something particularly heinous about his family.


Alceo Dentari
Threatened the family of Christian Light and made a general ass of himself at Light's expense.

Yoshikazu YAZ
Associate of Alceo Dentari


Eric Dane
Former Team Danger stablemate and fellow hater of Byron Tanis

Michel LaLiberte
Mentor/student relationship.

Wrestling Info

Entrance Music: "Indestructible" by Disturbed.

Physical Description Christian is a tall, well built Caucasian male with a closely-cut blonde flattop, blue eyes, and a neatly-kept blonde goatee. His body is well-cut from years of working out, with only one major scar (a burn wound across his chest) adoning his skin. He typically wears jeans and Timberland boots with a shirt or jersey promoting one of his sports teams (Penguins, Pirates, Steelers, Cavaliers, Crew).

Ring Attire: Christian wrestles shirtless, wearing plain white wrestling boots and blue wrestling trunks with white trim. Adorning the outside of each leg are the letters "RTD" with the R just below the hip trim and the rest of the letters vertically down the outside of the leg. Walking to the ring he'll typically wear his own T-shirt which he will take off and throw to the crowd prior to match time. The only exception to this is Hardcore matches, where Christian will leave the shirt on to protect his upper body from small lacerations.

Wrestling Style All-Rounder with Power. Focus on suplexes

Finisher Move Realizing The Dream
Finisher Description Gorilla Press pickup into Implant DDT

MDK Finisher Sledgehammer
MDK Description Psycho Driver I - Torture Rack lift into Piledriver

3-5 Signature Moves
1. Light Leg-Lock - Elevated Texas Cloverleaf (primary submission finisher)
2. Danger Strike - Press Style Ace Crusher
3. Long Way Down - Elbow drop from the top rope
4. The Joey Bomb - Elevated Powerbomb
5. The Marissa Buster - Brainbuster

10 Common Holds/Maneuvers
1. NO PUNCHES! Instead use knife-edge chops, elbow smashes, or forearm shots
2. All suplexes - no I'm not kidding. Light once got bored with an opponent's lack of resistance and performed about 40 different suplexes to the same opponent in the same match. Of all the suplexes in his repitoire he loves the Sambo, Head and Arm, Basket, and Leg Capture suplex the most.
3. Spear - common momentum-changing move
4. Running high knee to the face
5. Running bulldog
6. Back body drop (BIG air for small opponents)
7. Spinebuster - setup to the Light Leg-Lock
8. Hawk's Talon - single leg Boston Crab
9. Running powerslam (can be performed Oklahoma Stampede style as well)
10. An Epic's End - a crossface chickenwing from the camel clutch position.

Ring Entrance


< Commentator Prompt >

[Fans roar in anticipation. Lighters come on. Cell phones come out for the nonsmokers. Those by the entrance turn their attention to the ramp way, hoping for an early peak at the entrance. But aside from slight movement, there's nothing.]

[Nothing that is, but air raid sirens.]

[Sirens and the flash of blue spotlights panning around the audience in a quick, nervous motion.]

[Sirens, spotlights, and the sounds of machine guns firing off rounds.]

[And its at this point that a tall man steps onto the top of the ramp way.]

[A tall man with a blonde flat top haircut.]

[And at that moment, simultaneously with the guitar riff of Disturbed's "Indestructible" blaring from the speakers, all four or five of the small blue spotlights make one sudden motion to the man standing on the ramp way, hands on his hips and a smile adorning his face.]

< Fan Reaction/Commentator Prompt >

[Christian starts to make his way down the aisle extending his hands as far out as he could on either side. Dressed in a short-sleeve black Herirtage League T-shirt and blue wrestling trunks, Christian doesn't have to worry about shirt pull as most of the fans on the aisle reach out and slap hands with him.]

[As he reaches the ring from the aisle, Christian hops up to the apron of the squared circle and climbs in. Immediately Christian hits the nearest middle turnbuckle and raises both fists in the air.]

< Fan Reaction/Commentator Prompt >

[The music dies down. Christian takes off his T-shirt and throws it into the crowd. Hopping down from the second rope, Christian stretches out in the corner awaiting the match to begin.]

07-10-12, 04:44 PM
Handler name: Damien
Character Name: Alceo Dentari

Lethal Lottery style suits me down to the ground.

07-11-12, 09:42 PM
Handler Name: Serena
Wrestler Name: Oblivion

Jonathan Todd
07-12-12, 04:23 PM
- Handler name: Jonathan Todd

-Team Name: The Heat Seakers
- Character(s) name:
Curtis Penn
Tyson Burke

07-12-12, 05:38 PM
Handler name: Colin
Team Name: Dirk Dickwood Presents (Cecilworth Farthington and Hank)

Individual Info:

Member 1

Name: Cecilworth J. Farthington

Full Name: Cecilworth Jamelia Farthington

Height: 5' 10”

Weight: 10 stone

Hometown: Buckingham, UK


Eye Rake
Punch Flurry
Headlock Takedown
Floatover Suplex
Stalling Verticle Suplex
Snap Mare/Neck Snap Combo
Camel Clutch
Wrist Lock Suplex
German Suplex
Spinning Toe Hold
Dragon Suplex
Stomping all over the joint
Back Drop
Back Drop Driver


Worthless (Fisherman's Suplex)


A messy blonde haired gentlemen was a killer smile that is slightly
ruined by his suffering from British Aristocracy Teeth (tm). He looks
Prince William-esque in build and stature.

Often found swaggering about backstage areas in a full three piece
suit (although many people have noticed with closer observation that
it is always the same three piece suit)

In the ring he is found wearing crimson red trunks, kneepads and elbow
pads with plain black boots.

Member 2

Name: Hank

Full Name: Hank

Height: 6' 6"

Weight: 19 stone

Hometown: London, England


Big Boot
Military Press
Body Slam
Vice Grip
Forearm Uppercut
Corner Shoulder Thrusts
Big Headbutt
Sidewalk Slam
Knee Smash
Knee to Face




"The Illustrious" Hank as Dirk Dickwood likes to claim is Dirk's
personal chief of security. He is also a mute.

Hank is a big, bald, muscular lug without a lot of ring prowess. He
comes to the ring wearing his Chief of Security branded singlet.
(Sort of Tomko-like in appearance)


Name: Dirk Dickwood

Dirk Info:
A man of shorter stature but known to many in the wrestling industry
as a "Superagent". He is foul mouthed, self-styled power broker. Often
see chomping down on a cigar at ringside. Either that or waving it
around, threatening to put it out in a fan's eye. Will certainly try
to interfere to give his men the upper hand.

Team Info:

Team Finisher: Spiked Piledriver

Team Entrance:

Theme Song: Going Gets Tough - Billy Ocean

Leading the pack from the front is the self style "Super Agent" Dirk
Dickwood, closely followed behind by his personal Chief of Security,
Hank. Hank glares down the crowd, slapping hands out of the loud
mouthed Dickwood as he makes his way down to the ring. Dirk waves a
cigar high up the air almost in a victory celebration as he leads his
charges down to ringside.

Following closely behind is Farthington, sunglasses dipped down low,
taking in those around him while attempting to show off his body to
some of the ladies at ringside who generally have second thoughts
about such things. Closely following behind Cecilworth are four well
built gentlemen in orange t-shirts that exclaim each of them to be a
"TRAINER". Dirk guides Hank and Cecilworth into the cage, briefly
discussing some last minute strategy as Cecilworth's army of trainers
take their place in the DDP corner.

Extra Info:

Dirk and Cecilworth's army of four whole trainers will general stay at
ringside during the match.

07-16-12, 10:08 AM
Teddy Alexander is defo in for this. Team him with whoever

John Doe
07-16-12, 10:21 AM
Handler: Me
Characters: El Gordo Grande and Pedro the Camera Guy
Team Name: The Mexi-CATS

Tag Team Name: The Mexi-CATS
Hometown: El Chihuahua, Mexico

El Gordo Grande
Height: 5’11
Weight: 299LBS of sheer fat.
Hometown: El Chihuahua, Mexico
In Ring Moves:
Belly to Belly suplex.
Belly Flop.
Plancha Dive.
Shoulder Breaker.
Corner Splash

Short Arm Clothesline
Running Bulldog

Pedro the Camera Guy
Height: 5’6
Weight: 170
In ring move set:
Drop Toe hold
Arm Drag
Slap in the Face
Baseball Slide.
(Note to Writer: Pedro has virtually no clue what he is doing, when writing him in ring make him as frantic and squirmy as possible.)

Bio (short)- Born and raised in Mexico City Pedro is a long time freelance camera operator. After having worked briefly with El Gordo Grande in the Ultratitle, Grande has reinstated Pedro to work with him again, this time for King of the Cage. Little does Pedro know that El Gordo actually has entered him as his tag team partner.

Wrestling Style: Suicidal – El Gordo likes to randomly jump into the ring and use Pedro as a human weapon. When this is not occurring Pedro is normally running around the ring frantic and doing whatever moves El Gordo has taught him.

Tag Moves:

Toss Plancha (El Gordo picks up Pedro and throws him in cross body fashion at an opponent)
Battering Ram (Pedro is used as a battering ram in the gut)
Helicopter (Pedro is put on the shoulders of El Gordo, Grande spins in a circle hitting opponents with Pedro’s arms and legs)

Adiós Pelotas – Opponent is set up sitting down in the corner, El Gordo Grande Grabs Pedro by the waist band and slide him full speed into the opponents groin.
Adios Amigo- Two man Impale DDT

Entrance Music: “La Bamba” by Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlan

Entrance: [Cue Up: “La Bamba” by Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlan as El Gordo Grande comes bolting out the curtains dawning a lucha mask that is painted and designed like a cat, leopard print. He wears signature leopard print spandex and white boots. As he stands there with his legs spread wide Pedro the Camera Guy slides in under El Gordo’s legs with a small hand held camera. His face painted in black, nose has black and whiskers across his face (sort of like Petere Criss from Kiss). They make their way down the ramp way slapping hands with the audience as they get in the ring taking corners hyping the crowd up. Pedro closes the camera and hands it to the referee while Gordo tells him their strategy.]

Seymour Almasy
07-16-12, 06:49 PM
Oh, what the ****, I'll do this one more time even though one of the guys involved is ancient.

Handler: Sean
Characters: William S. Powell & Reginald V. Lovecraft
Team Name: Politically Incorrect

07-17-12, 05:31 AM
Handlers: Ernie Perina and Stan Vick

Characters: Pat Gordon, Jr. and Shane Rothenstein

Teaming as: The Sons of Tradition

The God-Beast
07-17-12, 09:32 AM
Handler: Robbie the Ash (ME!)
Team: "The Jersey Devil" Troy Matthews, Alex "The Sentinel" Markham, Saori Kazama (manager)
Team Name: The Stone and Steel Syndicate

Chris King
07-18-12, 07:25 PM
Handler name: Chris
Character Name: Sam Turner Jr.

Let's do Lethal Lottery.

07-18-12, 11:14 PM
Handler: TH
Team: South and Central American Renegades of Fire (SCARF)
Memers: Umpiro and Big Dave Barista


Wrestler Name: Umpiro
Wrestler Height: 5'9"
Wrestler Weight: 172
Wrestler Age: 666
From: Guadalajara, Mexico

Theme Music: Mariachi version of "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" sung in Spanish

Wrestler's Finisher: Huelga de Tres - A fastball style punch to a kneeling opponent (Aaron Epic style)

Wrestler moveset:

Grande Quadrangular - Four-revolution headscissor take down
Expulsion - Hurricanrana on the outside into the guard barrier
Tope suicida
Tope con giro
Spinning heel kick
Michinoku Driver II
Snap suplex
Bridging inverted Indian deathlock

Leagues Currently Active In: None

Brief Biography:

Umpiro is a vampire who also is a Mexican baseball umpire. If you piss him off, he'll drain you of blood, which is why he was kicked out of the Mexican baseball league. He's strict but fair.

Wrestler Name: Big Dave Barista
Wrestler Height: 6'7"
Wrestler Weight: 277
Wrestler Age: 27
From: Medellin, Colombia
Theme Music: Mariachi version of "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" sung in Spanish while with Umpiro, the Folgers jingle while solo

Wrestler's Finisher: Espresso Shot - Razor's Edge
Wrestler moveset:

Caffeine Nap - Dragon Sleeper
Americano - Big boot to the face
Tope suicida
Short-arm clothesline
Flying elbow drop
Liger Bomb
World's Strongest Black Coffee Slam
Full Nelson

Leagues Currently Active In: None

Brief Biography:

Big Dave Barista is the world's most caffeinated wrestler. He's always drinking coffee, except when he's wrestling, because he doesn't like getting DQed for spilling hot coffee on his opponents.

Team History:

Big Dave and Umpiro came together because they're both south of the border and both have an appreciation of each other's specialties. There's probably no rhyme or reason for the teaming.

Tag Team Maneuvers:

7th Inning Stretch - Barista holds the opponent in a Mexican surfboard stretch while Umpiro sings "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" in Spanish. Once he's done, he dropkicks the victim while still in the stretch.

Cappuccino Crunch - Delayed powerbomb by Barista capped off by a top rope spear by Umpiro

Moon Shot Latte - Doomsday hurricanrana - primary team finisher

07-20-12, 08:22 PM
Handler: Ben
Character name: Malcolm Joseph-Jones


Real name: Ben Rusch

Email: rusch.benjamin@gmail.com

AIM username: The Benage


Name: Malcolm Joseph-Jones (MJ2)

Height: 6'6"

Weight: 269 lbs.

DOB: 7/17/84

Billed From: Jackson, Mississippi

Face/Heel: Heel

Appearance: MJ2 is a very handsome black man with stylishly shaggy hair and a Van Dyke; picture Denzel Washington in Training Day meets Denzel Washington in Malcolm X, in a 6'6" wrestling frame. Outside the ring, he typically wears no-frills-whatsoever business suits with browline glasses. For ring attire, he wears protective plastic goggles with a black frame, electric purple tudo trunks with white trim, and solid black boots/kneepads.

History: MJ2 has always been an incredibly gifted athlete; he was the starting quarterback of his high school, as well as an elite track and field star. His physical tools alone would have opened hundreds of doors for him...however, his biggest problem for as long as he could remember has been his mouth. His substantial ego and inability to stop belittling others around him constantly prevented him from obtaining real opportunities in his life. He was always an exceptionally intelligent young man; unfortunately, he never had a problem shoving it in people's faces. College athletic departments quickly labeled him as a "Locker Room Cancer", preventing him from pursuing many of the colleges he was hoping to pursue. He soon became a four-sport star...at Division III Millsaps College. A dearth of career opportunities built a massive chip on MJ2's shoulder, and he soon turned to mixed martial arts and wrestling, as these sports not only wouldn't turn you away for being physically and mentally gifted and having an attitude; they embrace it.

Style: MMA-influenced brawler, typically prefers high-power maneuvers

Short-arm Clothesline
Lou Thesz Press
Gutwrench Suplex
European Uppercuts
Rear Naked Choke
Abdominal Stretch
Atomic Drop (regular, not inverted)
Texas Piledriver
Running Forearm
Alabama Slam
Sidewalk Slam
Double Axehandle

Special moves:
Kneeling Powerbomb
Hip Toss Neckbreaker

Finishers (with setup moves):
Standard: "Dignifier" - Delayed Fisherman Buster (setup: Spear)
Submission: "Literati" - Guillotine Choke (setup: Snap DDT)
Special: "AMN (Any Means Necessary)" - Diving Double Footstomp (setup: nothing specific, he rarely breaks this one out)

Entrance theme: KU - Best of the Best (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n4_nJF6a8oI)

Entrance: MJ2 enters feeling "in the zone", tending to ignore the largely-booing crowd. He walks in stride with the beat of his entrance theme. At the first refrain, he raises both his arms in the center of the ring, looking for a reaction from the crowd. When they meet him with more boos, he begins to trash talk everyone and anyone within earshot. After a few moments of this, he flexes his muscles, pointing specifically to his gloriously chiseled abs.

08-10-12, 04:48 PM
Don't forget The Dreamstealers (Bobby Steptoe & The Saturday Night Kid w/Jimmy Mylde)

08-14-12, 03:39 AM
Animezing Dragon and all the other lan'lubbers better watch out; there's a pair of scoundrels coming for the treasure!

The Wolves of the Sea!

Bio coming tonight.

08-15-12, 01:02 PM
You'll find all of the information I have on the participants in this thread.

I'll begin by copying the posts of each team/handler's sign up, then later, edit in their bios as they send them to me. Give me a day or so to get this updated properly. If you don't see your bio here by then, and you've sent one to me, send me a private message and we'll get it straightened out.

08-15-12, 01:31 PM
Also, I'll be moving over the singles wrestler profiles I have once the pairings have been announced. I will copy them over as a team in one post for easier referencing.

08-15-12, 02:59 PM
Name: Paladin

Height: 6’4”

Weight: 240 lbs.

Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia

Face/Heel: Face

Appearance: Paladin is the wrestler formerly known as Kendall Codine Jr., son of retired great “The Blade” Kendall Codine. Paladinl is tall and slender, with an athletic physique. He is an avid visitor to the gym based upon his muscular build and virtually no body fat. He has long blonde hair, which he regularly pulls back in a pony-tail when competing. He does not have facial hair, as he sports a baby-faced like appearance. In the ring, Paladin wears full length red tights that display white trim running the length of both legs and has his name (PALADIN) written across the rear in white lettering. His in-ring attire is completed with white boots that are complete with red laces that match his tights.

History: Paladin is the first born son of retired professional wrestler, “The Blade” Kendall Codine. Born in 1987, both of his parents were very young. His mother chose to relocate with her parents, thus severing all ties with his father. Paladin spends his childhood in the school systems of the state of Pennsylvania. At the age of 14, Paladin lost his mother to a car accident. To no avail, his father spent his entire fortune obtained through wrestling in an attempt to regain custody of his son. Nonetheless, Paladin remained with his maternal grandparents and eventually graduated from high school in 2005. Being well aware of whom his father was at this point, Paladin chose to forgo college and enter the world of sports entertainment.

Paladin has competed mostly overseas under various monikers in an attempt to establish a name for himself, rather than riding on the legacy of his namesake. In 2010, Paladin chose to return to the United States where he went in search of his father. For the past two years, there are absolutely no records of Kendall Codine Jr. competing in the ring. Although he has yet to break the surface of his potential, the world eagerly anticipates the continuation of the Codine legacy in sports entertainment.

Titles Held: NONE

Style: Combinaton – technical/submission

Move Set:

1. Belly-to-Back Suplex

2. Belly-to-Belly Suplex

3. Snap Suplex

4. German Suplex

5. DDT

6. DDT – Crucifix Powerbomb

7. Swinging Neckbreaker

8. Tombstone Pildriver

9. Superkick

10. Hurricanrana

11. Flying Head Scissors

12. Cobra Clutch

13. Tarantula

14. Boston Crab

15. Clover Leaf

16. Figure Four

Set up: boot to the stomach (will work for both finishers)

Description of Finisher:

1. Diamond Cutter/Stone Cold Stunner

2. Pedigree (Double Underhook Facedriver)

Finisher Name:

1. The Guillotine Blade (his father’s finisher)

2. The Face of Fear

Entrance Theme: “Won’t Back Down” by Eminem ft. Pink

Entrance: (“Won’t Back Down” by Eminem ft. Pink begins to play over the speakers, as the lights in the arena dim. Upon the completion of the opening chorus from Pink, red pyro flames burst at the top of the entrance way. As the smoke clears, Paladin emerges and makes his way towards the ring.)

08-18-12, 03:24 PM
Personal Information
Ring Name: Pat Gordon, Jr.
Real Name: Patrick Gordon Murphy, Jr.
Date of Birth:
Hometown: Boston, Mass

Vital Statistics
Height: 5'11½"
Weight: 241
Gender: Male

Entrance Music: "For Boston" by Dropkick Murphys

Ring Work
Wrestling Style: Mat wrestler/Brawler

Top 15 Moves
1. Waistlock suplex
2. Boston crab
3. Rolling reverse cradle into a bridge
4. Hammerlock
5. Abdominal stretch
6. Tree of woe into a baseball slide
7. Step-over toe hold
8. Hip toss
9. Snap mare followed by a flip-over neck whip OR a dropkick to the back of the head
10. Elbow smash
11. Armbar
12. Swinging neck breaker
13. Ring post smash
14. Drop toe hold
15. Full nelson

Trademark/Favorite Moves
1. Sunday Mass (Scorpion arm lock)
2. Irish Kiss (headbutt)
3. Rocky Road to Dublin (PGJR crotches his opponent on the top rope and shakes the rope up and down. Then he finishes it off with a clubbing clothesline to the prone opponent)

Primary: Pat Lock
Description: Bridging crossface chickenwing
Alternate: Sunday Morning Hangover
Description: Back suplex into a piledriver/Omega Driver. PGJ picks his opponent up from behind as if for a back suplex, turns him upside down, and hits him with a piledriver.


Strengths: Very solid wrestling and brawling skills.
Weaknesses: Can be out-paced by faster wrestlers and having only wrestled one match, he is still a rookie.
Other Information:

Personal Information
Ring Name: Shane Rothenstein
Real Name (if different from Ring Name):
Date of Birth: April 28, 1981
Hometown: Norfolk, Virginia

Vital Statistics
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 225 lbs
Gender: Male

Alignment: Tweener with heel tendancies
Gimmick (Please be as concise as possible): Second generation wrestler with chip on shoulder
Does he or she play to the fans? Yes
Entrance Music: "The Little Death" Aesthetic Perfection
Detailed description of entrance: The house lights would dim, flickers of strobes would start following the slow beat of the song. About :30 seconds into the song, Shane Rothenstein would come through the curtain. He'd walk slowly and deliberately, pausing to jaw with the fans on his way to the ring. For him it's all about pyschology and getting the crowd into a frenzy before he even hits the ring. He always makes his way around to the far set of steps, again stopping and bickering and arguing with over-zealous fans before finally climbing the steps and climbing into the ring. He'd then head to the center of the ring to pander to the hard camera.
Other information about personality: This guy is cocky, arrogant, no-nonsense and has a HUGE chip on his shoulder.

Ring Work
Wrestling Style: Technical with some high spots intermixed in
Does he/she cheat? Yes
Will he/she use weapons? Yes
If so, under what circumstances? Only when it's a last resort and it benefits him. He looks down on "extreme" wrestling.

Top 15 Moves
1. Neckbreaker
2. Delayed Standing Suplex
3. Snap Suplex
4. Short Arm Clothesline
5. Cobra Clutch
6. Running Knee Lift
7. Inverted STF
8. Stiff chops
9. Stiff kicks (a la Low Ki)
10. Snapmare into running neck snap
11. Begging off (a la Ric Flair)
12. Kneebreaker
13. Release German Suplex
14. Snap Scoop Powerslam
15. DDT

Trademark/Favorite Moves (Please limit to five)
1. Turnbuckle Bulldog
2. Running Swinging Neckbreaker
3. Superkick
4. Triple Snap Suplexes followed up with pin
5. Running Knee Facebuster

Primary: Southern Death Drop
Description: Full Nelson Facebuster (aka "Skull Crushing Finale" a la the Miz)
Alternate (if any): Sweet Southern Comfort
Description: Belly-to-back Inverted Mat Slam into Pin (aka "Styles Clash" a la AJ Styles)

Son of first generation wrestler/promoter Stanley Victor Rothenstein. After the fall of the 3WA, Shane was black balled from the industry because of the antics of his father. Now, some 13 years later, Shane finds his way back into the industry that said he'd never be involved in.

Strengths: Competitive Desire to Succeed, Plays the Crowd, His raw talent, Has the "IT" look
Weaknesses: Doesn't trust anyone, Will play to the crowd to his detriment, Cocky/Arrogant to a fault, Has chip on his shoulder
Other Information:

Jonathan Todd
08-22-12, 12:33 PM
TEAM: The Heat Seakers

Full Name: Curtis Penn
Alignment: Face
Weight: 215 pounds
Height: 6 foot 2 inches
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Hometown: Pensacola, Fl
Entrance music: "Pulse of the Maggots" Slipknot
Wrestling Style: Technical/Martial Artist
Current Feds: N/A
Years wrestling: 1
Appearance: Blue eyes with short dirty blond hair that covers his head. He keeps his face clean shaven and never with a full beard. He likes to keep it scruffy and clean shaves the day of a fight. During his training period he has been seen with “wild” facial hair. His time training on the Florida beaches has tanned his skin. He has no extra flab and in great shape.
Gimmick/Personality: Cocky and sure of himself and everything that he does
Wrestling Attire: Yellow and black singlet with yellow and black boots, black knee pads
Background: Curtis Penn spent four years a FSU on a wrestling scholarship. Winning most of his matches and earning the captain spot for his team he learned responsibility and how to train. After he spent the state’s money and earning the notoriety as the best wrestler in the State of Florida he decided to get into the sport of Mixed Martial Arts. He found a local training camp and began to train with them daily.
He was booked within the state for a few matches, earning a record of 2-1, he decided that he needed to work on his striking. He bought himself a ticket to Japan and found himself once again fighting for money. He found himself a couple of Americans that he soon called friends. They introduced him to the Japanese culture and helped him around the island. He was soon a member of the CHIMERA Fight Team. Once inside the group his skills grew from strictly wrestling to one of the best ground and pound fighters in his weight class.
CFT disbanded at the WC:C Year 1 show after Pete Whealdon turned on Curtis Penn and caused them to lose the WFWA Tag Team Titles to the Sex Symbols. Curtis Penn took time away from the ring and opened his own training facility in the Panhandle of Florida where he coaches and trains athletes by using the techniques and a work ethic he honed while with CHIMERA Fight Team and his time in the NCAA.

Accomplishments: WfWA Tag Team Champion

1. Belly to Belly Suplex
2. Rear naked Choke
3. Kimura Arm Bar
4. Headlocks
5. Kicks
6. Punches
7. knees
8. elbows
9. Sleeper holds

Primary Finisher: Your Face is F*cked

Primary Description: Busaiku Knee Kick

MDK Finisher: Size 12

Secondary Description: Curb Stomp


Full Name: Tyson Burke
Alignment: Face
Weight: 220 pounds
Height: 6 foot 2 inches
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Hometown: Atlanta, Ga
Entrance music: Method Man “World Gone Sour”
Wrestling Style: Powerhouse
Current Feds:N/A
Years wrestling: 4
Appearance: Tyson has a very muscular frame with little to none body fat. His hair is always braided in tight cornrows that are gathered together in the back. Has an Atlanta Braves Baseball Hat that sits just so it covers his eyes aren’t seen. For public appearances he is dressed in sagging jeans and a t-shirt
Gimmick/Personality: Truly a nice guy but raised in the streets until he was found by the guys who trained him and brought him into wrestling. Choosing Mike Sloan (face) over Eric Dane(Heel) he has become more of a face than a natural or a heel. His rough look generates distrust although he would lay his life down for his friends and family.
Wrestling Attire: Shorts that compliment Curtis Penn’s
Background: Brought into wrestling by Eric Dane and Mike Sloan to form a tag team (The Heat Seakers) with former partner Erik Ledger. Tyson bored with traveling the circuit wanted to do the same thing that Mike Sloan and Eric did for him, give under privileged kids a chance at life. So he offers wrestling lessons to school in the community and trains others alongside of Mike Sloan and Curtis Penn.

1. Drop Kick
2. Hurricaneranna
3. Corkscrew flying forearm smash
4. Jumping Corkscrew hook kick
5. Leg Drop
6. Reverse STO
7. Scoop Powerslam
8. Sitout hiptoss
9. sitout inverted suplex slam
10. Vertical suplex stunner
Primary Finisher: Deep Fried Neckbreaker
Primary Description: Elevated cradle neckbreaker
MDK Finisher: Fried Chicken with Hotsauce
Secondary Description: Top Rope elbow drop

Tag Team Finisher:
Name: The Heat Seaker
Description: Penn applies a dragon sleeper and Burke performs Fried Chicken with Hotsauce

08-25-12, 02:17 PM
Wrestler Name
"Simply Sensational" Sean Edmunds

Wrestler Height

Wrestler Weight

Wrestler Age

Theme Music
"All the Drugs" by Courtney Love

Wrestler's Finisher
1. Northern Lights Suplex
2. Boston Crab

Wrestling Style:
Aerial Technibrat

Common Moves:
1. Reverse Crescent Kick
2. Piledriver
3. Swinging Neckbreaker
4. DDT
5. Crucifix
6. Standing dropkick
7. Hurricanrana
8. Sunset flip
9. Reverse Cross Body block from 2nd rope
10. Moonsault (High Arching)
11. Double Underhook Superplex
12. Tilt-a-whirl Tombstone

Two Signature Moves:
1. Asai Moonsault
2. Elbow Drop from the Top Rope

Leagues Currently Active In

Brief Biography
Edmunds returned to the business in February 2011 after a year and a half of physical therapy to repair multiple nagging injuries. A product of the FW-circuit, Edmunds last wrestled in Empire Pro Wrestling, taking part in the Anthology vs. HOPE stable feud. Since returning in 2011, Edmunds has wrestled in the Viking Wrestling Federation w/ friend Dan Ryan as well as WARPED Wrestling. Edmunds held the VWF Pan-Pacific Championship and the VWF Britannia Heavyweight Championship at the same time, and was the longest reigning Pan-Pacific champion before retiring the belt himself. Edmunds was also the WARPED Evolution Champion for six months to close out 2011. Edmunds made it to the Sweet Sixteen in the 2012 Ultratitle Tournament before bowing out to Eli Flair. Currently, Edmunds has made it to the Elimination Rounds (Top 18) in the 2012 Extreme Tournament (http://www.efedknights.com/boards/index.php?board=91.0) by placing at the top of his Bracket (I) with 15 points, winning all five of his Group Stage matches.

Edmunds, while being a world-class competitor, has only held two World Heavyweight championships in the past few years .. both coming from Just Wrestling, a small touring promotion. He is looking to add the VWF World Heavyweight Championship to that tally when he faces the current VWF World Heavyweight champion Maverick Jones in the main event of the next VWF pay-per-view, Bloodlust 14 (http://thevwf.net/boards/index.php/topic,7849.0.html). Edmunds owns his own venture capital company, EC Enterprises, and uses his cunning mind to win at any cost.