View Full Version : The Show MUST Go On! (Currently Accepting Applications)

05-03-12, 11:27 AM
As more people join I'll add more content to my little corner of fWrestling. I give just as much as I get, and right now that's not a whole lot. RO!W is currently accepting all applications (within reason), so get off your proverbial butt and fill out the template + start a new thread + become a roster member. Now. Right now.

At 11:59PM EST on Sunday I'll be locking the participant list for the Gauntlet Match set to main event the first episode of W!CKED Wednesdays. If that means I have to come up with 9 jobbers to face Sabre--currently my one and only superstar--then so be it. Sabre will be rewarded AND awarded (with the Regional Championship, that is) if nobody steps up to challenge him. THE SHOW... MUST... GO ON!

The first card will be put up mid-Monday. If I have to run with a roster of jobbers for the first couple weeks, so be it. But just so everyone's aware, this fed will move forward with or without you.

Whover signs up before Sunday will be entered into the Guantlet Match, as well as have the most say in what direction we take Right On! Wrestling in the future. This is a fed FOR the people, BY the people.

So I'll make sure RO!W stays afloat, with or without a roster. My determination will pay off in the end. I guarantee that.

Get them applications in! If you have any question just send me a private message here on fWrestling.com!

- Timothy J., CEO