View Full Version : [DEFIANCE] Evolution TV 08 goes Live on ESEN TV!

08-08-12, 02:36 AM
Madison, Wisconsin - Competition is the Word of the Day!

The EVOLUTION roster certainly all knew their standings going into the eighth edition of Evolution TV, but a few people certainly put it all on the line in the final push towards WARGAMES and the PLAYOFFS!

DA BRIM was in the house, and plastered all over everything! Jimmy Kort went out of his way to prove why he calls himself The Sheriff! Jonas Anger made true on his promise to leave Niklas Kiri to his own devices! Heidi tried to kill EVOLUTION! And Mike Sloan made a statement to shut down all the naysayers about his career and current position in DEFIANCE!

Oh, and get this, there was a big 9 Man and 1 Woman BATTLE ROYAL!

Who won? Who bled? WHO LOST CONTROL?

Find out NOW on the DEFIANCE REPLAY on ESEN TELEVISION! (http://www.defiancewrestling.com/content.php?p=results&id=28)