View Full Version : I'm the Nu Guy!

04-23-12, 05:56 PM
And yes, I do know how to spell 'new.' It's just that it's been done to death, and me? I'm an innovator.

I'm kidding.

But really, I am.

I came to fWrestling with the rest of the DEF guys for two reasons: 1) our forums are integrated with fWrestling; 2) we have ourselves a tournament set to commence.

However, I'm also open to accepting independant bookings (if anybody needs a show filler or just another pair of hands, I'm down). I have an over-active imagination, so coming up with a suitable character to RP as would never be an issue. So if you're looking for a certain kind of character, let's discuss. Cool? Right on.

Have fun and I'm sure I'll see you around.

Till then, ciao.

04-23-12, 06:07 PM
DEF is by far my favorite community outside of FWC. But now you're kind of part of us, so it's like we ingested you to become even greater. Welcome!

User Poets
04-23-12, 06:16 PM
Welcome to the madhouse, stay away from Terence. He has a defecation problem.

04-24-12, 08:35 AM
I'm pretty glad DEF's forums broke coz I think it kinda integrates nicely into here and is a positive for both DEF & FWC.

Glad to see you guys over here.

04-24-12, 05:41 PM
Heyooooo! And welcome.