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04-29-12, 09:45 PM
THOU SHALT NOT WHINGE, whine, complain, sook, etc. if the results of a match do not go the way I believed the result would go. You shall accept all rulings and if you have issue with them it would be expected that you could rationally discuss this with me via a private means such as Private Messaging, Email or even an AOL Instant Messenger discussion. Airing of dirty laundry in regards to your belief you should have been victorious will result in your banning of participation in future events.
THOUS SHALT NOT STOP THE FUN. This means if your participation in IGC activities infringes upon the enjoyment of anybody else participating then you will be banned from future events. This means: personal attacks, vilification, nuisance-ing, etc. of myself or other participants is not tolerated. This is here to have fun and if you aren't having fun then this probably is not an activity you should wish to be a part of.
THOU SHALT NOT BIGGOT WHERE THEY COME FROM. To be eligible to participate in IGC events means you have an active FWrestling Forum account. Those are the only stipulations required to participate. This is an OPEN championship available to be contended for by any qualified participants who have not been banned from events.
THOU SHALT HAVE FUN. If you're not enjoying this then you probably shouldn't participate in this. You're only going to impact other people who'd like to join in. So move along, man. Get going!
THOU SHALT NOT REPEATEDLY NO SHOW. I understand that some times life gets you down but do you're darnedest to let a brother know. Sometimes life DOES get in the way of this game but try your best to alert me before or explain it later. Continued repetition of this will see you're future participation HIGHLY unlikely.
THOU SHALT NOT NO SHOW AS CHAMPION. You got the belt you got the responsibility. See the rule above but I would highly frown upon a champion no showing. It really does destroy the credibility of what we're doing here. PLEASE do your best to advise if you're unable to make an RP period so we can work around your schedule, if possible, as you ARE the champ and you do get perks.
THOU SHALT UNDERSTAND THE JUDGING IS FINAL. I touched on this in rule 1 but I think it's important. What am I looking for? Simply to be entertained more by one piece than the other. In case of a hung me I'll source some advice elsewhere.
THOU SHALT ABIDE BY STIPULATED RULES. If a particular round has a particular set of stipulations (2 RP MAX, 2,000 Word MAX, Theme of Fire) you will need to address the criteria otherwise your piece will be declared ineligible to compete. You may have 1 hour grace for editing your piece once posted on the forums. If there are no stipulations provided in the match-up information it is safe to assume that anything goes unless stated.
THOU SHALT NOT STACK. If you are allowed more than one RP within the round then please ensure that you provide your opponent with at least 24 hours to mount a response (unless the stipulations say otherwise.)
THOU SHALT RESPECT YOUR PROMOTION'S ACCEPTANCE OF THE INTERGALACTIC CHAMPIONSHIP. While I would encourage fed's to promote this and participate with the Intergalactic Championship being a recognised title I would firmly request you speak with your fed head before promoting yourself (if you win it) as the Intergalactic Champion. I do not enforce any promotion to accept this and recognise it. It is entirely up to them should they recognise the title within their "Universe". NOTE: The Intergalactic Championship Commission recognises ALL promotions (unless expressed otherwise) and will attempt to maintain a listing of promotions who do recognise the title.

05-08-12, 10:02 AM
I think it's a good idea to make things crystal clear for people but this is my criteria for judging roleplays.

You entertain me
You address your opponent
You hype the Intergalactic Championship
You do it better than the other guy
You keep true to your character
You keep true to your opponent's character
Where stipulated: You address any other required stipulations stated for your match
That's it. It's that simple.

12-18-12, 07:24 AM
Updated the RP stuff.