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08-04-12, 12:34 PM
Long Form Match Writing:

Long form in IWF is pretty simple and pretty standard.

So instead of explaining it; I'll just ask that everyone do their best to try an adhere to few requests that will make my job easier on the technical side so we can all focus on the creative.

Format: Stick to it. The IWF format is pretty simple.


Terry Anderson:

Only Terry, Creed, and McGinnis get bolded.

Commentary: Try to write the commentators in character. IWF Commentary Writing Guide.

Spelling: Use it. Personally I'd be lost without it.

Tense: In long form everything should be in present tense for the most part. Unless the action or the commentary team are recapping something that just happen.

Logistics: These may have been unclear. I asked Justin early on to clarify from me but to my knowledge these were never spelled out anywhere on the board.

Entrance: Metal structure, black curtain, small descending ramp. No huge stage or screen.
Pyro and Effects: IWF is a small regional promotion in an Event Center. Enough said?
Commentary: The commentary booth is not located ring side. Instead it is to the right of the entrance ramp.
Guard Rails: Standard metal, prone to slide and shift.
Ring: Standard, white canvas, black ropes, black skirt, simple IWF/Globe logo.

That's everything I can think of at the moment. Feel free to use this forum, my AIM (KaeGiaconaIND,)or PM me with questions, comments and/or suggestions.