View Full Version : Settlers of Catan League

The Great Eye
05-13-12, 07:25 PM
Who all plays Settlers on here? I know Ryan A plays, Medina plays, Stalker Justin plays, and whispers in the wind say Chad plays, anyone else play the game? I'd love get a group of folks together to battle over the hexes.

Anyone who doesn't know the game and wants to learn can check it out at http://www.playcatan.com or they can just ask me for info.

05-13-12, 08:40 PM
Let's do this.

05-13-12, 11:29 PM
I have played, but it wasn't my cup of tea - I much prefer Ticket to Ride.

The Great Eye
05-13-12, 11:40 PM
I play ticket to ride also.

05-13-12, 11:45 PM
I've been wanting to learn how to play that game. Heard great things.

The Great Eye
05-13-12, 11:53 PM
Www.daysofwonder.com let's you play 4 games for free.

05-14-12, 12:16 AM
Awesome, you can use your Steam account to access the site and sign up. Will definitely do that after I finish downloading and watching the latest Game of Thrones episode.

Thank you, Mr. Stanton.

05-14-12, 01:22 AM
Soooo down for a Catan league. I play everyday anyway. Ticket to Ride may be a tougher sell for me; but I have friends that play it and I trust the recommendations of you fine fellows, so I'm sure I will get around to trying it eventually.

05-14-12, 01:25 AM
Girl I'm ****ing is a big geek secretly and plays. Gonna have to brush up.

05-14-12, 01:35 AM
Girl I'm ****ing is a big geek secretly and plays. Gonna have to brush up.

Make it so. :)