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06-13-12, 06:44 PM

* Still no word from Chris Hallmark since he was suspended back at NJ Shootout. We hope to possibly hear from him at our next event.

* RJ Souza's recovery is coming along quite well as we saw him now on crutches at "Summer Brawl".

* Meanwhile in other injury news... Rich Anderson suffered head trauma during his match against Vic Morrison and has been advised to stay out of the ring for a few weeks. Also, medics checked on Mark Adams Junior following the conclusion of "Summer Brawl" and have also advised him to stay out of the ring. Adams has already made it clear he will not back down from Shadoe Rage and WILL be competing on June 21st in Pittsburgh, PA at the "DBAEB".

* Also, keep an eye on Josie Saito and The Mongoloid as TSWF representatives in the tournament during the event. (http://dbaeb.yolasite.com/)

* TSWF's next event will be happening in the Pittsburgh, PA area to capitalize on the new fans who want to see more TSWF action after the "DBAEB" is over.


Upcoming Event:


"Wild Confrontation"

June 23rd, 2012 - 7pm Belltime
Lawrenceville Moose Hall - Pittsburgh, PA

*Best of Seven Series - Match Three*
*Scaffold Match*

Mark Adams Junior (champion) vs Shadoe Rage

The score is now one match apiece between Adams and Rage as they head into the Scaffold match on June 21st. As a special treat for the fans in attendance on June 23rd as well as those watching at home, the entire match will be replayed.

*Mixed Tag Match*
Brandy Danielle & Josie Saito vs Marissa Monet & Vic Morrison

Now that Danielle and Saito have formed an alliance, they are looking to get their hands on Monet. And after what Vic Morrison did to Rich Anderson on the last show, he is public enemy number two on their list.

Grudge Match
Elijah Black vs Tom Sawyer

These two have had a war of words in the past and finally came to blows at "Summer Brawl". Now it's time they duke it out one-on-one.

Great Debate
Tripp Skylark vs Derrick Ford

We'll hear the stump speeches from both "candidates" on an agreed upon topic of their choosing. And then the fans will decide who gave the better argument.

Also... Chance Mackenzie will make his in-ring debut.

*Card Subject To Change*