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05-17-12, 03:34 PM
BTR Match Results

At the Vander High School Gymnasium in Vander, West Virgina


This is the results of the pre-league's first card

It's the inside of a living room. No place special, just a normal living area. Sitting on the couch is the owner of the BTR (Big Time Rasslin'), Jim Sears, and a couple of his friends. They're dressed in normal clothes, blue jeans, t-shirts, etc. and are sitting around his TV set as he sets it up.

Jim: "Aw man guys, this had to be the coolest night of my life. I've spent all my savin' to get these guys into town, and now I'm the commissioner of a real life rasslin' promotion. How cool is that?"

Friend #1: "This rocks!"

Friend #2: "Man, how much'd this cost? I mean, these are no small-timers."

Jim: "Don't even want to thank about it. I have enough money made tonight plus my savings to have that tournament next week - I even bought a rasslin' belt for the champ. Did I tell ya that the local cable is gonna cover next weeks matches on their public access channel. This'd better work or I'm gonna be in that factory for the rest of my life."

Friend #1: "This rocks!"

Friend #2: "go ahead man, hit the tape."


'Extreme' Eddie Dean vs Deacon w/Shepherd

The screen fades in from black as Jim is standing in the middle of the ring wearing his best suit (well, for him). He has a mic in hand and calls out to the crowd, "Is everyone ready for a great show tonight?" A decent pop from the crowd, but nothing spectacular. The crowd is mostly farmers, their kids, factory workers, etc. all sitting in this nigh-full high school gymnasium of Vander, WV (my home state, so I picked it). The crowd is noticeably anxious, but unsure if the wrestlers really would come to this small town. Jim says, "If you're excited, let'em know back in the back. They've come a long way just for ya'll." A bit of a better pop, but still nothing to write home about. "That's better! Our first contest tonight is between 2 rising stars...."

Extreme Eddie Dean's music is cued up and out walks the tall/middle build wrestler heading to the ring. He has a wild look on his face knowing that the Extreme is about to go Extreme. Eddy is wearing a red streak of facepaint down both sides of his face, along with goggles.

The lights go completely black. The crowd is starting to get over their shock. You can hear people saying, "If that's really Eddie Dean, this must be ... Deacon." Almost in an answer, the gregorian chant begins to build. The gold spotlight shines at the curtains. The crowd anticipates anxiously as ........ THERE, Shepherd walks through the curtain. He's wearing his usual setup of white robes with the red, cross-laden sashes thrown over his shoulders. He carries not only his Shepherd's crock, but an incense lamp that throws smoke onto the floor giving the effect that he is walking on the clouds. Well him and ... Deacon steps through the curtain to a huge fan pop from this small crowd. He's wearing his monk attire and keeps his head down so his face is ever concealed. They slowly make their way to the ring as the Gregorian Chant begins to build ever more. Deacon makes his way up the steps after a slow 3 minute walk down the short aisle. Shepherd goes in the ring first, putting his incence to the mat so the cloud effect continues. Deacon steps over the top rope, stands in the center of the ring (shepherd is behind him now), & a huge red cross shoots its beams down upon where he stands. Deacon pulls his hood back, looks up and stares right at Eddie Dean with those eyes. Eddie just stares back as he has been sitting in the corner through Deacon's whole entrance, basicly ignoring it. Eddie moves forward so that he is nose to sternum with Deacon. They stare until...

Eddie takes a swing at Deacon's face, but Deacon grabs the hand. Deacon squeezes his hand and Eddie tries to stay up, not letting himself go down. Deacon whips him into the ropes, and as Eddie comes back, he's caught with a boot to the head sending Eddie to the mat. The Shepherd quickly exits the ring as Deacon takes his robe off. Eddie slowly gets up, but the disrobing has bought him some time. Deacon takes him & whips Eddie into the turnbuckle. Eddie flips over the top and down to the concrete below with a sickening THUD. Deacon goes to follow him outside. He tries to whip Eddie into the railing, but Eddie reverses it sending Deacon to the metal with a loud crack. The crowd gasps with a, "eeewwww!" Eddie goes in for the kill, he begins pummeling on Deacon with everything he can. He picks the stairs up, and sends them on top of Deacon, squashing him between their weight & the railing that he is leaning on. Deacon is in trouble early on. The ref gives Eddie a warning and Eddie ignores it for a few more good hits. Finally, the ref breaks them up and Eddie gets back into the ring. After a few long moments, Deacon gets back into the ring, but Eddie is waiting. Eddie has pulled a foreign object of some type out of his pants and starts slamming it into Deacon's head. The ref sees it, but still holds on the DQ. The ref does knock it out of his hands with a scolding however. Deacon uses those few moments to catch his breath, but you can still see that he's in trouble. Eddie gets him in position and ... can he do it? YES!!! He hits Deacon with the Reverse gut-wrench suplex. Some of the crowd pops for Eddie in preparation for a pin. Eddie tries the pin, but only gets a 2 count. Eddie climbs the ropes. While he is doing that, the Shepherd gets on the Apron and begins chanting in Latin. Deacon does not stir. Eddie is on the top rope. He leaps for a splash, but Deacon puts a boot to his face. Eddie is stunned, and the crowd gives a nice pop. Deacon sits up fully and then stands. He grabs Eddie in a choke … CHOKESLAM! Eddie hits the mat, but quickly bounces up. He's one tough wrestler to get up from that move so quickly. However, Deacon is ready as well. Deacon grabs Eddie by the hair and puts his head under his arm. Deacon then places his other hand just under Eddie's hips so that Deacon has Eddie in a body slam position, only reversed. He whips Eddie around so that this 'reverse' powerslam, the Crucifix slam, sends Eddie to the mat - stomach first! Eddie's head bounces off the mat, and Deacon rolls him over to get the quick 3 count

The winner is: Deacon in 5:43


As the wrestler clear the ring, and everything is sent back to normal, Jim gets in the ring to talk to the crowd some more. In the background, you hear the guys back in the living room.

Friend #1: "That rocked!"

Friend #2: "Man, you ain't kiddin'. Those guys really went for broke."

Jim: "Yeah, they cost to get here, but the crowd really got into it. They both showed why they're such hot commodity. I mean sure Deacon won, but Eddie Dean showed them the Extreme."

Friend #1: "That rocked!"

Jim: "Shhh. The 2nd match is starting up."


'The Maestro' Bryan Blair w/Contessa vs. 'Hurricane' Eddy Love w/Sweet Melissa

"Fireworks music" by Handel cued up as the lights went out again. A clear, white spotlight hit the curtain and out walked the young lady, Contessa walks through the curtain wearing her 18th century clothing. She's wearing her emerald victorian dress, powdered wig with a tiara throwing the spotlights energy into a myriad of colors, a choker pearl necklace with a large heart shaped emerald, a green bow in the back of the wig, & a green victorian mask with plenty of jewels and a tear shaped jewel under her right eye. She steps onto the ramp, turns around, and holds the curtain for … 'The Maestro' Bryan Blair. He's wearing a black tux with tails, mounds of lace on his shirt's front and cuffs, black 'knocker' pants that come down to his knees, black wrestling boots that hit mid-calf, & a powdered wig with a gold bow in the back around its ponytail. He walks through the curtain and as they make their way down the aisle, a lighting cel throws music notes in various colors in the aisle for them to walk through. He helps Contessa up the stairs and then walks himself up them. Contessa stays outside the ring (in that dress, she'd never make it in), but holds the ropes up so that Blair can enter the ring. Blair puts his back to Contessa, holds his arms out, and she took his jacket off. She helps him out of his shirt, takes his wig off (revealing his dark black hair in yet another gold bow for the ponytail) and then walks down the stairs to be seated at ringside. Blair moves to the center of the ring, bowes low in that aristocratic way and up from the 4 corner posts shoots fireworks. The crowd responds in full.

As Blair takes his position, the lights go back out and "Rock you like a Hurricane" is cued up. Through the ropes walks Eddy Love & Sweet Melissa. The NWCI World Champion gives Sweet Melissa a LONG kiss and then runs down to the ring. Eddy helps Melissa up the stairs and then climbs the stairs. They exchange helping one another in the ring. As they stand in their corner, Eddy lays another wet kiss on Melissa as the crowd shouts, "Get a room!" The kiss continues and the pyrotechics explode above them, swirling and throwing sparks everywhere. Eddy grabs the mic from the attendant and tells the crowd, "Now that's a kiss." The bell rung and the contestants faced one another.

They face one another in anticipation. They lock up and both fight for control. Blair pushes them into the ropes and then sent Eddy the other way. On Eddy's return trip, he was greeted by a flying knee. Eddy hit the mat, smiled, and then rolled under the ropes. He went to Melissa who checked him over, but he never took his eyes off Bryan nor did he ever stop grinning. He got back in the ring and they started to tie up again. Eddy slipped free and took Bryan down with a single leg takedown. Bryan slipped to the corner, and Eddy let him go … still grinning. Eddy shock his finger at him to seemingly say, "One to one now." They rushed at one another a 3rd time, but Blair dunked the tie-up and caught Eddy with a clothesline when Eddy turned around. Eddy rolled into the corner still grinning from that one. He got up and the 2 locked back up. Eddy whipped Bryan into the turnbuckle, but Bryan reversed it sending Hurricane instead. Eddy hit the turnbuckle and as Bryan ran in, Eddy put a quick elbow to the jaw to stun him. Eddy did his running neckbreaker and went for the pin. 2 count. He threw Blair outside the ring, went out himself to get a chair. Blair lied there on the concrete trying to get up. Finally, just as Eddy rounded the corner, he got to his feet. Eddy took an overhead swing, but Bryan caught the chair. They would've battled over control of the chair but Blair sent a boot to Eddy's groin area. Eddy went down hard this time, rolling on the concrete. He wasn't grinning now as Blair caught him with the chair just before the ref took it. Blair grabbed Eddy and sent him into the ringpost. The ref tried to break it up, but neither man would give. As the fight raged, Eddy sent a thumb to Blair's throat followed by slamming his head into the ringside table. He threw Blair into the ring and followed him in. As Blair staggered up, Eddy went for his patented HURRICANE PILEDRIVER (a leaping Piledriver), but Bryan struggled enough so that Eddy's effect wasn't as clean. Eddy went for the cover & got a near fall anyway. Frustration on Eddy's face was evident, but he'd been in tougher situations. Eddy went for a Tombstone Piledriver, but Bryan reversed it to give Eddy that same move. Bryan followed that with a spinning toe-hold that started softening Eddy's knee up. Eddy got to the ropes after 30 seconds. Bryan climbed the top rope and came off with a perfect rolling knee-drop to Eddy's head. He then grabbed Eddy's knee and put it to the mat a few times with Bryan's foot right on top of it. Eddy grabbed the knee in pain. Bryan did the move again for good measure. Eddy rolled out of the ring and was noticeably hobbling as he went to Sweet Melissa. Bryan followed him outside, put Eddy against the railing, & then gave him a reverse knife-edge chop that sounded off all the gym's walls. The crowd responded in full. The ref got between Eddy and Bryan and Eddy took advantage with a quick thumb to the eye. He threw Bryan back into the railing, face-first, and then back into the ring. Eddy went for a figure-four leglock, but Bryan knew that move well and quickly escapes. Eddy gets up quickly to go back on the attack. He whips Blair into the turnbuckle, following him in with an elbow … Blair moved. Eddy hits the buckle and Bryan rolls him up, pulls the tights, and gets the quick 3 count.

The winner is: Bryan Blair in 12:33


Friend #1: "That rocked!"

Jim: "Shhh. Watch."


Jim as announcer on screen: "Ladies and gentlemen, the next match to follow will be tonight's MAIN EVENT!!!!! Coming to the ring is our first contestant, weighing in at---"

(CUE UP: Don't Tell Me (What Love can Do) - Van Halen)

Jim: "What is...."

(The fans begin to cheer at the sight of some activity behind the curtain. Suddenly, two figures emerge and are recognized as "Daredevil" Mark Vizzack, and Sunshine Del Payne. The crowd roars in appreciation as the "King" and "Queen" of the independant wrestling circuits make their way toward the ring. As they approach the ringside area, Mark tosses a chair into the center of the ring, barely missing the announcer. He helps Sunshine into the ring and sets the chair up near one of the corners and Sunshine sits down.)


Jim: "Ladies and gentlemen, Sunshine Del Payne and "Daredevil" Mark Vizzack!"

(CHEERS FROM THE CROWD, as Mark walks toward the announcer and takes the microphone. He sits on the top turnbuckle nearest to Sunshine and looks around, taking it all in.)

MV: "You feelin' good tonight?" (CROWD CHEERS) "I've just got a few things to say. You all know my lovely manager Sunshine? Let's have a round for her, huh?"

(CROWD CHEERS, CHANT OF SUN-SHINE! SUN-SHINE! start. Sunshine looks around and her face turns very red.)

MV:As you may well know, I am a CSWA Superstar.


MV:Some people, when they heard I was negotiating with the CSWA, thought that I was selling out. They thought I had forgotten my roots, that I was abandoning the idea that people should get to see the best wrestling for the best prices.


MV:But what those people did NOT realize, is that the Daredevil has a long, LONG memory, and I remember how it all began. How a young kid, barely out of high school was given a shot in a promotion called HCW, and how that kid ended up carrying that league through some VERY hard times. How, no matter how small the paychecks were, the biggest reward was seeing the look of happiness on a young child's face. Someone once asked me, "Why do you take so many risks in your matches? Even when you've got two or three more to go through in one night? Why do you waste energy when you open a card or when you mid card?" The answer was simple. Somewhere out there, in every crowd I've wrestled before, there has always been one small child who would never see me wrestle again, and I owe it to him or her to give it my all.


MV:But, ladies and gentlemen, I digress. I've been in Japan, Mexico, all around Europe, in venues of all sizes. I've been on the move for six years, since I was 18. The Independant Circuit still has the best WRESTLERS, (CHEERS) the best ATTRACTIONS, (CHEERS GET LOUDER) and the best FANS. (LOUD LOUD CHEERING)

MV: (Getting down from the top rope) Get ready, everyone, because the DAREDEVIL is gonna set the BTR on FIRE!!!!!



Pestilence vs The Eliminator w/Hot Scott

The lights go out in the arena and the fans go nuts. Two men emerge from the back stage area carrying torches. They are dressed in long black robes with hoods drawn over their heads and covering their eyes. These two men are big: they could be wrestlers themselves. But they are pale; even though they are muscular, they look almost sickly. They begin their slow walk to the ring, side by side. THe fans recognize these men as the enigmatic heralds of their hero: Pestilence. The heralds enter the ring, without saying a word and stand towards the back, still side by side, torches still blazing brightly. A spotlight suddenly appears pointed at the huge square shaped lighting facility danlging over the ring. One it stands a mighty figure. He too is wearing a long, black robe, hood covering his face. He stands in his familiar 'crucifix pose' made popular on t-shirts throughout the arena. His arms are outstretched, feet crossed at the ankles (he seems to be floating), head cocked to one side, and facing down. The fans erupt. This warrior has gotten over with the fans like no other wrestler in OWA history. His popularity in this federation has never been parralled, but he is in the BTR now. He slowly raises his head so he is now facing up to the roof of the arena. The hood falls off his head to reveal his regal, battle scarred face. He keeps his eyes shut so his 'X' tattoos on his eyelids can be seen. Slowly he opens his eyes. He leans forward off the lighting. He falls towards the ring, staying in a beautiful swan dive, and the fans scream, half in horror, and half in delight at seing their hero, many for the first time. As he is about to crash into the ring, all lights go out, including the torchbearer's lights in the ring, and the decibel level is raised to a deafining roar. The lights come back on. The former OWA world champion is in the house.

The Eliminator's music cues up (more face crowd pop) as he walks toward the ring with his manager, Hot Scott. The crowd has been anticipating this matchup between these 2 huge men. Eliminator climbs through the ropes, leaving Hot Scott outside the ring. He stands eye to eye with Pestilence, trying a stare down, but neither men budge. Eliminator has Pestilence outweighed with his 'football lineman' type body, but Pestilence arms could equal the Eliminator's own in size. These 2 6'6" Giants are gonna tear into each other.

They look up, each man like 2 bulls trying to gain the upper hand. Eliminator swings it around into a headlock. Pestilence takes his free arm and shoves the Eliminator into the turnbuckle with force, such force that Eliminator goes up and outside of the ring. Pestilence follows him out and takes his head to the ringpost. Eliminator is busted open early on. He has a small cut just above his eye, this could be trouble. The ref breaks it up outside and Pestilence goes back into the ring with a warning. After a few moments, the Eliminator follows him in. As the Eliminator stands up, Pestilence takes him and throws over the top rope. Pestilence follows him outside, picks him up with a chokeslam and PUTS HIM THROUGH THE ANNOUNCERS TABLE. Mark Vizzack quickly gets Sunshine away from the exploding debris scene. What a match so far! Pestilence again gets back in the ring and waits for Eliminator to make it back in. Eliminator rolls under the bottom rope and is greeted by a choke from Pestilence … no, a CHOKESLAM! Eliminator gets up to an awaiting Pestilence who follows with a DDT. Pestilence stands back up and waits for the Eliminator only to give him another DDT. He's working the Eliminator's injury over. He puts the Eliminator's neck on the ropes and begins to choke him. Break at the count of 4. Pestilence goes back for him with another DDT, but the Eliminator grabs ahold of the ropes. Pestilence hits the mat and as he gets up, the Eliminator kicks him in the stomach and follows it with a DDT of his own (the crowd pops). Both men lie on the mat, but the Eliminator is the first to his feet. He takes Pestilence & sends him over the top rope to the concrete below. Eliminator follows him out, picks him up with a … POWERBOMB. The ref gives a warning, but the Eliminator continues his assualt. The Eliminator sets up a chair, picks Pestilence up in a gorilla press, and drops him face first on the chair with a THWAK! (EEEWWWWW from the crowd) Eliminator gets back in the ring and awaits Pestilence. At the count of 9, Pestilence makes his way in the ring, but Eliminator is waiting with a Tombstone Piledriver. He goes for the cover - one, two, thr … kickout. Near fall there. Eliminator sets him up and delivers a Crucifix Powerbomb (Razor's Edge). He goes for another cover, but only gets a 2 count. Eliminator whips Pestilence into the rope and tries to follow with a clothesline, MISS. Pestilence kicks him in the guy and follows with yet another DDT. The Eliminator is stunned and Pestilence puts him in a running powerslam for the 1….2….THREE. (crowd pop) With that the tape unceremoniously ends

Winner: Pestilence in 14:43


Jim: "So whattya think?"

Friend #1: "That rocked!"

Friend #2: "Man that was awesome. What's happening next week?"

Jim: "The one night BTR championship tournament. All these guys, plus Daredevil and another surprise have to go through 3 matches to get the gold."

Friend #1: "That rocks!"

Jim: "Yeah, I know. News has spread so fast that we can't even have it at the school gym, this'll have to be outside at the community ampitheatre. I've already sold 4 thousand tickets and the match isn't 'til next week."


We will have one more 'pre-league' card and then the MWC will begin