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05-01-12, 12:08 PM
Check out the broadcast of "Classic Mayhem" (http://tristatewrestling.yolasite.com/resources/TSWF-Classic-Mayhem.pdf)



* TSWF has granted Rich Anderson a full in-ring competitor contract at the request of both he and Brandy Danielle.

* The "Hope for a Future America" group will continue to be conducting their voter drive at upcoming TSWF events. We hope to hear more from them in the days to come regarding who their preferred candidate is in the upcoming Presidentail election.

* Elijah Black was seen backstage hunting around for Tom Sawyer V2.0 and RJ Souza, that is IF they are not the same person.

* TSWF officials have demanded that Shadoe Rage return the Tri-State title immediately or face severe punishment.


Upcoming Event


MAY 12th, 2012 - 7pm Belltime
Center Island Sports - Ronkonkoma, Long Island, NY

Mark Adams Junior (champion) vs Leon Corella (challenger)

Adams survived a hellacious first title defense against Shadoe Rage but ended up leaving the building without his title belt after Rage stole it following the match. TSWF officials have demanded that Rage return the title by belltime but regardless, the show must go on. Leon Corella will STILL get his title shot against the champion after winning the four-way #1 Contender's match at Classic Mayhem.

*Mixed Tag Action*
Shadoe Rage & Marissa Monet vs Brandy Danielle & Rich Anderson

Brandy Danielle & Rich Anderson have finally gotten the attention of the "Match Made in Heaven" after their actions at Classic Mayhem were kept minimzed by Danielle & Anderson. The score is now even between Rage and Danielle but who will take the upperhand in this contest.

Stoner vs The Establishment
Tripp Skylark vs The HFA's Representative

The Hope for a Future America organization's representative will be in the building and he has specifically asked to face TSWF's resident "Stoned Superstar" in a match.

Chris Hallmark vs Josie Saito

Based on Hallmark's recent track record, it has given TSWF officials no other choice but to put him in another "Do or Die" situation. This time, he will face Josie Saito with his career on the line.

Also... Elijah Black will speak out on the 'Tom Sawyer' situation and we'll hear more from RJ Souza as he continues to .

*Card Subject To Change*