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04-30-12, 12:01 AM


All competitors must have successfully competed in and won TWO (2) CONSECUTIVE IGCC sanctioned matches to qualify and contend for the championship against the champion (or in a vacated championship match).
Competitors must be sanctioned and approved to compete by the IGCC based on the grounds they have not been banned from IGCC events.
Unless otherwise stipulated, rules 1 & 2 apply, however there may be grounds for competition based on champion's acceptance of open challenges, offering open contracts and IGCC approving those events.


All IGCC sanctioned matches are ruled by IGCC officials and are governed by their decisions as stipulated by the following rulings:

Pinfall; three (3) count (pinning your opponent's shoulders to the mat)
Count out; ten (10) count
Submission; tap out or verbal submission

Performing illegal moves or holds
Refusing to break a hold when opponent is against the ropes
Hair pulling
Repeated use of closed fists
Deliberate low blows
Striking an opponent with a foreign object
Outside interference
Intentionally laying hands on an official
Pulling an opponent's tights during pinfall
Leveraging the ropes during a pinfall
Pulling an opponent's mask off during a match

Referee's decision; Technical Knock Out (TKO)
No contest

Referee has lost control of match
Inability for scheduled match to begin
Excessive interference


Time limit draw; ran out of stipulated time period for contest
Double count out; both opponent's are unable to answer to the referee's ten (10) count
Double disqualification

The adjudicating referee's decision in any event is the FINAL decision unless overruled by the IGCC at a later date.
Disqualification may be achieved through;

The adjudicating referee has the final decision in regards to a disqualification and is open to his or her interpretation of the rule.

Victory can only be attained once the set number of falls has been met. This is achieved by pinfall, submission or count out. Disqualification during any of the falls will see the match awarded to the remaining eligible wrestler regardless of the falls already won or lost.
All above rules apply to all IGCC sanctioned matches unless otherwise stipulated prior to competition. The IGCC reserves the right to amend stipulations as it sees fit for any matches sanctioned by the Commission.


The Intergalactic Championship can only change hands by the following victory methods:

Pinfall; three (3) count (pinning your opponent's shoulders to the mat)
Submission; tap out or verbal submission

The Intergalactic Championship cannot change hands by the following victory methods:

Count out

In the event of a draw, a secondary match will be rescheduled in respect for the legitimacy of the Intergalactic Championship's reputation
In the event of a no contest, the IGCC reserves the right to review on a case-by-case basis for match rescheduling.


The Intergalactic Championship Commission expects the Intergalactic Champion to represent the championship legitimately in order to bring honour to the creation of it's legacy. The Champion may not bring the title into ill-repute. Behaviour deemed unfit for the Intergalactic Champion may lead to the IGCC vacating the Championship and/or banning the champion from future competitions.
The Intergalactic Champion is expected to defend the title in an ongoing capacity, meeting all scheduled title defenses to the best of their ability unless their health proves to negate that ability (as reviewed by IGCC Medical Policy).
The Intergalactic Champion MUST defend the championship once every twenty-eight (28) days unless otherwise stipulated by the IGCC. Failure to do so, may lead to the IGCC vacating the Championship and stripping the Champion of their title. It may also result in the champion's banning from future IGCC sanctioned events.
The Intergalactic Champion has the right to refuse defending the Championship, however the IGCC reserves the right to review their behaviour against by-law 1 of the Intergalactic Champion's Honour Code.

02-20-13, 09:21 PM
Qualification rule 1 amended to reflect the changes to having to win 2 consecutive matches to complete for the Championship.