View Full Version : RO!W Announces It's First Signing; more information on the Gauntlet Match

05-02-12, 05:19 PM
We are proud to announce we have our first signed superstar in Sabre! As a reward he'll be given the 10th spot in the Guantlet Match (meaning he'll be fresh when all his opponents are pre-disposed of)! The next person we sign will be given the 9th spot, then the 8th, the 7th, etc., until we have 10 superstars total. Those ten superstars will compete on the very first episode of W!CKED Wednesdays to declare our first-ever Regional Champion!

What's in store for these competitors? A Gauntlet Match that will take everybody to the max. We're talking weapons, weapons, weapons, and more weapons. Oh, and free beer just for showing up! Actually, we ask that you bring your own beer. ;)

Let's see who our #9 will be!

- Timothy J., C.E.O.