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07-05-12, 08:51 PM
Im going to be away for a couple days so if you're looking for me PM me and I'll get back to you. Make sure you're checking out http://intergalactic.awesome-and-win.com/ for all the latest details on Morton Murphy's quest to find a solution to the Touring Roster rebellion.

07-05-12, 08:52 PM
I'll be back Monday night Australian time.

07-08-12, 07:23 PM

07-11-12, 06:45 PM
Such a sexy video.

07-11-12, 10:25 PM
Such a sexy video.

Truly, full of sex.

And immensely enjoy the touring roster story.


08-21-12, 08:20 PM
My Internet has been down at home for two weeks and my ISP is being complete douchebags. Probably my fault for going with someone cheap.

Long story short, I've borrowed a modem from someone (as the ISP forced me to test on another modem before doing anything) and will be plugging it in to test but then they'll either replace my modem or do some work on my phone line.

I don't know when my Internet will be back up and running at home but it's not in the short future.

If you need me for anything PM me.