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07-26-12, 11:28 PM
Easy - just give us your deets so peoples can talk to one another.

Not tricky, right?

Contact Information
Name: Voss
Handling: Focusing on pain GRILLE, August Monday but will contribute to varying levels of NPC interaction
Email: fugginvoss@gmail.com
AIM: l8rgods
Preferred Contact Method: FW.com Private Message

07-26-12, 11:51 PM
Contact Information
Name: Ernie
Handling: Pat Gordon, Jr.
Email: efed.guerillas@gmail.com
AIM: efed.guerillas@gmail.com (That's how they do new AIM names now, but when I IM you it'll say Ernie FTW)
Preferred Contact Method: 1) AIM 2) Forum private message

07-27-12, 01:31 PM
Contact Information
Name: Ben
Handling: Leyenda de Ocho
Email: ben_rusch@yahoo.com
AIM: The Benage
Preferred Contact Method: FW.com Private Message